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The wedding is a union of hearts, the birthday of the family, a holiday of love and just a happy event! But it's always hard for parents to let their children go free swimming. This is especially true for mothers who marry their daughters. Contradictory feelings often interfere with coping with themselves, cope with the organization of the holiday. But the parent still needs to bless the young, to come up with a beautiful congratulation of the daughter for the wedding from her mother. Her parting words are very important for the bride, this is a very touching, tender moment. How to make congratulations, cope with excitement and perform well? This will be discussed later.

Wedding responsibilities of the mother

Parental duty - to help children with the organization of the wedding. The main maternal duties at the daughter's wedding:

  1. Moral support is necessary for every bride, because the preparation for such an exciting event takes a lot of energy. Calm down your daughter, help cheer up. If she asks, help choose a dress, accessories, a hairdress, a restaurant for a wedding banquet.
  2. Wedding of a daughter is an important event that happens once in a lifetime, and therefore provide a pair of material support if she needs it.
  3. According to the old tradition, parents of young people get acquainted with the marriage. The matchmakers come to the girl's house, and therefore the mother must prepare for this event. It is necessary to clean in the house, to cover a generous table, to be friendly with the parents of the groom.
  4. Mom on the eve of the wedding should give his daughter useful advice: how to behave with her husband, to cope with the household, to make the family life full of happiness.
  5. It is necessary to communicate normally with the groom's mother in order to share the wedding duties.
  6. To help lead the wedding to the presenter, guests and young people.
  7. Write a speech, because congratulations to the mother of the bride - this is also a very important tradition!
And remember, even if you are unhappy with your daughter's choice, do not judge, do not dissuade her, so you will only push her away.

Respect the choice of your daughter, just accept and try to support it, she needs it.

Rhyme or prose?

Congratulations to parents should be sincere, go from the heart. It is necessary to choose a form of wedding speech so that the parting word is original and beautiful. Here everything depends on how talented you are. The speech of the mother of the bride can be in the form of prose or poetry. Both options are good, the main thing is to relax and feel the atmosphere of the holiday.

If you find a beautiful rhyme song on the Internet, then it will not be difficult for you to learn the words, read the work with the desired intonation. But just in case, hide in your pocket a piece of paper with text to spy on if you get lost.

If you do not have time to learn the words, then rewrite them on a beautiful, artificially aged sheet of paper and read with the expression. As for the design, then let it be a message in the form of a scroll, tied with a beautiful ribbon.

Beautiful greeting can be written in your own words. You can take a beautiful text from the Internet or write it yourself. Regardless of which option you choose, copy it to a sheet of paper. Some mothers hope that beautiful words will come during the performance, however it is not so. Under the influence of fatigue and excitement, you can lose your mind or become confused. So take time to prepare, keep the congratulation text with you.

Rules for drawing a congratulatory speech

A wedding greeting is a serious part of the celebratory program, and therefore it is necessary to take responsibility for its preparation responsibly. Create a text in accordance with the etiquette, so that it radiates respect to all present.

The main components of the text of congratulations:

  1. In the first turn, thank all those present for the fact that they came to support the young. Especially this applies to guests who have come from afar to congratulate the bride and groom.
  2. Mother's words are first and foremost the message of the daughter, and therefore pay attention to her. Remember the childhood of the bride, tell your daughter how proud you are of her and love her. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the young woman is not embarrassed. Finish this part of the congratulation can be what the bride is now beautiful.
  3. Give some of the greeting speech to the groom, regardless of whether you are happy with the choice of your daughter or not. Talk about him only good, greet his parents.
  4. Do not skimp on the kind words for the newlyweds, tell us about the birth of a new family. Your words are very important for young people.
  5. If the festive program does not include the mother's parting words for the daughter, then be sure to include it in your speech.
  6. You can end the congratulation with a proverb, quote or song.

Your main task is to convey your emotions so that your greetings touched the hearts of all present. In the end, drink to the young and keep on celebrating.

Strength of the mother's message

Many believe that the mother's daughter's parting words, sounded at the wedding, has great power.

After all, the mother has great life experience, and therefore can give good advice. In addition, she knows her daughter better than anyone else, she can correctly direct her.

Highlights of farewell:

  • First, the mother through her message must convey a positive attitude, cheer up the bride.
  • Secondly, advise how to live in harmony with her husband.

Parting words often speak with the icon of the Mother of God( or any other).Then the icon is given to the young as a talisman of family well-being.

Farewell to the mother of her daughter - video

Useful recommendations

Parents' words are a very touching and memorable part of the festive program. In order for the performance to be successful, observe the following recommendations:

  • With the help of warm gentle words, sincere emotions, openness, sincerity, you can reach out to the hearts. Do not be afraid to look stupid, say what you feel.
  • When you make a speech, look at those to whom you are addressing in order to establish contact with them. If you forget the words, then look them up, but you can not always read from the paper.
  • Making a wedding greeting to your daughter, keep your speech clean. Get rid of jargon, words-parasites, youth slang.
  • If you are an widow, be sure to mention in your father speech. I must say, how would my father be proud of his daughter.
  • Wishing for a wedding should not be too long, otherwise those present will simply get bored.
  • Jokes will help to defuse the atmosphere, but do not overfill your speech with them, because this event is very important for young people.
  • If from excitement you can not remember the text, but there are no cheat sheets, then just take a break to calm down, express everything you wanted, you can later.

