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pendant The pendant is one of the most ancient ornaments. The desire for beauty forced women to hang on their necks shells, stones, fangs of animals and crafts made of wood. Over time, the suspension has become a means of demonstrating the status of a person, his belonging to a religious or social group. And now, in addition to the motives for wearing the pendants, there is one more important thing: the desire to express one's individuality.

How to choose and with what you can wear a pendant to emphasize your beauty and tell the world about your views, interests and values? Understand this issue.

Where and what pendant to wear?

In the office and at the party of the suspension to wear is commendable, however their style will vary greatly.

  • In order not to look lightly in business situations, avoid large, bright and elegant decorations. Stop the selection on a small modest pendant. Let it be elegant, rectangular or oval, with a few small stones. The abundance of crystal shine is also not for a strict dress code.
  • Do not wear a cross or other symbol from the spiritual sphere, your sign of the zodiac - these things are too personal. Funny medallions, for example, in the form of a butterfly or a cute kitty, are out of place for business. A lady with a similar accessory around her neck will not be taken seriously as an equal and intelligent business partner. If such personal decoration is very expensive for you, it is a lucky talisman, hide it under your clothes or remove it by putting it in your pocket.
  • The favorite for business ladies has always been gold. It will tell colleagues and subordinates about the well-being and success of the owner.

Before hanging an event, hang a horseshoe on the string - an eternal sign of luck.

For evening informal reception wear accessories in the style of classic or retro. Pick up to the exquisite expensive along the same elegant decoration. The chain should be thin, of precious alloy, and the pendant on it - large or refined, with sparkling stones. Let your image at the party sparkle and shimmer in the rays of warm artificial light, bewitching others.

To meet a company of friends, you are free to wear whatever you want. With close people you can not hide the hidden corners of the soul, expressing yourself in the uncommon, avant-garde decorations.
  • For wearing every day a good option will be a refined suspension of a small size. Something brighter and larger - for special, solemn occasions.
  • On the rest, decorate the neck with a pendant made of colored plastic or glass. It can be inexpensive, multi-colored or be a home-made article made of leather, wood, beads or polymer clay. Feel free to experiment with different shapes, materials and sizes.
  • It is considered wrong to take a pendant on the beach, in a sauna or pool. But this rule can also be argued. Beach fashion is perfectly combined with ethnic motifs of ornaments. When walking to the sea or on the beach in an ensemble with a swimsuit and fluttering in the wind pareo, large pendants with shells, sea stars, with pearls or plastic covered with mother-of-pearl overflows look good. But take care of these accessories, take off before diving into the sea depths.

Clothing plus pendant - the perfect combination

Choose an accessory in accordance with the situation - half the case, you still need to decide on the appropriate outfits. So we go again to revise the contents of the cabinet or boldly run after buying a new outfit to your favorite coulter.

  • For work under the suspension in a low-key style, wear a turtleneck, shirt or blouse with a closed neckline. This is the case when it is necessary to wear jewelry on top of clothes, often with a high collar. An exception is a rather short chain.
  • And here the pendants full of loose stones look spectacular and seductive in the cut of a feminine blouse or evening dress on bare skin. Is not it an option for another meeting in a restaurant or going out for an elite reception?

The color of the medallion can successfully blend in with the tone of your outfit:

  1. For example, a chocolate color blouse plus a light brown stone on a gilded chain. Or a red pebble on a rope and a pink tank top.
  2. The tone in tone is also an excellent option: a black dress and a stone of the same color in a silver frame.
  3. The full contrast looks also excellent: turquoise stone and beige dress.

Try to pick up the decoration to suit shape. Let the cutline line be repeated in the shape of the pendant. For example, to a triangular neckline of a blouse - a pendant-triangle or a rhombus, to an oval one - the same form of a medallion, to a round one - a round talisman. And then try to achieve the opposite effect. Focus on asymmetry and contrast.

Stylists insist that very miniature pendants do not need to be worn over clothes. After all, they are so "lost".Large ones can be placed on bare skin as well as on top of the fabric. Great looks like medallions on sweaters, jackets and even coats.

Determine with the style of

Once we decided to draw the most attention to the neck and neck, let the pendant become an independent decoration and differ in color and shape from the rest of the clothes and accessories. Only one style should be worked out. So we'll figure it out in style directions:

  • Ethnic style includes bead jewelry, large, often untreated stones, feathers, leather, wood, copper, contrast patterns, colors and their abundance. They are very good with spacious tunics, decorated with embroidery. On a white cotton blouse, put on a large pendant of multi-colored stones - and the ethnonym is ready.
  • The style of youth is the most extravagant. Funny miniature fruit or flower from polymer clay on a rope like a young blooming girl. Medallion with a superhero - a daring rebel. Lovers are the romantic halves of a steel heart or the halves of yin and yang. Gothic beauty - a large cross of silver with inlay from black stones.
  • Elegant style - for serious, adult ladies: the most expensive metals and stones, and to them - clothes of classic cut.

In the fashion of 2017, individuality and extravagance reign. Buy accessories in your style, but follow a few tips to be in the trend:

  1. Look at the long chains: they are chic complete with clothes of any length and loose cut.
  2. Create multilayered compositions from several chains with pendants and necklaces made of beads;wear them to the summer top with an open neck and neckline.
  3. Pendant brushes - at the peak of popularity.
  4. The styles of vintage and boho are at a premium.
  5. Pearls are more valuable than ever.

Many people like and very relevant inlaid pink quartz. How to wear a rose quartz pendant? It is a translucent, pastel soft shade, so it will suit romantic people to lace light blouses. Effectively looks on a long chain and a black T-shirt.

Pendant secrets

Often the pendant is sold as a single item, and the task appears to select a chain to it. Follow this with several style rules:

  1. Do not take a chain of yellow gold to the silver medallion. In addition to the ideal silver, you can also stop on platinum or white gold.
  2. Chain and pendant should be close in price. A gold cross can not hang on a cord. On a gilded chain, it is better not to hang a plastic product. The duet of the chain and pendant must be harmonious in weight. To the chain with large links do not add a refined, light as feather ornaments. The golden rule: the chain is 2 times heavier than the pendant.

In the past, we tried to find a set of earrings, rings and necklaces. Now it is not necessary to follow this rule. The pendant has turned into an independent, full-fledged decoration of a woman. Exceptions are products made of pearls and diamonds, they can not do without a pair.

Give in to the spirit of the experiments, play with decorations:

  • Tanned skin with white or red gold.
  • Pale - pink or blue ornaments.
  • If you are a brunette, emphasize the appearance of emerald, amber or chrysolite.
  • Choose a pendant for eye color.
  • A short neck, make it slimmer by wearing an elongated pendant on a chain of medium length.
  • With short growth, wear short chains.

Stylists do not advise women with a magnificent bust to wear large pendants and long chains.

If the girl has set a goal to seduce a dream man, she can resort to one method: let the suspension be on a chain of such length that it will be lost in the cutout of clothes. Drawing attention to the chest, a beautiful decoration will emphasize the naked delicate skin.

Pendant deservedly considered a very liberal adornment. It can be any color, shape and size. Egyptian, Indian, African ethnic pendants fascinate with original color, and elegant keys, hearts, gold florets speak of the craftsmanship of the jewelers who created them. Now you know how you can wear pendants, but the choice is yours.

The new suspension can easily refresh the usual everyday wardrobe without special expenses, and in solemn moments make you a real queen.

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