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Far from every girl by nature got strong healthy nails, which pleases with the absence of any problems. What to do if every new attempt to get the marigold of your dream again ends in failure? Many beauties have long been choosing a manicure with a persistent coating. Modern fashionistas are increasingly interested in what is gel-lacquer and shellac, what are the differences between them.

If you decide to decorate your fingers with a new manicure, but have not yet chosen the right coating option, then it's time to get acquainted with two of the most popular techniques for strengthening the nail plates.

gel and lacquer

To date, special popularity has been won by a special gel-lacquer, which is very convenient to use and can be applied without problems even at home.

Specialists in the field of beauty industry created a unique hybrid of gel and lacquer, designed specifically to reduce the fragility of weakened nails. The product surprises with amazing results, thereby gaining increasing recognition among the masters of the nail service and their clients.

This procedure for strengthening nails has the following advantages:

  • The material is simple and convenient to apply.
  • The technique does not require much time.
  • The created coating retains a neat appearance up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Included in the hypoallergenic components ensure the safe use of funds, and also exclude the possibility of developing an allergic reaction.
  • The coating is characterized by sufficient resistance and excellent strengthening of brittle nails.
  • The deep, saturated glitter of nails is preserved throughout the entire period of the socks.

However, if you carefully examine the reviews, you can find certain inconsistencies between what the manufacturer claims and what comes out in practice.

Some girls assure the rest that the coating with gel-varnish already on the second day loses its original appearance and begins to exfoliate at the edges of the nail plates. As experts note, such a lamentable result may be due to non-compliance with the technique of applying the material. In addition, such problems are inevitable in case of misuse and in the presence of medical contraindications.

Masters claim that gel-lacquer can not be used for people with increased palpitation. In addition, the technique is contraindicated in pregnant women and during lactation.

Do not count on the resistance of coverage to girls who have any hormonal disorders or thyroid problems. To spoil the new manicure can be sudden temperature changes and prolonged contact with water. Therefore, do not forget to wear mittens in the winter season, and use special rubber gloves during cleaning.

Pioneer in the nail industry Shellac

The developer of the most popular and universal coating Shellac was the American company CND, which five years ago demonstrated to fashionable women around the world a strong and durable lacquer gel. Shellac - an innovative tool designed to strengthen the nail plates.

In order to better understand the difference between gel-varnish and shellac, it is necessary to learn a little more about the technique of coating the nails with a second tool.

If you pay attention to the composition of the material, then shellack refers to the world's only variety of varnish-gel. Attention, do not gel-varnish, as many are used to believe.

The fact is that shellac contains a higher percentage of varnish than other products intended for strengthening the nails. The gel is needed to make the coating stronger and more stable, and shellac is applied as quickly and easily as normal nail polish.

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