How to calm the excitement?

Wedding of a daughter is very important action, and therefore excitement is quite normal reaction. Someone just worries, and someone is going through to the point that he can not squeeze out a word. Excitement can arise, even if the congratulation for the wedding daughter you prepared in advance. How to control emotions before the performance?

Tips for Psychologists:

  1. It is necessary to rehearse your performance. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and begin to pronounce the words as if you are already addressing the young. Watch your facial expressions, gestures, listen to the voice. If there is no mirror, then rehearse before one of the guests.
  2. Do not take this performance as the main event in your life. Even if you fail or forget the text, it is not fatal, the main thing is that you are sincere. Remember, you refer to relatives and friends, and not to harsh criticism.
  3. Congratulations from mom - it's always touching to calm down the excitement, perform respiratory gymnastics. Relax your hands. You can make a swing by hand in the sides or perform 10 squats - anything, just to relax. Do not forget about effective gymnastics for the face.
  4. An open posture is recommended for the presentation. Become straight, straighten your shoulders, keep your head straight, your arms apart, your legs shoulder width apart. Keep this pose until the end of the performance.

Congratulations in prose

Mother can beautifully express emotions in her own words:

  • Daughter, is our own! Today is the most solemn holiday in your life, the birthday of your young family! So, let this heaven be married to you, that you love each other and be inseparable for the rest of the day! So that no storms and tribulations can overcome you! Patience to you, our children, understanding, mutual respect! Love each other! Let the joy and well-being do not leave your house!
  • My beloved daughter! You married today! And now I see the most happy and beautiful bride in the whole world! Do not be sad because I'm a little sad, my sadness is bright, like this holiday! Forgive me for the fact that I can not hold back tears, but know, I'm crying for happiness, because now I have a beloved son! Do not worry about my worried look, because I will take care of you, my children, which is very nice! With all my heart I wish your family road was smooth, long and joyful! To your house soon filled with good, family well-being and children!
  • Today, my daughter, you enter the house of a stranger. But know that every house is a separate state, respect other people's rules, honor your husband, be a good mistress. And you, my new son, take care of your wife, love her, protect her, as I used to protect her. Hold hands tightly and do not let go of each other even in the darkest times! Let no storms and tribulations separate you! Let your love and confidence that you have made the right choice, every year become stronger! Advice to you and love, our relatives!
  • My dearest daughter! Here comes the moment when I have to let you go into a new, adult life. Today, like never before, you remember your childhood, before your eyes - the face of a small blond girl with big surprised eyes and puffy cheeks. Children's years do not return, and I want to wish that you were happy with your chosen one. You made a worthy choice! And I believe that you, our children, will be happy together, your radiant, enamored eyes speak of this! Cherish each other, protect and love! Let your feelings become stronger with time! Wisdom, patience, well-being of your young family!

Congratulation and the song from the mother at the wedding - video

Rhymed greetings

Very touching and tender congratulations on the wedding day sound in verse.

Well, dear, I let go, like a snow-white dove. All, fly.

Oh, I do not want to, I admit, but it's too late, you're already on the road.

Do not cry, I'll calm my heart. I know that you are in good hands!

What a strong shoulder masculine will cover you, if you overcome fear!

I beg you, children, the less you swear, do not be afraid you admit mistakes!

Quickly to each other get used to and learn to respect and trust!

You are very concerned about each other, you carry your love through the years!

Suddenly it's hard? Stop, smile. Understand, you will be together forever!


Daughter, how quickly you have matured! How soon the children's years passed!

I brought the baby with a bow to the first class, and it was like yesterday.

Today you are a beautiful bride, on the head of your veil.

As a swan is gentle, beautiful, and your mouth is smiling.

I, the children, bless you, I wish your union was strong!

I love you, my dear, I embrace you tenderly, I wish the angel to illuminate your path!


In a snow-white lace dress, and a veil is crowned with a scythe,

You seem to be all in the radiance of magic, and your eyes burn with fire.

You look with a smile at him, at the one with whom life bound you,

To such a faithful, beloved. Together you are destined, you knew it!

I wish you health, a sea of ​​happiness! Infinite, ardent love!

You will not be separated from any bad weather, Lord, I ask, bless!

Well, we will help you, relatives, and support in case of adversity.

You are still so young, wisdom, patience and great happiness!

Everyone understands that mother's words are an important part of the solemn program. And therefore the parent must carefully prepare for such a bright and beautiful holiday. Who, as not a mother, will pick up the right words to calm and cheer her child.

Concerning congratulations, you can write it yourself, order from a professional or find a suitable option on the Internet.
The main thing - to include in this congratulation your own emotions, that it sounded sincerely and touched the heart of your daughter.

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