How to strengthen your body and nervous system

Our nervous system is daily exposed to negative environmental influences. This constant fatigue, chronic lack of sleep, various stressful situations, a rabid rhythm of life and bad ecology. Therefore, in order to regain good health, mood and a healthy sleep, to increase working capacity from time to time, we need to arrange "unloading days", to stop being nervous and strengthen the nervous system.


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Why strengthen the nervous system

The nervous system plays an important role in the human body, responding to virtually all physiological andexchange processes. Internal organs and limbs could not exist and function in concert without obtaining the appropriate nerve impulses. Constant emotional overload, experiences, nervousness shake the nervous system, adversely affecting the work of the whole organism.

As a result, insomnia, irritability, mood imbalance, poor health, headaches, decreased performance, loss of appetite, a constant feeling of anxiety without apparent cause or fear arises. And if there is no possibility to completely exclude stressful situations, then how to restore and strengthen your nervous system, as well as health and peace of mind of loved ones and others, everyone should know.

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For the removal of excessive nervous excitement, medics are sometimes prescribed sedatives:

  • Persen.
  • New Passit.
  • Adaptol.
  • Afobazol.
  • Barbovan.
  • Valocordin.
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Useful substances

To restore and strengthen the nervous system will help regular intake of complexes of vitamins and trace elements. Therapy is recommended in the off-season( autumn and early spring), when the protective functions of the body are significantly reduced.
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  • A - strengthens nerve fibers, has a beneficial effect on epithelial tissues;
  • C - makes blood less viscous, increases immunity;
  • E - eliminates fatigue and irritability, restores nerve and smooth tissues;
  • D - is necessary for assimilation in the body of calcium, improves mood, raises vitality, eliminates the effects of stress;
  • group B - calms and normalizes the work of the nervous system, helps to cope with depressive states, increase mental abilities and improve memory.
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  • Calcium - is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses through the fibers, and therefore for the normal operation of the muscular structures and organs of the body.
  • Magnesium - important for the normal functioning of muscles, including cardiac.
  • Potassium - responsible for water and electrolyte balance of the body, normalizes the cardiac activity and conductivity of nerve impulses.
  • Phosphorus - normalizes the work of nerve cells.
  • Iron - oxygenates the blood, improves the functioning of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Iodine - regulates the hormonal background of the body and the work of nerve fibers.
  • Selenium - is involved in almost all metabolic processes of the body, regenerates tissues and nerve cells.

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A full, regular and regular nutrition can strengthen the nervous system. In an effort to get rid of stress, people often abuse sweets, chocolate, flour or bakery products, thereby causing even greater harm to health. In such situations it is desirable to give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits, greens, nuts, seafood.

So, bananas, citrus fruits, apples, cranberries, black currants, strawberries and many other berries are excellent antidepressants. Milk and sour milk products are rich in calcium, which is needed for muscles and nerve fibers. Good soothing cereal porridge( oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl barley, etc.), as well as legumes. Beef and liver, chicken eggs carry iron, selenium and zinc.

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Herbs: valerian, motherwort, sage, oregano, hawthorn, chamomile, St. John's wort will help you to get rid of nervous exhaustion, nervousness, self-doubt and your own strength. Mint or lemon balm, rosehips, viburnum, teas with lemon or orange are able to cheer up and improve the mood. With reduced appetite, a depressive state and to raise the protective functions of the body you need: eleutherococcus grass, echinacea, Chinese magnolia vine.

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Strengthening the nerves is capable of physical exercise, running, yoga or meditation. The latter two methods effectively calm nerves, promote relaxation, help to think positively. Regular visit to the gym is simply necessary for people engaged in mental work or sedentary office work. Alternation of activities can relax and calm the nervous system, improve efficiency, improve mood and well-being.

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Other methods

  • Complete rest. You can take a few days off from work and go to warm countries or just organize a vacation in the country or in nature. Outside the noisy city, surrounded by beautiful scenery, it will be much easier to restore your strength and strengthen the nervous system.
  • Healthy sleep. It is believed that the body of an adult is enough for 7-8 hours of night sleep. However, if possible, try to find a couple of hours for rest during the day. A person who does not sleep regularly, suffers from memory failures, constantly experiences nervous tension, his immune system is weakened.
  • Pets help relieve stress and strengthen the nervous system. If possible, have a cat or dog, a rabbit, a hamster, a parrot or an extreme case of fish.
  • Give up bad habits and try to watch TV as little as possible. Often, from the screens, a lot of unnecessary, negative and useless information collapses on us, which irritates and damages the nervous system.
  • Try to smile and laugh more often. Visit places where you feel comfortable. A sense of humor and laughter help with stress and nervous tension.
  • Contrast shower, hardening or pool not only strengthen the whole body, but also normalize the work of the nervous system. Warm baths with decoctions of herbs or aromatic oils have a relaxing, calming effect on a person, raise immunity.
  • Control emotions. Try not to "boil" for any reason and be less nervous, everything will develop by itself with time. Once in a difficult situation, take a deep breath, gain clarity of mind and carefully analyze what happened. Only then start acting.
  • Do the business on time. Leaving difficult questions for later, we load our nervous system even more. Delaying the inevitable, heavy or bad thoughts negatively affects our psychological and physical state.
  • Music calms and strengthens the nerves, gives a good mood, positive charge, which is enough for the whole day. This is not a question of heavy rock, but of classical works.
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The child's nervous system is formed gradually as he grows up. Recently, many parents complain of excessive excitability, tearfulness, hyperactivity of their children, unreasonable fears and hysteria. This is due to the immaturity of the central nervous system, which does not keep up with the fast-growing organism.

To prevent such a situation from developing into a nervous or depressive state in the future, it is necessary to strengthen the child's psyche. First of all, it is necessary to be surrounded by calm, balanced people. It is important to observe the proper daily routine and adhere to a full-fledged diet.

Walking in the fresh air, exercise, swimming, tempering improve mood and memory, promote the development of brain nerve cells, mental abilities. Positive emotions, necessarily in the circle of both parents, give children confidence in themselves and their own strengths, allowing them to determine the correct position in society and overcome fears.

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