Every year, the flu provokes a number of serious diseases, including bronchitis and pneumonia. Timely use of vaccines will allow to reduce the risk of influenza in healthy people by 70-90%.Ultimate flu vaccine Ultrix refers to the drugs of the latest generation, which can not only strengthen immunity, but also reduce the risk and number of complications. Below is a description, instructions for use, contra-indications and reviews of patients and doctors.

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    Colorless liquid opalescent. It is a mixture of highly purified surface antigens of type A and B viruses. It has a stimulating effect on immunity.

    The vaccine is well tolerated by adults and, 8-12 days after administration, remains effective for 12 months.

    The vaccine can be used for children from the age of 6, students, medical and educational institutions, persons with chronic physical illnesses or often with respiratory diseases. And also recommended for adults over 60 years.

    On video vaccination against influenza ultrix:

    Form release: solution for intramuscular injection is available in the form of ampoules. One pack contains 10 ampoules.

    Instruction and Precautions

    The vaccine is administered once a dose of 0.5 ml strictly intramuscularly. Precautions must be strictly observed:

    • Ampoules .Keep the vaccine to room temperature before use and shake the ampoule well. Before opening the package, you need to wipe the ampoule knife and ampoule neck with cotton wool soaked in 70% ethyl alcohol. Then you need to open the vial, get the vaccine into a disposable syringe, remove air from it, rub it with alcohol in the deltoid muscle region. vaccination against influenza ultrix
    • Syringes .The syringe should be shaken before vaccination. Then remove the protective cover located on the needle, remove air from the syringe, keeping it upright( needle up).

    Important: If the drug in the ampoule or when it enters the syringe has damage in the marking or changes in the transparency, the color, it is not suitable for use. The same applies to ampoules with expired shelf life or stored with disturbances.

    Before vaccination, patients should be examined by a nurse or doctor. If the vaccine temperature is higher than 370, then injection is prohibited.

    Contraindications and side effects of

    From the contraindications of the vaccine can identify the presence of allergic reactions to other influenza vaccines, chicken protein and components contained in the drug. And also acute feverish conditions or conditions of exacerbation of chronic diseases. The vaccine is contraindicated for breast-feeding women.

    vaccination against influenza ultrix

    On photo-inoculation against influenza ultrix

    Of side effects, was found: in very rare cases - soreness and redness of the skin, in very rare cases - increased fatigue, dizziness and pain, nausea, increased subfebrile temperature and the appearance of a cold. Similar symptoms occur within 1-3 and usually disappear themselves. In extremely rare cases, allergic reactions were found, provided the individual sensitivity of the patient.

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    After immunization, the vaccinated person should be under medical supervision for a minimum of 30 minutes.

    Cautions: Do not administer intravenously. In the offices where the vaccination is carried out, medicines should be present for anti-shock measures or relief of anaphylactic reaction.

    Video damage from flu vaccination:

    How much does the

    vaccine cost? The price of Ultrix varies within 1,500 rubles.


    From past vaccination

    • Valeria, 32 years old: "Initially, I was always opposed to any vaccination against influenza. But for example Ultrix changed her mind. After the vaccination, I really became less sick, now I will use this remedy every year. "
    • Irina, 40 years old: " The child very often had colds and flu, tried it and tempered, and drank vitamins, but it did not help much. Has decided to pass or take place vaccination, has chosen Ultriks. First on yourself, then on the baby. Surprisingly, it worked. Not only did I not get sick at the office, when the whole team sneezed and coughed, so also the child in the midst of the flu epidemic went to school normally until it was closed for two weeks. Now
    • Dmitry, 45 years old: "It's easier for me to prevent a disease than to take a sick man, spend money on drugs, and even check everything on the Internet before buying something prescribed by a doctor. I do not trust modern pharmacology. So for a long time I chose an anti-influenza remedy, stopped at Ultrix. He was vaccinated in the hospital, the flight is normal. The flu did not hurt, and even a cold. "
    • Sergei, 25 years old: " I do not know how Ultrix helps others, but he helped me quite well. In winter and spring, as always, the time of influenza epidemics in the city is coming, and this time I managed not to get sick, although almost every day I went to work in public transport. Apparently, this really works. "

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    From doctors

    • Vladimir, therapeutist, 52 years: "Every year in Russia, more than 30 million people are affected by the flu. And during epidemics, 10-20% of the population is affected. However, as practice shows, timely vaccination significantly reduces the risk of the disease. Interrogated patients who are well immunized and less likely to have SARS and flu. It turned out that many of them used the Ultrix vaccine. In principle, it is quite an effective remedy, as well as other new-generation vaccines. "
    • Anna, therapeutist, 34 years: " In terms of mortality and complications, the flu takes leading positions annually. This is about 3-5 million serious complications and about 250-300 thousand deaths. Especially it concerns adults over 65 years and children under 6 years. I recommend reducing the risk of complications and flu and getting vaccinated. Ultrix - as an option. Remember: the cost of treating the flu, especially complications, is always higher than the price of vaccination. »

    Ultrix vaccine has shown good efficacy in the prevention of respiratory diseases, but before using the drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor.