Atkins Diet

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Dr. Atkins diet is based on the postulate: "Sugar is white death".The basis of the Atkins diet is a very serious restriction of carbohydrate intake. Consumption of the same proteins and fats, the total caloric content of the diet and the amount of food consumed are not limited in any way( except, of course, an obvious and easily executable rule - do not eat up to the dump, so that the "paunch is bursting":) .

The Atkins diet consists of two phases. The duration of the first phase is 14 days. The main task of the first phase is to reorganize the metabolism, "teach" the body to burn fats, not carbohydrates, and develop the skills of a rational, in terms of the author's diet, nutrition, which then followed all his life. In addition, during the first phase, an initial, rather significant, weight loss occurs.

The second phase of the Atkins diet should last the rest of your life. During this phase, the desired weight is gradually achieved and then maintained at the desired level. In addition, as Dr. Atkins assures, there is a stabilization of the blood sugar level, you get rid of the addiction to sweets and other bad habits of nutrition.

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So, we begin: the Atkins diet, the first phase. Here are its rules:

  1. The consumption of carbohydrates should not exceed 20 grams per day.
  2. Keep your usual rhythm of nutrition, to which you are accustomed - as many meals, at the same hours as before the diet. If you start to feel hunger, then you can slightly snack between meals, but only allowed in the first phase of the products.
  3. The volume and caloricity of food is not limited.
  4. Eat only when you feel hunger, and do not eat up "to the heap."Stop eating as soon as you have a feeling of fullness.

Products for the first phase of the Atkins diet

Without restrictions you can use:

  • meat, fish, poultry in a "pure" form. When you use the same products from them( sausage, stews, pates, etc.), be sure to check the content of carbohydrates indicated on the package and, if it exceeds 0.5%, then include them in the calculation of the total number of carbohydrates consumed;
  • cheeses. In most cheeses, the carbohydrate content is practically zero, and the Atkins diet allows to use such cheeses without restrictions. But some varieties of cheeses contain carbohydrates in quite a large amount( especially - "sweet" processed cheese curds).The use of such cheeses should be avoided, and if not, having looked at, bought one - also consider it when calculating the total amount of carbohydrates consumed;
  • seafood. As in cheese, in most seafood the carbohydrate content is practically zero, but still, when buying, read carefully what is written on the label on this score;
  • eggs cooked in any way, but without the addition of products containing carbohydrates;
  • vegetables and herbs: cucumber, radish, radish, pepper, garlic, olives, lettuce, chicory, parsley, paprika, celery, dill, basil, thyme, ginger, tarragon;
  • mushrooms;
  • vegetable oils: all natural are allowed, best of all - unrefined cold pressed;
  • animal fats: natural butter, fish oil
  • drinks: water, simple and mineral, tea without sugar( preferably green or herbs), various drinks with sugar substitutes that do not contain carbohydrates.

In small amounts, counting the amount of carbohydrates contained in these products, you can consume:

  • tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, green peas, onions, spinach, asparagus;
  • sprouted seeds of cereals;
  • sour cream.
In the first phase of the Atkins diet is strictly prohibited:
  • sugar and sweets;
  • bread, any flour products;
  • fruits, starchy vegetables;
  • margarine, cooking fats, so-called "light oils";
  • alcohol.

The second phase of the Atkins diet

After a two-week first phase, during which in your body must occur the necessary changes in the metabolism, the diet of Dr. Atkins should go into its second phase, which the author recommends to adhere to throughout life. In the second phase, it is allowed to gradually increase the intake of carbohydrates, in order to find out the level that is suitable for you, by experience, so that the weight will decrease very smoothly and gradually. In this case, the manifestations of hypoglycemia should disappear - weakness, drowsiness, decreased efficiency, a constant sense of hunger. When the desired body weight is achieved, you need to slightly increase the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, so that your weight stabilizes at the desired level.

As you can see, the Atkins diet requires constant counting of consumed carbohydrates and regular control of body weight. After all, to determine the amount of carbohydrates, at which your weight is stabilized, can only be experienced by trial and error. Weigh in for proper control of body weight every day at the same time, best of all - in the morning, before breakfast, on the same scale, in the same clothes( or better without clothes).

In the second phase of the diet, it is allowed in small amounts to consume some of the products banned in the first phase: vegetables, berries and fruits( mostly unsweetened), black bread. A small amount of alcohol is allowed.

If during the second phase there were serious violations of the diet prescribed by Dr. Atkins, as a result of which the weight began to grow significantly, it is necessary to repeat the first phase.

Contraindications to the Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is categorically contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, during pregnancy and lactation. This diet is also not recommended at high cholesterol levels. In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor before testing Dr. Atkins's recommendations.

Among the doctors-dietitians, the attitude towards the Atkins diet is far from unambiguous. Many doctors believe that unlimited consumption of fats and proteins with an almost complete rejection of carbohydrates is simply dangerous for health and can cause many unpleasant consequences.

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