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To find out your destiny, it is not necessary to go to seers, oracles and psychics, because you can tell fortunes at home. If you lift the veil of secrecy and see what awaits you in the future, you can manage to adjust your actions according to certain circumstances. Guessing on coffee helps to understand the contentious issues, to analyze the existing problems, both at work and in personal life. This kind of fortune telling is a creative process that develops intuition, sharpens the mind and even helps to discover telepathic abilities.

Guessing on coffee

Guessing, during which you need to correctly interpret the symbols on the coffee grounds, came to us from the countries of the East. Today it is popular all over the world. Before proceeding to divination, it is necessary to conduct the correct preparation.

To find out the future with coffee, you need a rounded coffee cup without kinks. It should have an average size and a white or light interior surface. For a clear recognition of signs, it is very important that inside and outside the cup there is no ornament or decoration - it will only interfere with divination. Sometimes the thicker pours out of the dishes and flows down its outer side - these signs can predict interesting surprises. But if there is a picture on the cup, the decoding of the guessing on the coffee grounds of the will be difficult.

Coffee can be taken as a ready grind, or grind yourself( in the latter case it is necessary to sift it through a strainer).Less grinding creates ideal images of signs, while coarse clumps quickly crumble and disrupt the composition of the drawing.

How to brew coffee for fortune-telling?

Before brewing coffee, you need to clarify the person who wants to know his fate, what drink he prefers to use: with sugar, sugar-free or slightly sweet. He should be pleased to drink brewed coffee.

For one cup usually take a full teaspoon of coffee, sugar - if desired. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and filled with water. First you need to bring the drink to a boil. When the foam appears, stir the coffee well and pour it into the cup. Give a little brew. The process of drinking coffee should be easy, without any extraneous thoughts in your head, while you need to concentrate on the issues and issues of interest. You can just say "about yourself" the phrase: "Let it seem what it will be."

When the coffee is finished, you need to turn the cup sideways( the bottom is directed towards the left hand) and slowly twist it away from itself - the thick will spread on all sides of the container. After this turn the cup on the saucer. Now you can consider symbols of fortune telling on the coffee grounds of and try to explain them.

Guessing on coffee beans

If you do not like drinking coffee or need an urgent answer to a question, ordinary coffee beans will help you to tell fortunes. This divination is very simple, there is no need to include imagination to explain this or that sign. All you have to do is put 16 coffee beans on your palm, think about your problem or question, pour it from one hand to the other, warm it in your hands to soak up your energy, and only after that throw the grain up. Conducting fortune telling is necessary in a quiet atmosphere, without prying eyes, you can turn on slow music and light candles.

When the coffee beans fall on the floor or on the table, look and count how many of them lie in a hollow upward. The resulting number you need to find in the decryption. If all the grains have fallen smooth side up, postpone guessing and again ask the question that interests you only a few days later.

Interpretation of divination:

1 - wealth. Good luck goes to your hands, but you still can not see it. Open your eyes and start acting, having prepared yourself beforehand and being reinsured.

2 - victory. You can say goodbye to your problems - nothing will disturb you in the near future. Happiness and prosperity will firmly enter your life through the perseverance and diligence that you have.

3 - a snag. Look for a traitor among close people, who puts you in the wheel. If you filter out your environment, you can avoid many problems.

4 - the world of dreams. Enough already to give out wishful thinking. You will not achieve anything if you only dream. Start with a victory over your laziness - this will greatly accelerate the transition from dreams to reality.

5 - the cornucopia. Act at your own peril and risk, not much worrying, because you are guarded by higher powers. Good luck, a loved one and friends will always be with you. The main thing is not to neglect what you already have.

6 - determination. Fear of the unknown and indecisiveness in everything - these are your main enemies. If you are tired of work, a bad place of residence and obsolete relationships, do not get tired, just go ahead - into a new life!

7 - empty alarms. Do not spoil your nerves and do not create problems from scratch when you are doing well. You already won the jackpot from fate, do not miss it.

8 - Explosion hazard. If you are a man-tornado or a female volcano, do not swell with pride. You can overcome all adversities only when you cool down your ardor.

9 - fencing. You will succeed if you listen to your intuition and follow the instructions of the inner voice. Do not react to others who are trying to convince you of the opposite - just be shielded from them.

10 is a temptation. Going on about your own desires?"Fuck" into something not too good. You will be saved if you listen to the advice of a loved one.

11 - secret helper. Intellect and natural talents can not lead you to the top of success, unless you connect your gift of foresight to them. Be bold and do not doubt - you will succeed!

12 - caution. What will break your tongue, and Fortune will turn to you. Try not to say anything superfluous. Think well before you hurt a loved one because of casual negligent words.

13 - calculation and mind. If you are fighting, know that your main weapon is balance, the ability to keep cool and clear thoughts in any conditions. Also you will not be hampered by the ability to weigh all the pros and cons.

14 - rely on yourself. Move from the place where you live - only then will you achieve your goal and make your plans come true. In fact, your goal is just this and waiting to be at high speed to move to you.

