Gnashing of teeth in a dream.5 main causes of squeaking in adults and children

The article is devoted to the description of the problem of grinding teeth in children and adults. The causes of towism and ways of its treatment are named.


  • What does it mean to gnash your teeth?
  • Gnashing of teeth in a child's sleep
  • Causes of gnashing of teeth in adults
  • Treatment of a gnash with a teeth of bruxism
  • Grit of teeth: advice and feedback
  • Doctor Komarovsky about the towing of children
  • Video: "Towed. What if you grind your teeth at night? »

What does it mean to gnash your teeth?

People of all ages face the problem of grinding their teeth. Many of them just do not pay attention to this habit. In medicine, this habit is called towism.

Gnashing of teeth occurs due to the strain of the chewing muscles, as a result - a lot of dental problems. Towxism occurs in the unconscious state, when a person sleeps or is carried away by some process. Sometimes, gnashing of teeth can be accompanied by neuroses. There are reasons why people develop towing, and also the ways by which you can get rid of it.

Gnashing of teeth in a dream in children

  1. According to doctors, grinding teeth in children is less dangerous than in adults. It is normal when the child grinds his teeth with a short while. This does not cause much damage to the enamel. To worry and see a doctor should be if the tow shows up daily for a long time
  2. Gnashing of teeth can appear due to enlarged adenoids
  3. Towing at night can occur in the child due to overexcitation of the nervous system before going to sleep( playing active games, watching TV)
  4. Gnashing of teeth occurs due to the nervous state of the baby. If a child has problems at school or in the garden, he may experience it. Will fall asleep, too, in a nervous state, because of what will gnash the teeth
  5. Night heavy food intake, which makes digestion difficult

Causes of gnashing of teeth in adults

  1. Towing develops in people with professions where there is a great strain on the nervous system
  2. Gnashing teethcan be observed in nervous and aggressive people at any time of the day
  3. Sometimes, the tow is due to an improperly placed seal or implant
  4. In exceptional cases, gnashing of teeth in adults may indicateEVELOPMENT epilepsy. If no other reason is found, you should go to the doctor's office

. Despite the widespread opinion, medicine has not proven the connection between gnashing of teeth and the presence of parasites in the body.

How to recognize the manifestation of towing?

The habit of grinding his teeth is noticeable from the side. However, it is extremely difficult to identify it from oneself. If suspicions have crept in, it is possible to analyze such symptoms:

  • Dystrophic problems develop actively for those suffering from towing: tooth enamel is erased, bite is altered, teeth are loosened.
  • Gnashing affects the quality of sleep with teeth. The body can not fully relax, and the person feels tired in the morning
  • There may be pain in the neck and head
  • Tinnitus is felt

If all or some of the symptoms are detected, you should observe the reaction of your jaw to nervous situations. A good way to identify towing, ask strangers to observe you for several days.

Gnashing of teeth is not considered a disease. Experts attribute it to one of the variants of sleep disturbances, along with sleepwalking and snoring.

Treatment of gnashing, squeaking with bruxism teeth

If we consider that towing is one of the variants of mental disorders, then the first stage of treatment should be the exclusion from life of stressful situations. For this, it is necessary to turn to a psychologist, control one's aggression, lead a more active lifestyle.

Also, you need to visit your dentist's office and voice your problem. There, special plates, kapy will be made, which protect teeth from erasure during sleep.

There are, also, several effective folk methods of getting rid of towing.

  • Medicinal herbs against grinding of teeth. Such herbs as valerian and lavender have a calming effect. For children and adults, evening massage with ethereal lavender oil and tea with valerian broths
  • will be effective. Herbal teas have a relaxing effect. Suffering towism is recommended to drink a cup of warm herbal tea before bed. It can include chamomile, mint, lemon balm, lemon juice and honey
  • Drink from milk and turmeric. It is necessary to warm up a glass of milk to a hot state, dissolve in it a teaspoon of ground turmeric. Drink mixture 30 min before sleep
  • The use of calcium and magnesium will support the tooth enamel when developing a towing
  • Deep breathing practice will help to relieve nervous tension before going to sleep.
  • A healthy lifestyle, sufficient time for sleep, exercise helps to improve the nervous system
  • Warm compress against the grinding of teeth. The cloth should be soaked in warm water, wring out. Then attach to the muscles of the neck and jaw, where there is tension. Heat will help relax the muscles and prevent pain

Gnashing of teeth: advice and feedback

The network has a lot of reviews of patients who were able to overcome the habit of gnashing their teeth.

  • "For me, an important moment in getting rid of this bad habit is its awareness. Husband, a few months ago, said that at night I grind my teeth. I did not pay attention to it. Due to dental problems I had to admit to myself that towing is a real problem. I began to control myself during the day, and before going to bed I drank soothing tea and tried not to think about day problems. "Svetlana, 38 years old
  • " I suffer from towing periodically. When at work stress, several times I can wake up at night from my own grinding of teeth. As soon as I start to notice the problem, everything passes. Until the next stress. "Nikolai, 45 years old
  • " I'm about to grind my teeth, "the dentist said. Has advised to make kapy. For a long time they prevented me from sleeping, but then I got used to it. To other doctors did not apply. I try to be less nervous and fall asleep in a calm state. Apparently, I grind my teeth only at night, I did not notice it with my teeth. "Alla, 27 years old

Doctor Komarovsky about pedicure in children

The famous pediatrician Komarovsky also gives advice and recommendations on how to get rid of children from grinding their teeth. He warns that too vigilant parents can do more harm to the child's health. Do not panic if the child sometimes grinds his teeth. Sometimes, it's just a process of playing and exploring your mouth. Parents make the mistake of starting to treat the child from parasites because of the tow. Such treatment can be carried out only after examination and confirmation that parasites are in the body.

For reasons that provoke towing, Komarovsky notes the most probable:

  • Increased adenoids
  • Heredity
  • Teeth dissection
  • Lack of group vitamins In

Komarovsky advises to treat towing, beginning with the stabilization of the child's nervous state. Massages, herbal teas, warm baths should be used before bedtime. It is necessary to strengthen the body of the child with vitamins and minerals, especially in the winter and spring season.

The main problem with towing is that it does not pay much attention to it. If the problem is detected, you do not need to postpone its solution. It should pay attention to the violations in the body, which could cause the gnashing of teeth.

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