Greising: Chew and Thin!

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Many people know about fractional nutrition. It is based on the principle of light snacks, about six times a day. The same idea formed the basis for a greasing diet. Of course, we do not mean a full meal. It is about replacing too high-calorie foods with lighter foods, and their quantity should not be the same as in a three-course meal. Someone is skeptical enough about this method of healing the body.

Greasing. What it is?

Nutritionists in one voice say that nothing but the benefits of greasing will be. This is the name of a diet in which men, but more often, of course, beautiful ladies who want to lose weight, constantly chew.

Constant snacks - this is one of the oldest human instincts since collecting: what picked up, and quenched the feeling of hunger. Diet based on fractional nutrition, rather favorably affects the physical condition, and the mental is normal. There is no feeling of hunger, no irritation, the stomach is working properly. What else is necessary for a lady who follows a diet?

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How does it work?

According to nutritionists, during the greasing, the daily calorie content is lower. This is the main effect of the diet. It is proved that the more frequent the intake of food, the less a person needs calories to saturate.

At the end of the last century, the ghrelin hormone responsible for hunger was discovered. It is produced by the mucous membrane of the stomach. A signal is sent to the brain to induce a person to seek food. The longer the gap between searches, the more ghrelin is produced, which awakens a "brutal" appetite. At this point, a person is ready to eat a large amount of food to get enough.

With frequent snacking ghrelin is not produced in the right amount, because people are almost always full. Therefore, people eat less, while eating time consumes more. A man is less drawn to "harmful" foods, he more easily fulfills the prescription of a nutritionist.

But how much greasing will reduce the daily calories depends on the usual menu. To effectively reduce weight and maintain a good tonus, it is enough to divide daily foods into several snacks. For losing weight to lovely ladies this is enough.

Only the use of

Greasing has several unconditional advantages.

  • Increased power consumption. When a person overeats, digestion occurs in a strengthened mode, which leads to an increase in the flow of blood to the stomach. Thus, the supply of the brain decreases, making a person feel tired and sleepy. With moderate nutrition, he feels cheerful and cheerful.
  • Sleep is normalized. After a plentiful dinner, as a rule, dreams are bad, sleep is superficial. This leads to a decrease in melatonin, which promotes fat burning. Melatonin, as is known, is produced when a person sleeps, which does not happen during a defective sleep.
  • A great way to keep the gastrointestinal tract in good health. It is this mode of food intake that experts recommend when there is a malfunction in their work.
  • The human body has less fat, sweet, salty food, which is very happy cardiovascular system.

What products are useful for snacks?

During the greasing it is recommended to use such products as cottage cheese, bran bread, muesli, crackers. It is also necessary to drink a lot of liquid, preferably purified water.

With such a diet, it is very important to "stop".As a rule, a person will not leave the table until he feels that he is no longer "climbing".When greasing, you must postpone all the products at the moment when there was a feeling of easy satiety. In this case, you should eat very slowly, chewing each piece carefully.

If vegetable and fruit salads are used as snacks, it is better to eat them with a small amount of bread. Yes, strange as it may seem to many ladies. Bread neutralizes the acids contained in plant products. In addition, bread with vegetables and fruits leads to rapid saturation and is not delayed in unsuitable places.

For many people, greasing is the only way to reduce the number of calories consumed in food. Of course, even this effective method will not lead to a complete recovery and relief of the required weight without exercise.

Remember also that any diet should be matched and adjusted by a specialist. After all, a diet is a therapeutic diet, and it must be comprehensive and balanced.

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