15 - peace of mind. Do not be discouraged under any circumstances. Whatever happens, you must not fall into depression and lose self-control. Stay calm and wait. Tomorrow Fortune will turn to you with its bright side.

16 - everything will be fine. All problems are left behind - and ahead of you is only a bright future. Happiness, love and good luck will make your life beautiful.

Guessing on the coffee grounds: the interpretation of

The meaning of fortune-telling on the coffee grounds is deciphered separately on a saucer and separately on a cup. Guscha, who was on the saucer, will talk about the events from the past life( they still have an impact on life processes).The symbols shown in the cup will show the present and the future.

In the interpretation it is necessary to take into account both individual signs and their totality. Sometimes even the whole picture in action is formed from the coffee grounds. For example, you can see the tree under which the dog sits, on the tree - a bird, and above it - the sun. In this case, first you need to interpret the disparate small icons: dashes, dots, then individual drawings and only then the image of the symbols and the whole picture is explained figuratively.

It's not so easy to decipher guessing on the coffee grounds - symbols can be viewed in the list, which will greatly speed up the interpretation process. After all, the usual signs can hide an unusual phenomenon and interpretation.

The man and his body parts

Two eyes of , seen in the thick, speak of rapid changes in life.

One eye - the one to whom you are guessing has psychic abilities, and it would be nice for him to listen to his inner voice.

The whole head of is about the presence in the environment of a young man who is able to positively influence the future destiny.

If the head is shown in the profile, it means that you are under reliable protection or for a short friendship.

Female head promises love, and men's - separation.

Two heads of , which are visible in the center of the circle, are an early wedding. But if they are separated by the vertical line , it means that there will be a big quarrel, divorce or treason.

Lips , located at the bottom of the cup, is a pleasant news. If they are at its upper edge, they promise the support of friends.

The palm( arm) of the , depending on the location, that someone who wonders needs someone's help or must help someone.

Skeleton - poverty, poor health

Mature female - happy family life.

Baby - unexpected event

Animals, birds and insects

About the love message, will tell the butterfly , and bull about the danger. But if the bull is located on the hill, then success is waiting for you.

Camel testifies to prosperity, financial success and wealth. One hump is a more difficult path, two humpbacks - talk about a smoother road.

Raven , looming from the coffee grounds, brings misfortune into the house.

Dove also indicates that in your environment there is someone with a clean soul.

Do not worry if, while conducting guessing on the coffee grounds, the dragon appeared in your cup. This is a good sign, which indicates that all that has been planned will come true. It's safe to start a new business, because a dragon is a symbol of the fulfillment of desires.

Hare, rabbit - it's cowardice and inability to analyze the present.

And here snake is a sign of evil, cunning and ill-wishers.

Cat - talking about poverty, ruin and financial collapse, or that your friends are gossiping about you.

Crocodile - betrayal

The chicken "asks" you to help a stranger.

Rat - loss, you have unreliable friends.

The swan promises an unexpected receipt of money.

Bat - indicates a dangerous situation that could harm a person. Therefore, it is worth to be extra careful.

Horse - for love

Frog - do not be mean!

Bear - stupidity will complicate your life

Monkey - you get in the way of flatterers

Peacock - luck in life, wedding

Spider - perseverance and cunning

Parrot - you will be faced with scandal, gossip

Bird - good news

Bee -success, good news

Fish - a pleasant journey or good news, good luck in everything.

Pig - success in life, coupled with spiritual discord

Elephant - strength and wisdom, lasting success.

Dog "speaks" about a reliable and reliable friend

Owl is a sign of death or prolonged illness.

But the tiger is anger.

Turtle - you are sensitive to criticism

You are waiting for a surprise and unexpected event if you saw the lizard , or beware of false friends.

Trees and flowers

You do not need to mourn, because all problems will be resolved if in the cup you will consider the clover .

The Rose is a wedding.

Lily on the wall of the cup - loyalty in friendship or constancy in love.

Chrysanthemum - late love.

If you saw the forest , it means that you made a mistake when choosing a life path or did not agree with that person.

Palm - respect, success, honors

Fern - the man you love deceives

Fruit - luckily

Sheet - news

A small bush - you started an unsuccessful business that will end in failure.

Oak symbolizes deserved victory

Iva - sadness, depression and tears.

Flower - your desire will turn

Apple - to the temptation


1 - you are loved.

2 - disease, failure.

3 - financial success, profit.

4 - success and luck in everything.

5 - gossip and empty talk.

6 - wedding.

7 - family happiness and love.

8 - a quarrel with a loved one.

9 - acquaintance.

From 10 to 100 - good luck.

From 101 - a long life.

The larger the size of a symbol, the more influence it produces on a person's life. Interpretation of signs located at the edge of the cup, will come to pass faster than those that are located on its bottom.

A cup handle is a person who wants to know his destiny. All the symbols near the handle are directly related to it. The more dark parts in the cup, the stronger this person is being pressured by his problems. Accordingly, the lighter the cup, the happier and happier his life.

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