Costumes for boys at the prom in kindergarten, 4th grade

  • Classic outfit for the child at the graduation
  • Original images for the boy
  • Accessories and additional details for the holiday image
  • Unsuccessful variants of the children's images for the graduate

Graduate evening at the kindergarten or junior school is an important event for every child,it opens a completely different, adult world. Usually, parents do not think much about the bright image of crumbs, as a result of which all the children in the kindergarten look good, but equally. If the mother wants to choose the best outfit for the boy at the prom in the garden, she should consider numerous details of the image.

Classic outfit for a child on graduation

Of course, the simplest option, suitable for any boy, is a classic three-piece suit that looks both spectacular and elegant.
It is to this image that almost all parents prefer, since in a suit the baby can feel comfortable, and the official appearance fully corresponds to the festive atmosphere of the holiday.

What are the nuances of choosing such a costume is definitely worth taking into account when creating the original children's image:

  1. Do not choose the standard version of the dress black or blue, because young fashionables can afford something that adults do not dare: to combine bright colors in a classic image.
  2. From the use of the jacket sometimes should be denied in favor of a more convenient and practical vest.
  3. To create a more informal image, parents can refuse a standard shirt in favor of a snow-white t-shirt.

The classic image for a boy does not necessarily have to be restrained and boring, because in this case the child will look like dozens of peers in solemn outfits.

Parents should prefer original, but fashionable combinations of clothes. For example, choosing pants of classic style and black, with a vest or jacket, you can show originality. So, by order, you can sew a green or blue waistcoat, which should be supplemented with a classic white shirt. As a result, the onion will turn out to be extremely original and memorable.

You can go even further and create an image in an informal semisport style. For this, the base of the bow is to make trousers of free cut of gray or light blue, and instead of a shirt to give preference to a simple white shirt. If, also, in the quality of shoes, parents choose for the boy simple sneakers at low speed, then the whole appearance will turn out to be relaxed and even slightly insolent.

When choosing a suit, it is worth considering the theme of the celebration and the preferences of the child. The boy should be comfortable in a suit, because then and from the holiday he can enjoy!

Original images for the boy

Who said that the outfit for the prom for the boy should be banal and classic? Modern children's fashion designers are increasingly trying to make a variety in fashion for the youngest.

The easiest way to create an original bow is if the children's graduation party means a costume party. In this case, the boy can act as a musketeer or use the collective image of a king or pirate. It all depends on the flight of fantasy of adults and their kids.

It is much more difficult to write original details into a children's bow in case the graduation does not imply a costume component. In 2017, fashion designers offer parents to dress children even for formal events in the casual style.

For example, adding a classic shirt with simple blue jeans and a casually thrown jacket, parents can create for the son an unforgettable, and, most importantly, not banal bow. To supplement the image, making it slightly more original, the following details can be used:

  • a variety of hats - from bowlers to simple wide-brimmed models;
  • instead of a jacket in an image it is possible to enter raincoats and long capes in Zorro style, which looks very interesting;
  • originality appearance can give a variety of stripe and decorative elements on the lapels of the jacket and on the trousers themselves.

Many parents go further, creating on the final pair images. For example, if a son goes to such an important event in a classic black suit, his mother can also wear a three-piece suit. At first glance, there is nothing memorable in such images, but the courage of the exit gives the child's bow and his parent the necessary share of originality.

If parents want to supplement the face of the child with a bright detail, they should not ignore a variety of raincoats. Such light cloaks, like those of magicians, which are usually fixed on the neck, will make the image of the boy extremely interesting and unusual. You can supplement the onion with a bowler.

To the appearance of the child did not seem a parody of the magicians or Zorro, the other elements of the costume should be classic.
In combination with simple trousers and ironed shirt, even such original elements of the wardrobe will look harmonious.

Another version of the children's bow, which is suitable only for the most courageous parents, is a kilt. The boy, dressed in a traditional Scottish costume, will make a real sensation, but to choose such an image is necessary only with his consent. The main thing is for the child to feel comfortable in such clothes and not be ashamed of his appearance.

Accessories and additional details for the festive image of

At the graduation school or in kindergarten, boys are used to dress modestly, in a classical style. If parents do not want to get out of the crowd, demonstrating truly original tastes, but they dream of bringing a certain zest to the holiday image of the child, they should think over the use of accessories.

  • The easiest way to supplement a classic costume is to use an unusual hat. Wide-necked models of classical colors fit into any festive look, making the child's bow much more interesting and original. Also it is possible to pick up under a suit a hat-bowler, which will add to the appearance of the child some historical notes.
  • Another wonderful accessory, which will visibly decorate the look, is a scarf. If parents do not want to use a variety of ties, they can tie a scarf around the neck of the baby with an interesting coloring. Thus, the onion will turn out to be relaxed and whole, which will give the baby out of the crowd, making it a real star of the evening.
  • You can also supplement the children's image with fashionable suspenders. Then parents should play on contrasts. For example, for a classic black suit, you can pick up a blue butterfly and the same braces. As a result, thanks to accessories, the appearance of the child will be extremely original, worthy of attention.

What should I avoid, is the use of a variety of jewelry and jewelry. Rings, bracelets and pendants - all this will only constrain the movement of the baby, preventing him from having fun. In addition, excessive use of costume jewelry can significantly reduce the level of masculinity of the whole image.

Unsuccessful variants of children's images for graduation

A fashionable costume for a boy must be original and solemn at the same time.
Often in the pursuit of a bright image for a child, parents go all possible faces, creating a truly ridiculous outfit. Which versions of bows are not exactly suitable for a children's celebration:
  1. Parents should immediately abandon the use of too "relaxed", everyday images with shorts and simple T-shirts.
  2. It is worth abandoning costumes with animal print, because such leopard and tiger colors, even for adults, look ridiculous.
  3. Do not give preference to the overly bright, acid colors of the children's costume.

The solemn appearance of the boy must have bright, interesting details, but there can not be too many of them. By preferring an acid-green or red dress in combination with a leopard-colored shirt, parents should understand that the child can look stupid and ridiculous.

If adults want to choose a suit with the original print, then one should think about using a jacket in a large black and white cage. These clothes look original, but at the same time can fit in the classic bow for the child.

Do not give preference to those suits that are too richly decorated. The era of the popularity of clothes decorated with rhinestones, furs and feathers has long since passed, and therefore parents should choose suits with standard trim, but with original cut.

As a decorative element, you can use a variety of stripes on lapels and pants. Such a decor will add to any, even the most classical, appearance of immediacy, making it a little more original. Of course, it is difficult to create an ideal children's image for graduation, it is important to take into account the opinion of the child himself, his inquiries regarding the comfort of using the costume. However, modern designers offer a huge variety of options in which the unrivaled solemnity of the bow is combined with originality, convenience and elegance.

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