Proctosedil - a qualitative tool for resolving proctologic problems

The disease of our time is a delicate disease - hemorrhoids.

The main reasons for its occurrence are hidden in the inadequacy of home and work, in unbalanced and poor-quality nutrition.

Significant physical and psychological stress, stress and predisposition to the disease can also provoke its occurrence. In men, this list adds bad habits, in women - pregnancy and childbirth.

There are hemorrhoids - internal and external. In the first case, there is an expansion and inflammation of the veins inside the rectum. In this case, nodes are formed. In the second - the same processes occur in the lower row of veins. Hemorrhoidal nodes are located around the anus.

The disease is accompanied by itching, pain, after stool - bleeding.


  • What is the treatment for hemorrhoids?
  • Pharmacodynamics of the drug
  • Pharmacokinetics of the drug
  • Indications for use
    • Use in gynecology and in male urology
  • How to use the drug
    • How to apply candles?
    • Use of ointment
  • When the use of the drug is contraindicated
  • Side effects and overdose
  • Also need to know
  • Complex of opinions about the medicine
  • There is no medicine in the pharmacy - what should I do?

What is the treatment for hemorrhoids?

In the initial stages of hemorrhoids, treatment of the disease with rectal suppositories and ointments is possible. These are soft dosage forms.

Suppositories( suppositories) are a dosed medication that melts quickly from the temperature in the rectum. In this case, the medicine has a local action and is absorbed into the blood. The rate of absorption and entry into the blood is the same as for the injection.

But this method is more convenient, simple and painless, reduces the risk of allergies, removes the problem of the taste qualities of the drug. There is no negative effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The shape of the candles is cylindrical with a pointed end for ease of use.

Effectively relieve pain, itching and swelling as well as ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids. They are prepared by mixing the ointment base, drugs, stabilizers and preservatives.

The basis is most often lanolin and petroleum jelly. It determines the quality of release of drugs and the rate of their absorption. Ointments are manufactured in an industrial way, used for local treatment.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, the medical preparation Proctosidil has proved itself well. If treatment is started in a timely manner, the effect goes immediately to all signs of the disease and the positive effect comes very quickly.

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This is due to the fact that the drug is complex. Each component has a certain effect.

Pharmacodynamics of the drug

The main active ingredients in the drug are:

  • Hydrocortisone is a steroid hormone, it acts anti-inflammatory, suppresses pain, relieves puffiness;
  • heparin , prevents the increase of blood clotting - prevents the appearance of blood clots, improves the blood supply of the affected area;
  • benzocaine , provides local anesthesia, stops itching and relieves spasm;
  • esculoside , increases strength and reduces vascular permeability;
  • butambene , removes itching and anesthetizes;
  • FRAMACYTIN - an antibiotic - aminoglycoside, has a strong local antibacterial effect.

Pharmacokinetics of

Only hydrocortisone is absorbed in the rectum and then partially. The remaining components act externally.

Its half-elimination time is 1.5 hours, that is, during this time the substance is removed from the body, and its volume in the blood decreases by half.

The drug is available in the form of rectal suppositories and ointments. Candles are injected rectally, ointment is applied to the affected areas.

Begins to act no more than 5 minutes from the beginning of the application, and the action continues until the end of the presence of the drug at the site of treatment.

Indications for use

Diseases in which a medical preparation is used:

  • hemorrhoids of various origin;
  • cracks in the rectum;
  • proctitis in acute and chronic form;
  • eczema around the anus;
  • anal itching.

Use in gynecology and in male urology

Currently, the drug is actively used in the complex treatment of prostatitis as an anti-inflammatory agent. This action has hydrocortisone and an antibiotic in the formulation.

Genital itching, unspecified in women, is also successfully treated with Proctosylil. It often occurs during menopause and in old age in women.

Appears in the vagina and on the labia.

