Spring top dressing of strawberry. Means and methods

  • Rules for care of strawberries
  • Why carry out feeding?
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  • Terms of spring feeding
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  • Spraying strawberries
  • Addition of strawberry remedy

Strawberry is not only a tasty and fragrant berry, but also a very popular country culture. It is necessary to take care of the plant throughout the whole year. The complex of measures includes watering, loosening of the soil, pruning of bushes, fertilization of soil. Only this way you can get a plentiful harvest. Top dressing of strawberries in spring is an obligatory procedure that must be carried out exactly in time. All its subtleties will be discussed later.

Rules for care of strawberries

Competent cultivation and top dressing of strawberries are very important, because you can get a big crop only with good nutrition of the plant.

The main rule that must be remembered for all beginner gardeners: you can not grow strawberries on the same site for more than 4 years.

Primer has the ability to accumulate pathogens of various diseases and fungi, which can damage the roots of plants. If, after winter, many shrubs withered, most likely, the parasites have already struck them.

In the early spring, when the snow melts and the ground dries, you need to clean up the beds:

  • Remove the dry leaves, the frozen plants, the mulching layer, which may also contain pests.
  • Do not lay out the new mulch. After all, now the plant needs the sun, which warms its roots. Otherwise, strawberries will grow more slowly, and the crop will appear much later.
  • Some gardeners leave last year's mulch on the site, loosen the soil and only then make fertilizers.

How to properly fertilize strawberries:

  1. Flush the ground between rows, sprinkle sawdust, straw, humus or peat on it.
  2. Then treat the ground with nitrogen fertilizers, they accelerate the growth of strawberries. But do not forget, after applying each fertilizer, to re-loosen the soil so that the nutrients are evenly distributed in the area.
  3. As soon as the leaves appear, fertilize the soil with manure with ammonium sulfate. After flowering, plant the plant with a complex mineral compound.

Regularly loosen the soil on the site, do not moisten it too much, protect from strong wind and drying. From time to time row spacing can be gently dripped, so the strawberry will get more oxygen and give a good harvest. Water the plant regularly, it is better to do it in the morning.

Why carry out feeding?

Strawberry nutrition after winter is an important stage of care, which can not be missed if you want to enjoy a lot of juicy berries. To get a high yield, the plant, exhausted by prolonged colds, you need to saturate with nutrients.

Fertilize the soil in time, clearly following the dosage. So the plant will become stronger, resistant to the influence of a variety of pests.

The main thing - to choose the right fertilizer for strawberries. Make your choice according to the age of the plant and the qualities that you want to impart to the soil.

Mineral and organic fertilizers

Many gardeners choose mineral fertilizers for strawberries, because they are fast acting and easy to use.

  • To saturate the soil with nitrogen, you can use a highly effective complex fertilizer, for example, "Ammofoska" with ammonium nitrate( 2 parts of "Ammofoski" mix with 1 part of saltpeter).Use 20 g of the mixture per 1 m², do not forget to dilute the water according to the instructions.
  • If the area is clay, use "Nitrofoska" - a complex mineral fertilizer. The main components are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • In early spring, it is not recommended to use carbamide, popular among modern gardeners, because the soil contains the minimum number of bacteria for its processing. This fertilizer can be used in those climatic zones where the earth does not strongly freeze in winter.

Many gardeners prefer to feed strawberries without chemicals. Organic fertilizers, for example, chicken manure, neither composition, nor the effect on the plant are inferior to mineral compounds. However, this highly concentrated product must be used carefully. In the case of an overdose, the roots of the plant are burned, which causes it to develop more slowly or even die.

For the preparation of a bird's litter concentrate:

  • You will need 2 liters of chicken manure and 20 liters of water( better off), the ingredients are mixed and injected into the soil.
  • The second way: mix 1 part of litter litter and 11 parts of water. Pour the concentrate into a glass or plastic container and store at a temperature of at least +20 ° C for 3-5 days.
  • If desired, the useful properties of the solution can be strengthened, for this, add some biopreparation to the concentrate. This composition is sprayed with gaps between the rows, avoiding the space around the roots. Concentrate based on the manure of hens is stored for a long time and is used infrequently( 1-2 times per season) to avoid the accumulation of nitrates in berries.

Some gardeners recommend fertilizing strawberries with cattle manure:

  • For the preparation of fertilizer 500 ml of manure, 1 tbsp.l.ammonium sulfate and 12 liters of water. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, leave in the heat for 4 days and inject into the soil.
  • The second way: take 1 part Mullein and 10 parts water.

