Dresses for moms for school graduation

  • Dress selection by figure type
  • Combination with child's dress
  • Cocktail dress
  • Mom-Hollywood star
  • Other stylings
  • Costume instead of dress
  • Finishing details

Any mother to the graduation seems to be a very exciting event. On this day, she can watch her chick literally fly out of the parent's nest and enter adulthood. To adequately look at this event, my mother should approach the choice of her outfit no less responsibly than her daughter or son. Choosing dresses for mom at graduation, it is important to take into account a variety of factors and nuances, which, at first sight, may seem insignificant.

Choosing a dress by the figure type

In order for a dress to be worn on the final son or daughter, it should be matched to the figure.
For each of its types have their own preferred styles.
  1. The figure "apple" is characterized by slender legs and a rounded tummy with an indistinct waist. To give this silhouette femininity, you need to choose dresses with corsets and lush( or free) skirts, these options will give the female figure a harmonious look.
  2. For "pears", on the contrary, it is characterized by pronounced waist and rounded hips, but its shoulders remain very narrow. In this case, lush skirts are contraindicated, and preference is given to dresses in the Greek style.
  3. The type of figure "hourglass" is extremely feminine, with moderately expressed hips and chest and a thin waist.

    This silhouette allows you to choose any dresses, regardless of their length and style.

Combination with the child's outfit

The question of what to wear to the parents at the graduation party is relevant mainly for the mother. The pope, as a rule, has a beautiful suit for all solemn occasions. A woman will have to seriously think about this issue, because her outfit should not only please her, but also harmoniously blend with the image of her child.

Imagine that your daughter decided to choose a stylish pantsuit for your holiday, and you preferred a smart evening gown. In this situation, the surrounding people will have a feeling that the holiday belongs to you, not your daughter.

Or, for example, you go to the prom to your son who chose a simple classic suit, and you are in the image of a woman a vamp. This will look somewhat inappropriate. In short, the dress of the mother should be modestly modest, restrained, but still beautiful, and most importantly, combined with the outfit of her child.

Let's look at some simple examples. If a girl prefers a dress with a "mermaid" style in bright pink tones, then her mother can choose, for example, a Greek dress in the same color scheme, but in a more restrained color. To achieve harmony with the son's outfit, it's enough to add one repeating element to the images. For example, a guy can put in his pocket a beautiful handkerchief, and his mother - to tie a silk handkerchief of the same color to his neck.

Cocktail dress

Cocktail attire is one of the most actual as in 2017, and in any other, as it has not gone out of fashion for many years. This style has many advantages.

First, you can choose a cocktail dress with a long or short sleeve, fitting or loose, with or without a cutout and so on - lots of options. The same applies to the color scheme. In this case there is no binding to any particular color, so you can choose your favorite shade, whether it's burgundy, dark blue or emerald green.

Secondly, the cocktail dress is completely practical. You can be sure that this outfit will not take years to dust in the far corner of your closet. You will surely find plenty of reasons to put it on again.
  • The cocktail dress for the mother at the prom has a number of distinctive features. First of all, it is his restraint and classic appearance. In this outfit, you definitely will not look strange or too defiant, as it does not involve the presence of an excessively large neckline or open back.

Mom - Hollywood Star

If you go to your daughter's daughter and your girl chose a very elegant and bright dress, then you yourself can shine that day without fear of eclipsing your princess. In this case, the most courageous and brightest decision is the Hollywood style. Your daughter will surely be very proud if her mother looks like a Hollywood star that can outshine the mothers of all her classmates and classmates.

