Banana Diet

Banana diet is quite suitable for those lovers of these sweet and high-calorie fruits, which need to urgently discard a couple of extra pounds. But to count on a stable and long-term result from the application of this diet is not worth it.

There are two varieties of a banana diet, lasting 3 and 7 days. Let's get acquainted with them in more detail.

Three-day banana diet( banana-milk diet)

The daily diet of this diet is three bananas and three glasses of low-fat milk. This more than a sparse diet should be divided into the number of meals that seems to you the most acceptable - at least 3, at least 6.

It is permissible to replace milk with low-fat kefir;you can make a milky banana cocktail, just whipping in a blender another portion of milk and bananas.

In unlimited quantities, you can drink plain water and green tea without sugar and sweeteners.

For each day on this diet, you can go up to a kilogram.

With a very strong sense of hunger, it is allowed to increase the number of bananas daily used up to 4-5 and even up to 6, but, of course, weight loss in this case will not be so significant.

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Banana diet for 7 days

7 days, however, - the maximum duration of this diet, but you can confine yourself to three or five.

The whole daytime diet is one and a half kilograms of bananas( weighed peeled) and an unlimited amount of water and / or green tea. If you are going to sit on this diet for more than three days, then every three days you need to eat another hard-boiled egg, so that the body gets at least a little protein.

This variety of banana diet also allows you to dump up to a kilo a day.


In fact, the best recommendation that can be given about such hard and unbalanced diets for losing weight is not to apply them. If you are still determined to put such a risky experiment on your own organism, then before starting, consult a doctor who should tell you whether you have any categorical contraindications to this diet.

But 1-2-day-old unloading on such a diet can be done a couple of times a month to bring yourself in shape after the holidays, and just shake your body a little.

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