Gel extensions of nails

  • The essence of the procedure
  • The differences between gel nails and acrylic
  • Types of gels
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Many girls want to have beautiful and long nails, but not everyone can grow them. To achieve the desired result, you can choose gel nails. This method of building allows you to give the plate any shape, using special templates. Thanks to this it will be possible to get the most natural and stylish result. The gel coating of nails makes them strong and durable, allowing you to hide the basic irregularities.

The essence of the procedure

To create such a coating, it is necessary to apply a special gel to the nail plates. This material remains on them for up to 2-4 weeks. The chemical polymer has a structure that resembles a natural nail plate, which means that it is completely safe.

The consistency of the gel used depends on its purpose. So, a fairly thick composition is used to build up the base layer, and less dense - for fine work on the surface. With it, you can cover a natural manicure or fix a painting.

You can choose any form of gel nails from traditional to extravagant. In addition, you can create various drawings, use rhinestones, prints, jacket.

An important feature of the gel is its hypoallergenicity and complete absence of odor. This material makes it possible to obtain a smooth surface. In addition, it is surprisingly resilient. And unfortunately, it reacts to temperature changes.

Differences of gel nails from acrylic

Many girls are interested in what nails are better - acrylic or gel. These types of coatings have quite a few differences, which must be taken into account when choosing a technology. So, the main features of the gel include the following:

  1. This material does not provide access to oxygen, but marigolds under it feel normal. They grow as usual. Due to this feature of the material, the coating can be left for 4 months if you make a systematic correction.
  2. The gel has no unpleasant odor, which can not be said about acrylic coating.
  3. The gel manicure has a glossy shine, like after a recent visit to the beauty salon. Because you can not even paint the marigold varnish.
  4. This material freezes solely under the influence of ultraviolet, so there is no need to rush when building, worrying for the fact that the mass will quickly solidify.
  5. The gel has a more elastic consistency compared to acrylic. Therefore, if a gel coating fails, there is no severe trauma to the natural nail.
  6. Gel is a more allergenic material, dust of the sawdust and dispersion layer have the same quality.

Kinds of

gels To get beautiful gel nails at home, you need to choose the right system for the build-up:

  1. Three-phase. It includes 3 ingredients that have different functionality. So, the first layer is aimed at ensuring the safety of contact of the nail with an artificial coating. Thanks to this, maximum adhesion is achieved. The second layer is responsible for modeling the body of the nail. The third layer allows you to achieve maximum strength. It provides reliable protection against external factors and helps to get a glossy surface.
  2. Two-phase includes, respectively, 2 components. One provides a reliable connection of the natural and artificial nail, and the second is responsible for the strength.
  3. Single-phase includes only 1 material, which is versatile. It has all the necessary characteristics and reliably provides connection, modeling and high strength.

Gel Extension Methods

When performing this procedure, it should be noted that it has different technologies:

  1. On tipsy - it's artificial nails, which have different sizes, shapes and colors. Such plates are glued to natural, and then covered with a special gel. In this situation tipes becomes part of the nail. This method is suitable for everyone, even those who own short nails.
  2. On forms - in this case to the nail fasten plates, on which the gel is applied. After that, the molds are easily removed. The main advantage of the method is the tremendous naturalness of the result obtained. In addition, getting rid of such nails is much easier.

The technology of gel build-up

The easiest way to get a perfect manicure is to build on tips. If you use the form, then in the absence of experience, many unevennesses may appear. So, the procedure for building includes such steps:

  1. First you need to treat the hands with a disinfectant. This stage is extremely important at home, and in salon conditions.
  2. Then choose the tips of the required size. They should ideally fit the natural plate in size.
  3. After this, it is recommended to get rid of the cuticles. This is done in the same way as with an ordinary manicure, through a pusher or orange stick.
  4. Nails should be given the required length. The free end is 1 mm. The fillet is held at right angles to the plates.
  5. Cutting the top part of the nail. It is important to use a highly abrasive nail file, approximately 180 units. For this, it is kept parallel to the nail.
  6. Clean the surface with a dry brush and apply a base gel. Remove unnecessary remedy with a napkin.
  7. Attach tips. It is important to do this in a way that avoids gaps.
  8. Lay out the shape and length of the nail with a gel. This can be done through a special brush. The layer is placed in a UV lamp for half a minute. As a result, the material should remain soft enough.
  9. On top, the nail is treated with a layer of gel. You should start with a stressful area. First lay a drop of gel, give it a little spread and spread over the surface, slightly receding from the rollers.
  10. Place hands in the device for 3 minutes.
  11. In the end, you can design the gel nails and apply various drawings on them.
To perform the build-up yourself, you will need many special tools and tools.

Common mistakes

Many girls refuse this procedure, as the nails crack and crack too much. In fact, this is due to the typical mistakes that are allowed during the build-up:

  1. Too thick coat of primer. This is the first coating that provides the connection of the artificial coating with the nail. If you apply a lot of money, it can not completely freeze.
  2. The binder is recommended to handle well and the end part of the nail. If this is not done, a stratification will begin in the region of the free part.
  3. It is recommended to remove excess funds with a dry sponge. It is recommended to do this at all stages.
  4. You need to prepare well before building. The material can peel off due to poor quality cuticle removal.
  5. Another common mistake is insufficient dust removal after nail filings. To do this, we recommend using a brush.
  6. To build up successfully, you need to use high-quality tools. The top layer is cut with a nail file with at least 180 grit abrasion. Due to this, it is possible to obtain a matte and velvety layer.
  7. Coating detachment can occur due to a not very smooth transition from the natural part of the nail to the artificial one.
  8. To improve the polymerization of the gel, it is recommended to use a high-quality quality lamp.
  9. It is necessary to select and cut the tipes well, vertical grooves must remain on them.
  10. Cracks on the coating may appear because of the excessively thin layer on the sides.
  11. Problems with the build-up can arise even if a woman takes hormonal drugs.

Gel extension system has a high complexity. To achieve a good result, you need to have the necessary skills and take into account all the nuances and subtleties in the procedure.

Disadvantages of the

procedure Although gel nails have many advantages and look very natural, they also have certain drawbacks. They include the following:

  1. The duration of the procedure is approximately 3 hours. This is due to the need to dry each gel layer in a special lamp.
  2. This coating can not be repaired. If the nail is damaged, it will have to be completely removed and re-built.
  3. Removal of such nails can not be done on their own. For their cutting, a special saw is used. The master should do this procedure.
  4. Gel nails are more fragile than acrylic.
  5. As a result of this procedure, thicker nails are obtained. However, a professional master can achieve the most natural result.

Extensions of nails on tipsy - video

Features of care

Experts assure that this type of buildup completely eliminates the need for a woman to perform manicure. Thus it is important to remember that periodically it is necessary to do correction. In addition, it is important to comply with such rules:

  • not to subject gel nails to increased stress;
  • for household tasks use rubber gloves;
  • because this coating has a sensitivity to low temperatures, in frosty weather it is worth wearing gloves;
  • is recommended to protect the cover from open flame, as it can quickly catch fire;
  • it is forbidden to file such nails with a metal file.
Application of gel build-up allows you to get an amazingly stylish and fashionable manicure, which is distinguished by its durability.
To achieve good results, it is recommended to contact an experienced master and clearly follow all his recommendations. Despite the fact that this procedure requires a lot of time, the result, of course, justifies all expectations.

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