Indian diet

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Most of the population of India adheres to vegetarianism, full or partial. And nowadays more and more Europeans, by the example of Hindus, refuse to consume meat.

Built on these principles, the Indian diet allows you not only to lose a few extra pounds, but also fundamentally rebuild your eating habits.

Principles of the Indian diet

Each day, eat the following foods:

  • Two or three fruits( raw or dried during meals, and before and after).
  • Raw vegetables seasoned with natural yogurt sauce, 20% curd, seaweed with soy.
  • Cooked vegetables cooked in a pressure cooker( preserving vitamins and minerals), at least for lunch or dinner. Do not forget about soups - hot or cold.
  • Dish of cereals. Do not abuse ready-made "shop" products from cereals( bread, rice, pasta).
  • Three dairy products: semi-skimmed yoghurt, natural yogurt, cottage cheese.
  • Nuts( almonds, hazelnut, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame).

Sample menu at home

Breakfast : juice from fresh fruits or vegetables, tea( with a slice of lemon or with milk, but without sugar), cereals with a cup of skim milk.

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Lunch : cucumber salad with yoghurt sauce and several sesame seeds, a bowl of rice with lentils( three pieces of rice for one piece of lentil) and boiled carrots, or a plate of semolina with beans and vegetables, or a serving of 20 percent cottage cheese and a saladof fresh fruit.

Dinner : salad of soybean, tomato and mushroom sprouts + vegetable casserole with a slice of rustic bread, or two eggs cooked in a bag with spinach and a slice of toast, or soy steak with vegetable chops;natural yogurt and compote of apples.

As you can see, the Indian diet is not so much a diet for losing weight in our usual understanding, but rather the principles of nutrition that their advocates recommend to stick to throughout life. However, in the conditions of the northern countries, to which Russia belongs, the complete refusal to eat meat is still a rather questionable approach.

Therefore, our compatriots can be recommended to use the Indian diet for a limited time, from two weeks to one or two months, and mainly in the summer. Or, adhering to the above principles of nutrition constantly, yet allow yourself a couple of times a week to eat a piece of meat, chicken or fish.

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