The feeding of berries with ashes is also quite popular:

  • Mix 1 tbsp.l.urea, 2 tsp.boric acid, 4 g of potassium permanganate, 120 g of wood ash, 12 l of water. Let fertilizer last for 5 days, after that it is ready for use. Ash protects the plant from pests and saturates the soil with potassium.
  • Ashes can also simply be sprinkled between rows.

Bread and sour-milk products for strawberry fertilizer

Feeding strawberries with bread is a great way to saturate a plant with useful substances. Take 1 bucket of rusks from rye bread, pour 30 l of standing water, leave for 7 days in the heat. Then dilute the infusion with water in a ratio of 1: 3.

When new sheets appear, water the bush with whey, buttermilk and other fermented milk products. Thanks to them, useful bacteria propagate in the soil, which protect the plant from various diseases. For fertilizer use only natural products. Before use, dilute the selected liquid in a ratio of 1: 3.Pour about 1 liter of solution into each well.

Dates of the spring top dressing

Before starting work, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the terms of top dressing of strawberries. To get a good harvest, you need to bring some fertilizer into the soil in time, on this depends the development and health of the plant. Spring top dressing is carried out twice a season:

  • The first top dressing is in the middle of April, at this stage, mineral compounds are introduced into the soil.
  • Then, wood ash or potassium nitrate is used, and the top dressing is performed at the time of ripening of berries.

The last time the procedure is performed after harvesting and pruning of bushes.

Feeding strawberries by age

If you planted a strawberry in the summer last year, then it is not necessary to fertilize it, although some truck farmers use mineral resources for this. If the soil is prepared correctly( 12 liters of fertilizer per square meter), then the young are healthy, develop rapidly, and are resistant to diseases.

How to feed the seedlings, if you want a plentiful harvest? Use potassium-nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer for this purpose from the calculation of 100 g per square meter.

If a strawberry grows in one area for 2-3 years, then it drains it. To make the bushes abundantly fruitful, it is necessary to know what and when to fertilize the strawberries.

Stages of additional feeding:

  • when new sheets appear;
  • before the flowering phase;
  • during the development of berries.

Use organic fertilizers as the first fertilizer: bird droppings, manure. Sprinkle the product near the roots with a thin layer, top the soil( the thickness of the layer is 1.5 cm).

The biennial plant loves a mixture of organic and mineral fertilizers. As soon as you notice the first mustache, prepare the following solution: 1 tbsp.l.ammonium sulfate, 500 ml of cow manure, 12 l of standing water. Pour about 1 liter of solution under one bush.

Then the plant is fed into the flowering phase. Mix 2 tbsp.l.potassium, 3 tbsp.l.nitrofoska, 12 liters of water. Water the bush near the root, use 500 ml of solution per plant. Observe that the liquid does not fall on the leaves or stem, if this happens, pour the plant with water.

Many gardeners feed strawberries with infusion from weeds. After weeding the garden, pick up the weeds, chop them, fill them with water and leave for 7 days in the warmth. Use before forming the fetus. Effect: development accelerates, yield increases, resistance to pests increases.

Spraying strawberries

In nutrients, not only the root system needs, but also the upper part of the plant. Foliar top dressing is also carried out in three stages: with the appearance of young leaves, in the flowering phase and in the formation of the ovary. For spraying, nitrogen and organic fertilizers are used. Such fertilizing accelerates the development of the plant and increases the number of ovaries. Carefully process strawberries after watering, on a quiet, sunny day, so that the solution has absorbed.

Before feeding, read the chemical composition of the selected product. Do not forget that some components are fast, others are slow.

Highly mobile elements include magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Elements are quickly transported to places where they are more needed( leaflets, kidneys, rhizome).To low-mobile include manganese, calcium, copper. They spread from the roots to the top of the plant.

Fertilizing strawberry

The peculiarity of the repair plants is that they bear fruit several times a year, until frost, develop rapidly and yield a plentiful harvest. How to properly feed a strawberry? The minimum set for such a plant is 60 liters of organic matter, peat and complex mineral fertilizer.

Repaired strawberry perfectly absorbs cow dung. For the preparation of fertilizer, mix manure with water in a ratio of 1: 5.Enter 9-11 liters of solution per 1 m².Do not forget to moisten the soil before dressing.

In the spring top dressing everything is important - the choice of fertilizers, the dosage of components, the timing. Observe the rules, and you protect plants from pests and diseases. A plentiful harvest of tasty and fragrant berries will please you more than one year.

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