Ginger Diet

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The root of ginger is the spice that came to us from Central Asia. Since ancient times, Tibetan healers have used ginger to treat various diseases, as well as to prevent obesity. It is not surprising that European dieticians also drew attention to ginger.

Biologically active substances that are part of the ginger root, promote the acceleration of metabolism, as well as can muffle the appetite and reduce the feeling of hunger. It is these properties of ginger and are used to combat excess weight.

Principles of ginger diet

The ginger diet for weight loss is very simple. It should be done in the morning on an empty stomach, and before each meal( 30 minutes before) take 1-2 glasses of ginger drink, the recipe of which is slightly lower. You can drink this tea between meals, just for a day it should be at least one and a half liters.

You can eat in its usual mode, reducing the amount of harmful products: sweets, fatty foods, smoked foods, salines( while moderately salting food is not forbidden).It is also recommended to somewhat reduce your usual amount of servings that, thanks to the ginger beverage consumed before eating, suppressing the appetite, it will not be difficult at all.

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As with any other method of weight loss, moderate dietary exercises are recommended during the diet, which, however, should not be discontinued after the diet is completed.

It is possible to keep this diet for 1-2 months, it is easy to transfer, as the habitual diet is almost unchanged. Each week, you will have to leave 1 to 2 kilograms. The result largely depends on how much you can reduce consumption during a diet of harmful products, as well as the regularity of physical activity, the activity of your lifestyle.


The ginger diet is contraindicated in case of ulcerative and cholelithiasis, inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, problems with the cardiovascular system. You can not use it during pregnancy and lactation.

Some people have individual intolerance to ginger and ginger tea, allergic reactions to it. They, of course, also can not sit down on the ginger diet.

Ginger drink recipe

10 grams of ginger root to grind( grate or finely cut), put in a thermos, pour 3 cups of boiling water and leave overnight. To enhance the healing properties of the drink and improve the taste in the thermos, you can add herbs( lemon balm, mint, chamomile, cowberry leaves).

Before use, drink filtered, drink it warm, adding, if desired, a small amount of honey and lemon juice.

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