Treat these diseases with candles and ointment. The method of use, dosage, duration of use and contraindications are the same as in the treatment of proctologic diseases.

How to use the drug

Instructions for the use of ointments and suppositories Proctosedil.

How to apply candles?

Usually, suppositories of the drug are prescribed twice a day for introduction into the rectum and after each physiological emptying of the intestine, having previously performed washings with warm and cool water.

The anus should be relaxed, the candles carefully inserted to a depth of at least the length of the index finger.

Use of ointment

A little ointment is applied to the affected area in the same way that candles are injected. Simultaneous use of suppositories and ointments is possible, but in this case ointment is used only externally.

To the tuba with ointment apply a special nozzle for introduction into the rectum.

It is put on tightly on a tube, injected with extreme caution and squeezes out the required amount of ointment. On the external hemorrhoids, the ointment is applied with a finger.

Both dosage forms are recommended for use for no more than 7 days, but in each case the decision is made by the doctor.

When the use of the drug is contraindicated

Do not use drugs in such cases:

  • period of pregnancy and lactation, if there is an urgent need for the use of the drug, breastfeeding for the period of treatment is discontinued;
  • Individual intolerance to one of the ingredients;
  • Damage of the anus and rectum with tuberculosis, viral or fungal infections;
  • For children under 12 years.

In addition, with caution, prescribe the drug in the presence of heart disease and vascular system.

Side effects and overdose

Side effects of prolonged use of a medical preparation of local and systemic nature causes hydrocortisone:

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  • local - there is drying out of mucous membranes and burning sensation, secondary infections often develop,
  • system - disorders occur in the activity of various organs and systems in the human body.

If the first signs of side effects appear, stop treatment immediately and inform the doctor.

No cases of drug overdose have been recorded.

You also need to know

The drug is absolutely incompatible with alcohol. For the period of treatment, the use of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Violation of this requirement can lead to serious consequences.

The speed of the reaction while driving a car does not affect the treatment with this medication.

A complex of opinions about the medicine

Comments about the remedy Proctosedil from doctors, as well as their patients.

The drug is particularly effective in the period of acute proctologic diseases. Quickly removes the main symptoms. But do not flatter yourself - the disease does not disappear. Go to a specialist and complete the full course of treatment. This is the only way to completely get rid of the disease.

Dmitry Zakharov, proctologist / October 29, 2015, 10:00

A high-quality medicinal product that has good results in a number of diseases, especially hemorrhoids. But there are also contra-indications. Therefore, avoid self-application, it is better to consult a doctor.

Elena Malkina, proctologist / November 12, 2015, 16:10

A crack appeared in the rectum, and began to disturb hemorrhoids. To me have registered candles Proctosidilum, used days five and have suddenly understood, that my prostatitis ceases to disturb me. Pain passed during urination, in the prostate, sexual functions began to improve. This result was not even from taking urological medications. I am very glad for this.

Victor Arefiev / December 20, 2015, 09:18

I'm an office worker. I work for 8 - 10 hours at the table, and sometimes I also take the work home and continue to sit. Recently I felt unpleasant itching and burning in the anus, the formation of nodes. The doctor appointed Proctosedil suppositories and ointment.

In the first days I felt relieved from the treatment, I wanted to quit. But I remembered the doctor's recommendations and finished the course. Thanks to the drug, I feel great.

Tatiana Gridina / January 12, 2016, 22:12

There is no medicine in the pharmacy - what should I do?

Complete analogues of Proctosedil, which are similar in chemical composition, mechanism of action and indications for use, no.

There is a sufficient number of medicines on the pharmacological market, similar in pharmacological effect and purpose.

Among them:

  • Anusole;
  • Bezornil;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Pilex;
  • Proctan;
  • Relief;
  • Ichthyol;
  • Posterizan;
  • Rutes and others.

The medical preparation Proctosedil, with high therapeutic indices, has a price affordable for different segments of the population. Therefore, it enjoys well-deserved demand.

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