If a person is struck by a cough, then it can be of two types: dry and moist. In any case, you can not do without effective treatment. But today, among a large abundance of drugs, it is very difficult to choose the drug that would really have the desired effect and did not cause side effects. And such a preparation is. Its name is Lazolvan. The presented medicine is considered universal, because it is allowed for admission to adults and small patients, and can also be used in various ways.

How inhalations occur with laryngitis, you can learn from this article.


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Action and incoming components

Lazolvan are actively involved in therapy for various pathologies, forwhich is characterized by a wet cough with viscous sputum. These diseases include:

  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • chronic lung disease;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • bronchiectatic disease.

In the photo, the lazolvan for inhalation:

mucus for inhalation instructions for use

Still Lazolvan is actively used as a preventive agent for the treatment of postpartum respiratory syndrome in infants and premature babies.

How to make nebulizer inhalations for children with laryngitis, you can learn from this article after reading it.

In the video - Lazolvan for inhalations: instructions for use, tells how to dilute / dilute Lazolvan with saline solution for inhalation, in which ratio:

How to do nebulizer inhalation with saline for coughing is indicated in the description for this article.

Lazolvan belongs to the group of mucolytic drugs. In its composition, you can find ambroxol, which helps increase the secretion of mucus in the canal of the lungs. After such treatment, the patient's symptoms of dry cough improve, sputum begins to expectorate and its viscosity decreases.

If Lazolvan is taken internally, a positive effect can be observed after 30 minutes. But to achieve the fastest result it is possible only, if to enter a medicine by means of injections. The resulting effect persists for 6-10 hours.

But it exerts its positive influence Lazolvan because of its constituent components. The main ingredient is ambroxol. Additional substances include sodium chloride, pure water and citric acid.

How the inhalation of chamomile occurs when coughing is described in detail in the article.

How to make a solution

It is known that the presented drug is actively involved in the treatment of wet and dry cough with inhalation. To prepare a solution, it is necessary to take x and ½ part of its contents to send to saline. 27th

The proportion of Lazolvana and saline is 1: 3.After this, the solution is sent to a nebulizer or another inhalation container. Sometimes doctors prescribe a different dosage - 1: 2 or 1: 1.The role of saline solution is to achieve optimum humidification of the air in the respirator.

How to perform inhalation with a nebulizer for dry cough, is detailed in this article.

How to do the procedure

It is possible to achieve a stable and rapid effect by inhalation with Lazolvan. For these purposes, you need to use a special inhaler. The procedure should be carried out 2 times a day. The entire course of treatment, that in adults, and in children is similar. The difference consists only in the dosage prescribed by the doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the course of the disease.

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On the video - Lazolvan for inhalations with nebulizer:

What preparations for inhalation nebulizer with a cold are used, is specified in the article.

During inhalation it is very important to maintain normal breathing and not to take sharp, deep breaths. Otherwise, you can provoke new coughing attacks. Before manipulating patients with bronchial asthma, it is necessary to first take a bronchodilator drug.

Use of the

nebulizer The nebulizer refers to a modern type inhaler. Thanks to him, it is possible to uniformly spray the medicine. To perform one manipulation, you need to take 1 ml of Lazolvana. After it is diluted with saline solution, then the resulting composition should be poured into a nebulizer of compressor and ultrasonic type.

In the video - the procedure of inhalation:

If you use the first type of device, then the formation of polydisperse aerosol formulations, which contains particles with the optimal size for entering the lungs. When using an ultrasonic nebulizer, the solution is sprayed by the oscillation of the sensitive membrane generated by the piezoelectric element.

How to make inhalations by a nebulizer with a cough and runny nose, you can find out by reading this article.

How to replace

The most common analogy is between such medicines as:

  • Ambrobene Ambroben
  • Berodual. Berodual for inhalation

The difference between Lazolvan and Ambrobene is that they are produced by various manufacturing companies. The birthplace of the first drug is Italy, but the second one is Germany, but the lazolvan or ambroben for inhalations is better, it's up to you to decide. Just like when choosing Berodual, since it's better Lazolvan or Berodual for inhalations as in the first case, you can only do it by trying.

What are the nebulizer inhalation prescriptions for a runny nose can be found in the article.

In addition, Ambrobene has more release forms than Lazolvan. But after taking Ambromene in patients very often there are side effects and a lot of contraindications. As for Lazolvan, it can be used by absolutely everyone, even small children. This drug is perfectly tolerated by the body.

Can I take inside

In addition to inhalation, Lazolvan can also be used for oral administration.Н here it is necessary to take into account the age of the patient:

  1. Babies under 2 years - 1 ml of medication 2 times a day. Lazolvan for children
  2. Children 2-6 years - 1 ml 3 times a day.
  3. Children over 6 years - 2 ml 2-3 times a day.

To determine the dosage, the drug should be measured with drops( drug in drops or syrup).For example, 1 ml of the solution contains 25 drops. Use the medicine during a meal, but before that you need to dissolve it with a small amount of juice, water or tea. The use of the drug during pregnancy is recommended for the doctor's prescription.

Price in the pharmacy

How much is it? The cost of Lazolvan drug depends on the dosage form and the manufacturer. In Russian drugstores, you can buy the drug at the following price:

  • Medication for inhalation: 350-480 rubles.
  • Capsules: 210-260 rubles.
  • Syrup: 240-280 rubles, also can be used for inhalation.

That is, capsules and syrup are cheaper.


  • Marina, 23 years old : "When I was diagnosed with bronchitis, my dry cough was just chasing me. Lazolvan helped me a lot. The doctor advised me to use it for inhalations through a nebulizer. She performed the procedure every day and within a week the sputum began to liquefy and actively go out. "
  • Xenia, 35 years old: "My daughter had a severe cough that arose against a cold. At night, we constantly woke up, because the cough very much strangled her. Turning to the doctor, he advised taking Lazolvan inside. Do this procedure 3 times a day. The result of this treatment was the departure of phlegm and the transition of dry cough to wet. "
  • Catherine, 27 years old : "I always knew about the positive properties of Lazolvan, I always took it inside. When I had a mild form of pneumonia, the doctor appointed me to carry out inhalations with this medication. I did not think that these events would help me so much and even in such a short time. In addition, Lazolvan costs not so much, because the effect obtained from such therapy is worth it. "

Lazolvan is a wonderful medication that helps to overcome such a sign of cold as coughing. Thanks to its natural ingredients, a cough drug for adults and children is suitable. Determine the dosage and way of using and using Lazolvana can only a doctor, amateur performance in this case is not allowed.