How to choose a haircut?

Pick up a haircut is a responsible, especially if you want a drastic change. Very often a hairdresser is faced with the fact that the ladies, seeing a haircut in the magazine of a well-known actress, want it. And then the master does not have to convince the girl. The principle "I want the same as hers" works and the girls exclude important factors: the shape of the face, the structure and length of the hair. As a result, the quality work of a professional master does not satisfy the client.

When choosing a hairstyle, first of all, you need to take into account the natural data of , of course own preferences and do not forget about the latest trends of about .

Evaluate yourself objectively. What looks good on someone does not always look as good to you. Grooming should emphasize the dignity of the person and hide his shortcomings. Round, oval, long and oblong, square and triangular - all these types of face, regardless of your preferences, need their own haircut.

First of all, the haircut is selected depending on the shape of the face. The ideal form is the

oval face .Its owners can experiment and choose from them almost infinite. You can make a super-short haircut, a classic "bean", quads, or a long cascade. You can also choose almost any bangs. Other criteria will already be taken into account here.

If the face is thin, the shape is elongated and oblong it needs to be visually expanded. The most suitable is a clear graphical square with a thick heavy bangs to the eyebrows or a short three-dimensional "bean" with a side parting. If you want to leave the hair long, then the "ladder" will come up from the front, which starts from the level of the chin - it, in combination with the bang, delineates the boundaries of the face, as if squeezing it vertically. Such a person will come up with violent voluminous curls and fine "chemistry".

A person in the form of a "triangle" , with a broad forehead tapering to the chin, the masters are advised to decorate with oblique bangs and elongated strands diverging in the sides of the chin. A good option for long hair - a "cascade" with tips tucked out. Short haircuts are generally not desirable. Try not to take the hair back and wear a hairstyle without a bang.

The shape of the face is "square" - hide it with a fringe bang. Wear hair with side parting. The length of the hair can be left long or short, at your discretion. But try to do the volume at the top.

If the face is excessively round - it needs to be adorned with waves and graceful curls in front. The task in this case is to visually "stretch out" the face. Choose the side part and the oblique bangs. Short hair owners of this form of the face are contraindicated. They will further emphasize the roundness.

The most complex face is "pear-shaped" .When the forehead is narrow and low, and the lower jaw is wide. The most preferable option is not too short haircut, voluminous in the upper part to the level of the cheekbones, whipped on the crown, with an oblique torn bang. Do not make heavy thick bangs - they are contraindicated, because they only visually emphasize the shortcomings: they will even more weight the lower part of the face. Do not cut with clear lines to the level of the chin. It is better to stop on medium length hair with a "ladder" inward. Avoiding a direct parting and hair, "licked" back.

Just as important factor in choosing a hairstyle is the structure and type of hair. Hair of different thicknesses will look differently and behave in haircuts. If you are the owner of straight and thick enough, voluminous hair, your hair will look gorgeous in a long length, of course with proper care. Thin, light hair does not hold the volume along the length, and in that case it is better to choose a short haircut. It can be made more magnificent.

Discard the bang if your hair is unruly, stiff, curly or wavy. Such hair will not hold a bang, and laying will last for several hours. Also, avoid clear short haircuts "Bob" and too short a square - the hair will stick out in different directions.

If the hair is prone to fatness or loss, do not wear long hair.

Very short haircut is contraindicated, if the skin is not perfect and there are rashes, it will make these defects even more obvious.

Here's another nuance - brunettes with a short haircut sometimes look older than blondes with the same hairdo. A clear "bean" or square looks more effective on dark hair, while long romantic waves - on lighter.

There are many popular computer programs with which you can choose a haircut from the photo. But this method is not always accurate. Take at least the fact that we look differently in different photos, and the hairstyles from the catalog of the program do not always look like, as in the picture.

So that you are satisfied with the change in your appearance, review the catalogs with hairstyles, magazines. Choose something that you prefer, consult with your loved ones and, most importantly, listen to the advice of a professional hairdresser-stylist.

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