Cough is not an independent disease. It is a reflex attempt of the body to get rid of excess sputum accumulated in the bronchi. Cough accompanies any ailment, which is characterized by the accumulation of fluid and its difficult withdrawal - from a cold to heart failure, and causes a lot of trouble.

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Milk with butter is the first remedy to alleviate the suffering of the patient.


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The benefits of

Contrary to popular belief, milk does not reduce the amount of sputumon the contrary, it serves as an effective expectorant. What then is its usefulness?

Cough is divided into dry and with phlegm. And in the vast majority of cases, the latter is the best option, and for many ailments it serves as a kind of indication of recovery.

The explanation is the simplest: if the sputum is displayed, then the bronchi are cleared and work more intensively. The blood gets more oxygen, which, of course, is beneficial to the patient.

milk with cough oil

Dry cough means that the sputum is too thick and not output. Its accumulation, of course, worsens the patient's condition. In addition, this cough is more difficult to tolerate: seizures last longer, cause dizziness, greatly irritate the trachea.

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Milk - with soda, butter, honey and other things, promotes the dissolution of sputum and its fastest withdrawal.

Milk is a unique biological product with a very complex composition. Water, milk fats, proteins, milk sugar, vitamins and trace elements are found in exactly the right proportion that the mammal needs for growth and development. But, the truth is, this compound is designed to feed "your" calf, and therefore cow's milk for man will not be such an ideal mixture, but still closer than any other food.

The video describes the use of milk with oil and soda from cough:

  • Milk is drunk when the immune system is depleted or weakened .He can appoint a doctor if the menu of the child or adult milk is not enough. With any form of colds and inflammatory diseases, warm milk is an unflagging universal tool for strengthening and supporting a weakened organism.
  • Expectorant effect is provided by a high content of B and C vitamins of .Not without reason, aspirin - a known disaggregant, together with milk has a much greater effect.
  • The enveloping and softening effect of provides the fats contained in the milk. They reduce perspiration, burning sensation in the throat, relieve the syndrome of an "empty" provoking cough.

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In numerous recipes milk is mixed with soda, honey, garlic, but almost always the third or second ingredient is butter. Its enveloping effect is stronger than that of milk. milk and soda from cough

Oil calms the inflamed mucous, creating a kind of protective film. For colds, sore throat, inflammation of the throat, mixtures with oil are used necessarily. With bronchitis and asthma, when irritation in the throat occurs rarely, you can do only with milk.

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Milk and its mixtures with butter and soda are great for children, but not always suitable for adults. The fact is that the enzyme, which breaks down milk proteins and fats, decreases activity with age and can completely disappear. Accordingly, milk can not be fully absorbed. In such cases, the menu includes a variety of sour-milk products, but from the use of milk as a remedy will have to be abandoned: trouble with the intestines does not facilitate the situation.

Milk in packaging, especially long-term storage, does not have healing properties. The fact is that the product passes through the production of special heat treatment and loses its biological activity. Use it for treatment is useless.

The newborn has a snot and cough, but there is no temperature, which is what the content of this article will tell you.

Recipes of

Probably, in each family there is such a "grandmother" is still a recipe, which was treated for colds and sores almost at all times. In any case, rather ancient medical works, which have survived to our time, are considered in great detail, the methods of using milk for treatment. And, since the composition of milk in different mammals differs markedly, it was recommended to use different types of milk for different ailments.

In everyday life, they often deal with cow and, much less often, goat's milk. The latter is considered more useful - the content of B vitamins is higher, milk fat is more digestible, but the taste and smell of it to most of the townspeople is extremely unaccustomed. If earlier goat's milk was not used, it is not necessary to apply it at treatment.

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oil Traditional healers consider steam milk to be more effective, but it is almost impossible to fulfill this recommendation in urban conditions. For cooking it is used boiled, but not hot. Hot drink is undesirable, as it causes increased sweating, which is not always desirable. In addition, a hot drink irritates the mucous. hot milk with cough oil best treatment

In a glass of warm milk, add about 50 g of oil, dissolve and drink before going to bed. Drinking, among other things, improves sleep, and its emollient action ensures that there is no perspiration and burning in the throat, which prevents sleep.

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Sometimes the juice of a quarter of a lemon is added to the mixture with butter, enriching it with vitamin C. You can not use this cocktail: lemon juice changes the state of the protein suspension in milk - it sweats. And this mixture can not withstand every stomach.

With oil and soda

This recipe is even more loved by moms, since soda is known for its common disinfecting effect. Rinsing with water and with iodine significantly reduces the inflammation of the throat, and in the composition of drinking soda has another useful effect. hot milk with butter and soda from cough

Sputum in bronchi has a weak acid reaction, and sodium carbonate is slightly alkaline. Of course, the process that occurs in the bronchi with the intake of blood with a higher alkaline reaction than usual can hardly be called neutralization, however, the mucus is then diluted and discharged more easily.

The recipe is this: in a glass of warm milk, dissolve a piece of butter and ½ teaspoon of baking soda. To accept it is more preferable for the night, but it is possible both in the morning, and in the afternoon, especially if the patient is excruciated by a dry cough. You can not increase the amount of soda: the substance, when the dose is exceeded, acts as a laxative.

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With butter and cocoa

Cocoa butter is known for its antibacterial properties. With a strong cough, severe angina, it is also used as an independent remedy - a teaspoonful of tea three times a day, and as a means for chest massage, and, of course, as part of a delicious drink. hot milk and cocoa from cough

The recipe is simple: a piece of oil at the rate of 0.5 teaspoon per 100-150 ml of milk, heated in a water bath or in a microwave to make it liquid. Then put in warm or even hot milk, thoroughly mixing. In the drink, add a teaspoon of honey - and the most delicious antitussive drink is ready.

It needs to be drunk by day, as, among other things, the drug has a strong stimulating effect.

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With soda, honey and egg

A drink made of milk with honey for children combines the healing properties of two active biological products. Honey acts as a supplier of active enzymes and a shock dose of vitamins, and the milk envelops the mucosa and intensifies the outflow of phlegm. In addition, this drink is very nutritious and allows you to quickly restore strength. Milk, soda, honey and an egg from a cough

Enriching the mixture with a chicken egg and sugar makes it the best remedy for exhaustion.

Preparing the drink as follows: a chicken egg is mixed with a teaspoon of sugar, honey and butter, and then pour a glass of warm milk. Drinking is mixed - it should become homogeneous, and eat after eating.


  • Svetlana, 35 years old. Lipetsk : "Milk with honey and butter always drink with sore throat and tracheitis. And I sing singers. The eldest himself asks for milk with honey, and I personally screw up my eyes shut. But it helps. "
  • Karina, 28 years old, Moscow: "We drink milk and soda and oil for colds. It tastes bad, but works well, and does not treat the usual cold with antibiotics? We drink in the afternoon and in the evening, but after drinking it is necessary to lie down and wrap yourself in a blanket. "
  • Nina, 58, Ufa: "Since childhood I remember this awful cocktail - milk, butter and honey. And since childhood, I wonder why the food is so delicious separately, so terrible together. But it helps quickly. If the cough is also dry, then at night it is impossible to fall asleep - neither to the child, nor to the adult. And milk with butter very well softens the throat. "
  • Veronica, 29 years old .Svetlogorsk: "And I just love milk with honey. And soda does not bother me. However, during illness it is important to drink milk warm, which I do not like. But for the night - a great tool to sleep even with a strong cough. "

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Milk and butter, as well as honey and soda - are faithful helpers in the fight against inflammation. Preparing such a drug is simple, the ingredients are readily available, and the healing effect renders regardless of the patient's age.