The Liepaja diet

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The Liepaja diet is a system that will help you lose weight without changing your diet, but only by adjusting its volume. The uniqueness of this diet lies in the fact that losing weight can eat anything, but in small portions and only four times a day. The number of products is also strictly not regulated, but it is permanently reduced until the losing weight begins to lose weight in the range of 2-4 kilograms per week.


  1. Important rules
  2. Principle of the Liepaja diet
  3. Sample menu for the day

Important rules

As the caloric restriction is achieved by reducing the number of products, and not changing their quality, there may be a shortage of vitamins. Therefore, during a diet, you should definitely drink vegetable and fruit natural juices.

Practically everyone can stick to the diet of the Liepaja diet. The only exception is people with high blood cholesterol levels and those who suffer from diabetes mellitus. It is not recommended to use this diet and athletes, because with their lifestyle, the calorie deficit created by the diet menu will be too deep. The fact is that athletes produce a lot of energy, both active and passive, in connection with which, the calorie balance will begin to take catastrophically low values. Too severe calorie deficiency can lead to the fact that the body will fall into anabiosis. A person will stop losing weight, begin to reduce the calorie content even more, and the body, on the contrary, will save more subcutaneous fat, in the end, so you can even get sick.

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The method of Liepaja diet

This diet is suitable for people who are not very active, and this should be taken into account! Therefore, if you are an athlete, you need a lot of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients, then you are more suited sports diet, which was developed specifically to optimize the diet of athletes.

It is also important to note that during the Liepaja diet some products are strictly prohibited. These include carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, such as sugar, chocolate and other confectionery. These products should be discarded, because they very sharply increase the level of sugar in the blood and stimulate the release of insulin.

Due to such sharp fluctuations, metabolism slows down. And fluctuations not only the level of sugar in the blood, but, in general, anything. In fact, therefore, it is recommended to eat in small portions during the diet, since this allows avoiding such sudden jumps. At the same time, if you eat often, the balance of caloric content will always be at about the same level, and this will favorably affect the metabolic rate.

The uniformity of the intake of nutrients should also be guided by the energy consumption of a person. Since the main active energy consumption a person produces in the daytime, the main share of calories should also be received in the daytime.

The menu of the Liepaja diet, in connection with all the above, assumes the use of the main part of carbohydrates in the morning, as well as 4 main meals, which will keep the level of caloric content at a low but constant level. Between meals you should drink juices and water. Juices need to drink about a liter per day, and water 2.5 liters. Do not interfere with the liquid with food, as well as water and juices with each other, try to eat separately. In addition to juices and water, you can drink more green tea, but from other beverages, primarily alcoholic, should be discarded.

Sample menu Liepaja diet

  • Before breakfast - a glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast - muesli and two sandwiches with cheese.
  • The second breakfast is carrot juice.
  • Lunch - red lean borsch and meat salad with dietary mayonnaise and black bread.
  • Snack - vegetable juice to taste.
  • The second snack - sea fish baked in the oven and baked potatoes.
  • Dinner - homemade cottage cheese with yogurt.
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