Manicure with beige lacquer. Stylish options

  • What is the advantage of a solid manicure
  • Choosing a shade
  • Classic French manicure
  • Popular figures
  • Beige manicure on short nails
  • Decor elements
  • Two-color nail art

Beige manicure is simple and aristocratic. Its gentle shades add to the image of refinement and charm. It does not strike the eye and at the same time gives the hands a grooming and stylish.

What are the advantages of a solid manicure

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity appreciated the advantages of nail art, made in beige tones, today it is at the height of popularity.

  • The secret of its success lies in its versatility, because the beige manicure is equally suitable for creating both everyday onions and evening. Recognized classics will help out at any time, perfectly matching almost all items of the wardrobe, fitting in different colors.
  • Age restrictions, too, no, it looks great for a middle-aged woman, and a young lady who prefers a modest elegant nail art.
  • Undeniable advantage of manicure nude is that it looks great on nail plates of any shape and length.
  • Beige color is self-sufficient and does not need additional decor elements. However, just like other universal classical shades, it can become an ideal basis for exquisite nail art, opening a wide field of activity for stylists.

Choice of shade

The success of an elegant and attractive manicure nude depends on the right tone. Beige, oddly enough, is one of the few colors that offer modern women of fashion a huge variety of shades. This is a classic beige, and the color of melted milk, and creamy, and cream, and many others.

In such a variety, any woman can easily choose a suitable color for her color, which on her nails will look amazing.

  • So, girls who belong to the color-type "autumn", it is recommended to give preference to warm tones, for example, peach. Not bad will look and beige with pink or orange tint.
  • Representatives of the "winter" type are suitable beige with green and gray hues, coffee with milk, olive.
  • Color-type "spring" is all warm shades of beige, but the most advantageous on them are clean ocher and yellowish.
  • Finally, the color pattern is "summer".Girls of this type of stylists recommend to stay on the saturated, dark tones of beige.

When choosing a shade, you should adhere to the basic rules:

  1. The stronger the tan, the brighter the shade may be. However, the dark beige, including the greenish tone, will not look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Light-skinned girls prefer to choose milk, light options.
  3. The shade should match the color of the skin, but this applies only to glossy and pearl lacquers. If the texture of the coating is matte, then this combination should be avoided, otherwise the fingers will look shorter and thicker than they actually are.

Classical French manicure

Delicate beige jacket looks elegant and very stylish, but in this case it is also very important to choose the right shade.

In classic manicure, stylists do not recommend replacing white with beige and using too dark shades. This nail art will look unnatural and not quite neat. However, choosing a cream color or the color of melted milk is also not a very good idea, since there is an unpleasant effect of yellowed nails.

It is best to use beige with a pink tint, the manicure will look perfect and as organic as possible. In order to make the jacket more expressive, it can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, drawings and even piercings.

Popular Figures

Stylists often use a light manicure as the basis for creating a variety of drawings on it. Very actual floral, predatory ornament. You can apply a pattern to all the nails, very effectively looks an image made on one of the fingers, for example, on the nameless. And in this case, neither the length nor the shape of the plates is important.

Ideas for beige manicure:

  • black cobweb at the tips of nails;
  • curly creepers;
  • gold or silver placer;
  • noble lace;
  • French manicure, on the edges of the nails of which are painted various abstract images or hieroglyphs.

Beautiful and fashionable drawings on the nails can be done at home.

Beige manicure on short nails

Noble nail art in Beige style looks great both on long nails and on short ones.

  • If the nail plate needs to be visually extended, it is possible to resort to some tricks, for example, to apply ornament in the form of vertical strips and lateral patterns.
  • For everyday manicure, a gradient is suitable, in which a harmonious transition from a light to a darker shade takes place.
  • Evening nail art requires a brighter performance, for example, the main background can be sprinkled with small crystals or sparkles.
  • Ideally on short nails will look like a moon manicure - crescents of white color, located at the base of the plate.

Decor elements

Beige manicure can be decorated in the same way as any other coating, using a variety of decor elements.

Stamping and patterns of chocolate, coffee, brown, black and, in some cases, green, look stunning on the beige coating.

For bright expressive nail art, sequins are used, which should be chosen based on the color of the varnish. Cold colors are suitable for silver, for warm colors - gold or copper. Preferably give dry glitter, varnish or dense sequins.

As for rhinestones, the most spectacular beige manicure looks gold or carved, but the classic transparent is better left for other shades. They can cover all the nails, luxuriously and festively looks like a manicure, in which, on a strict beige background, one large strass shines.

No less beautiful on a beige-based look mother of pearl and pearls, which are combined with casting or different stickers. However, it should be noted that the combination of rhinestones, sequins and pearls looks excessively bright and can give the impression of a lack of taste. Everything is good in moderation.

Beige manicure, decorated with rhinestones, molding and other elements of decor, looks festive and expensive, but thanks to a universal basis is appropriate not only at a party or a solemn event, but also at work in the office. The thing is that on any other basis the brilliant elements look pretentious, but the beige background completely excludes it. With its restrained gamut, the beige muffles the pompous radiance of the iridescent elements, finding the golden mean.

Two-tone nail art

The bodily manicure is beautiful in itself, but recently the variants have become very popular, in which the beige is combined with other colors.

  • Exquisitely and stylishly it looks in combination with black. At the same time, the tone of the beige should be chosen especially carefully, so that the nail art looks neat and stylish. Stylists recommend giving preference to milk or cream shades.
  • Another great combination is beige and pink. These wonderful gentle shades will help create a gentle and romantic nail art. In this case, it is very important that both coatings have the same degree of density and saturation, otherwise one of the shades will be highlighted.
  • Brown and beige also look impressive, but it is important that both shades are either warm or cold. With a competent manicure, even risky combinations, such as beige with scarlet, orange and even green, will look great. The main thing is to combine beige with warm shades.
  • A win-win combination is beige + white or blue.

Manicure with beige varnish is universal, and it can be combined with many shades of color. Experiment and look for your option.


Beige nail polish on the nails photo MANICURE 2015 Stylish manicure, fashionable colors and beautiful nail design
Beige coat on the nails photo MANICURE 2015 Manicure ideas, fashionable colors and beautiful nail design
Beige manicure MANICURE 2015 Stylish manicure, fashionable colors and beautiful nail design
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