The Hollywood style includes a dress with a "mermaid" style. It is in such outfits that the stars of cinema and show business appear on the red carpet. Dresses of this style are long, catchy, distinctly fitting figure. If you decide to give preference to this particular style, critically evaluate your figure and ask yourself the question whether a tight dress graciously emphasizes it. If the answer is "yes", then you can safely proceed with the selection. Let's look at the key characteristics of the Hollywood dress:

  • Most often for this outfit choose fabrics with glitter - silk or velvet.
  • The shape of the skirt resembles the tail of a mermaid: it sits tightly on the hips, and the bottom, on the contrary, expands, freely falling.
  • The bottom of the dress is sewn from lighter fabrics, and the top is made of dense fabrics.
  • For decor and decoration are suitable all kinds of rhinestones, beads, copies of precious stones.

Other stylistics

If you still have not decided what to do at the prom to your son or daughter, let's take a look at the styles that will look at this holiday no less successfully and advantageously than those listed above.

  • Greek style implies a long dress in the floor made of light flowing fabric. Such a dress does not overload the figure, but, on the contrary, it profitablely presents it, even if a woman has a couple extra pounds. It is best in this case to give preference to traditional and noble colors - white or beige.
  • The dress in a romantic style will emphasize your femininity and tenderness. The distinctive characteristics of this style are charming lush skirts, sleeves with flounces or thin shoulder straps, a delicate palette of beige, white, blue, pink or salad tones.
  • Dress-cases are quite simple and comfortable, but at the same time elegant. In addition, such outfits are ways to slim, which is very important for many women.
The Empire style is very solemn. It was created specifically to emphasize all the virtues and hide the shortcomings of almost any female figure.
For dresses in Empire style, an overstated waist with a wide decorative ribbon and a long skirt in the floor is characteristic. Such dresses perfectly perceive the decor in the form of lace, elegant brooches and bows.

Costume instead of dress

Not all women like dresses. In this case, the outfit for the mother at the graduation party can be represented by a suit. It is best to give preference to a skirt with a blouse. You can complement such a costume with an elegant cape that will give the image a more evening and solemn look. A suit from a blouse or top with a skirt allows you to experiment with colors and textures of fabrics. For example, a set, the upper or lower part of which is decorated with a delicate lace lace, will look very elegant.

Trouser suits are less preferable for the graduate's mother, but if you decide to give them a preference, go to the choice wisely. The most important thing is to avoid strict and business style. Trouser suit, which is perfect for your work, definitely is not suitable for your child's holiday. It is best to give preference to clothes with a free silhouette, from light, flowing tissues. Colors should also not be too formal, it will be much more pleasant to look gentle and beautiful colors.

Finishing parts

When the question of how to dress for the mother at the graduation, is decided, it remains to deal with all the attendant trifles, namely, to choose the appropriate makeup, hair, accessories. Each of these parts plays an important role. Without them, the image will not look holistic and complete.

  1. Make-up, which you do for this celebration, should be moderately bright.
    If you chose a catchy lipstick, make up your eyes with neutral shadows. Conversely, if you prefer a bright eye makeup, let your lips stay in a neutral color scheme. Graduation of a child is not an event that a vamp style make-up will do.
  2. It is also important not to overdo hair. Give preference to the most simple, restrained and accurate styling. No jewelry for hair is not worth choosing, they are inappropriate in this case. The maximum that you can add to your image is a varnish with sparkles, but here again, it's important not to overdo it.
  3. Choose for your image a few low-key ornaments. They must be a minimum number. For example, earrings and a bracelet will be enough. Give preference to noble metals or high-quality jewelry, combining in style with your outfit.
  4. Handbag is a must for any woman. Of course, a voluminous bag will not fit for a festive dress. Only a small clutch is appropriate here. Put in it only all the essentials.
  5. If you decide to wear stockings or tights, they should not be shiny or bright. Brilliant drawings in this case are also inappropriate.
  6. Shoes should be comfortable and suitable to along. There are almost no restrictions, because everything depends on the general style chosen by you.

If you have managed to choose the perfect dress that you and your child like, you have successfully chosen makeup, hair and handbag, you will be able to fully enjoy the upcoming event.

Graduation is a holiday not only for a young girl or boyfriend, but also for a mother, so that on this day she must certainly be the most beautiful among the other parents.

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