Haemostatic and healing candles for cracks in the anus

candles from hemorrhoids and cracks Many people have often faced such a problem as hemorrhoids, but not everyone knows that severe itching, burning and bleeding can be caused by an anus in the fissure.

This acute disease lasts about a month or a little less and is a frequent pathology in surgery. Usually, cracks have an elongated shape on the mucosa of the anus or on the skin of the anus with varying length and depth.


  • Causes - simple, the symptoms are obvious
  • Used suppositories
  • What is suitable for pregnancy and lactation
  • Treatment of small patients
  • Features of application

Causes - simple, the symptoms are obvious

Causes of cracks in the anus are chronic constipation, mechanical trauma from- hardened fecal masses, severe childbirth and ruptures, diaper rash, poor hygiene in the anus and inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the direct anal fissure gut due to frequent dysplasiaketiosis, proctitis, helminthic problems and repeated liquid stools as a result of infection.

Symptoms of anal fissures:

  • is a strong sharp pain that is burning, stinging, pressing or pinching with a small swelling and inflammation.
  • in chronic fissure there is a strong spasm of the sphincter, because of which there is a difficulty in the act of defecation.

The wider and deeper the crack in the anal area, the more itching and greater discomfort.

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Used suppositories

There are so many kinds of rectal suppositories for the treatment of cracks in the anus and rectum.

They are convenient and easy to use, all have wound healing, analgesic and antispasmodic properties. These substances penetrate directly to the site of the lesion and act in an efficient and rapid way.

Most popular:

  1. Relief is the most popular candle for treating not only hemorrhoids, but also cracks in the anus. The composition of the Relief includes shark liver oil with its healing and healing properties, it strengthens the walls of the vessels and removes the inflammatory processes. It can be used for children only after 12 years, as it causes an allergic reaction and has a lot of side effects. Posterizan
  2. Procto-gliwenol well removes edematous process and acute pain due to lidocaine, which is part of the drug.
  3. Also well proven in the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal cracks Posterizan , which contains a glucocorticosteroid substance - hydrocortisone, which helps to regenerate and restore cells of the affected tissue, it quickly heals cracks in the anus, removes itching and inflammation.
  4. Also in the enhanced tissue regeneration, the candles Methyluracil have distinguished themselves, which have a powerful wound-healing effect, remove acute inflammation processes and help with any form of anal bleeding.
  5. Salofalk well relieves inflammation and how all rectal supplements are struggling with hemorrhoid problems and cracks. It is also effective for ulcerative colitis, and must be appointed after examination by a doctor.
  6. Anusole is a very good antiseptic and antispasmodic agent that is effective for severe pain and inflammation, but has a lot of side effects, such as heart palpitations and dry mouth.
  7. Candles with papaverine have antispasmodic properties that quickly relieve spasm of the sphincter muscles and remove pain, so the healing process with these suppositories goes much faster.

What is suitable for pregnancy and lactation

In this tender age, candles based on natural ingredients:

  1. Candles with propolis have natural substances in their composition, therefore they have no side effects, they can be used by Candles with propolis for nursing and pregnant women. They relieve inflammation and pain, perfectly heal the birth gaps and are effective for hemorrhoids and problems with cracks in the anus.
  2. Candles with calendula are excellent for women, it does not cause allergies and other side effects, they suppress the growth of bacteria and stimulate blood coagulation in the wound, which promotes rapid healing.
  3. Natalside is also designed for everyone, including pregnant women with bleeding, with severe ruptures that occurred during labor and operations in the anus. He heals the affected tissue and quickly stops the blood, removes the process of inflammation.

Treatment of small patients

Candles from hemorrhoids and anal fissure for the smallest:

  1. Sea buckthorn candles perfectly influence the vessels, remove the pathogenic environment, heal and restore the affected rectal mucosa, relieve severe itching and swelling, inflammation, heal anus of the anus in a fastterm. These rectal suppositories can be used as breastfeeding, pregnant women, and safe for children under one year of life Alginatol under the guidance of a doctor. Breast pads are put on a half of candles, they do not cause unpleasant burning sensation.
  2. Alginatol these candles are manufactured especially for children with a lower dosage of drug substance than for adults and are applicable in the treatment of children under one year of age. They are effective for treating intestinal infection and anal fissures.
  3. Aurobin relieves acute symptoms early in the hemorrhoids and cracks in the anus. Such as acute pain, severe itching, burning and has a number of contraindications. It is only allowed after a year of life for children and often causes allergic reactions, so this drug is prescribed only by a doctor.
  4. Candles with glycerol are prescribed for constipation as a laxative, but due to the enveloping effect when applied internally, they very well cure cracks and ruptures in the anus of the rectum. Such candles are produced in children's dosage as well as in adults. The drug for adults for the treatment of children can be used on the floor of a candle at a time. But these candles can not be used for too long, they are addictive.

Features of application of

All rectal suppositories include natural oils, fat supplements and paraffin. When candles are added inside, they under the influence of human temperature begin to melt and partially come out.

This is a normal process, everything you need is absorbed in the rectum in the right amount.

Before using the candle, observe hygienic procedures so as not to infect the bleeding fissure of the anus.

To ensure that the hard candle does not damage the anus, even more it needs to be warmed up a little at room temperature, or in individual packing between the fingers.

Use of candles

It is recommended to lubricate the tip of the candle, especially when treating children, with special grease or a drop of any vegetable oil.

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To insert suppositories better lying, on the left side, so as not to cause discomfort or discomfort.

Therapeutic suppositories are inserted by the fingers behind the sphincter, it is not necessary to do this deeply, so that this process does not cause pain.

For a child, the depth should be 2 cm, for an adult, about five centimeters. After that, it is advised to lie down about 5 to 10 minutes, to completely dissolve the candles in the anus.

If the suppository drops out of the anus or falls on the dirty surface, it can no longer be used again.

In order for candles to quickly start their action and the crack quickly healed, one must adhere to a certain diet that will relieve of constipation and its complications.

All spicy, salty, sharp and smoked foods should be excluded from the diet, which strongly irritates the intestinal microflora. In order to prevent hemorrhoids and its consequences, one should stop leading a sedentary lifestyle, do special gymnastics to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Take any vegetable oil( olive, linseed) one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach to prevent chronic constipation.

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