Manicure, which lasts for a long time. Varnishes and methods of application

  • Use of gels-varnishes
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  • Coating with gel-varnish. All stages and technique of application - video training
  • Removing a durable coating at home
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  • Simple nail polish. How to save a manicure for a long time?
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  • An interesting novelty in the nail industry

Beautiful, well-groomed hands can not be imagined without manicure. Every woman who cares about her appearance, also follows the condition of her hands. Smooth, without flying off pieces, like a new lacquer - that's the dream of everyone. But how to choose a nail polish that lasts long?

Every woman who often does a manicure knows that running a household is detrimental to the condition of the painted nails. Washing dishes, wet cleaning, cooking - all these procedures associated with the use of water and various household chemicals, destroy the structure of the lacquer coating. The varnish begins to chip, which makes the appearance of the hands sloppy. How to make the nail polish hold on long:

  1. Of course, to protect your hands while doing household chores.
  2. Carefully handle the nails.
  3. Use a whole set of tools that fix varnishes and keep them long enough.

Using gels-varnishes

When deciding which means to choose, many women prefer lacquers, in which a gel is present. This varnish keeps on the nails for a long time. What are its advantages:

  1. The composition is almost the same as the special gel used for nail extensions.
  2. The application procedure is greatly simplified, the nails do not need to be ground and remove the top layer, thereby damaging it, enough polishing.
  3. Drying of a varnish is made exclusively under a special lamp radiating an ultraviolet, thanks to what such varnish longly keeps and has very presentable appearance.
  4. The composition of the product does not contain harmful substances that adversely affect the nails.

Women who doubt whether it is possible to use this varnish, it is worth to learn not only how long it keeps on the nails, but also about the benefits of such a coating:

  1. The product is safe for the body.
  2. It contains a complex of vitamins that help not only to keep the nails, but also to restore them.
  3. Can be applied to both natural and false nails.
  4. The consistency of the coating is liquid, the agent is applied in the usual way.
  5. Saves for a long time.
  6. Due to its composition it does not have a sharp odor, does not cause allergy, the coating can be used by women during pregnancy and lactation.
  7. Instantly dries, does not exfoliate throughout the entire application.
  8. Has a pleasant, persistent shine. Serves as a protection for nails from the harmful effects of household chemicals.
  9. Manicure with the use of such a coating can be done not only in the salons, but also independently.

Application of super strength coating at home

Initially care must be taken to purchase the necessary equipment for a home manicure.

  • Need to buy a machine for processing nail plates, equipped with special polishing discs. Do not buy professional equipment, a fairly inexpensive machine with a minimum of disks.
  • It is also necessary to have a device for drying the coating, emitting ultraviolet radiation.
  • Purchase a gel-varnish and a product called dehydrate, which is necessary for processing.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The nail plates are carefully machined using a grinding wheel with a polishing wheel. This procedure is necessary for the coating to have better adhesion to the nails and last longer on them. Also, the procedure will help to avoid the appearance of microcracks on the varnish when applied.
  2. After treatment, the nails should be wiped with a tissue to remove all the polished particles and apply dehydrate to completely degrease the nail plates.
  3. It's time to think about how to make nails. The product is sold in exactly the same bottles as normal nail polish. It is necessary to put the composition first on one hand and dry the gel-lacquer under a special lamp. Only then proceed to cover the other hand.
    It is desirable to apply the varnish more than once, but in several thin layers, so the manicure will become more durable.
  4. Drying time for layers under UV may vary, depending on the type of coating chosen. Data on complete drying are indicated on the varnish. You should carefully read the instructions, so that afterwards there is no question of why the varnish does not hold.
  5. After drying the nails, gently wipe the cover with a napkin.
  6. The perfect manicure is ready.

Coating with gel-varnish. All stages and technique of application - video training

Removing a durable coating at home

Removal of gel-varnish is a very simple procedure that any woman can do at home. All that is needed for this:

  • Liquid to remove the coating( usually sold in the same place as the gel-varnish).
  • Food foil. Do not waste money on specialized.
  • Multiple wadded disks.
  • Saw or grinding machine.
  • Small wooden stick for removing the gel base( available from the store).

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Initially, the saw blade or the grinder will lose gloss from the coating applied to the nail, so the varnish dissolves more quickly and can be removed without difficulty.
  2. Special liquid is applied to cotton wool discs and applied to each nail.
  3. After that, you need to wrap your fingers with pieces of foil cut beforehand.
  4. Disks with liquid should be on the nail plates for a while( usually indicated by the manufacturer on the varnish), but not longer than ten minutes.
  5. After the discs have been removed, the gel base should be carefully removed with a wooden stick.

Application of such super-resistant coating is possible without any interruptions, removing the old varnish, you can update the manicure.

Use gel-varnish is not only useful for nails, but also beneficial. Once spent on the necessary equipment and supplies, you can always have a manicure, which not only lasts long, but also looks like it was made in an expensive salon.

How to remove gel-varnish - video

Simple nail polish. How to save a manicure for a long time?

Not every woman is ready to spend money on expensive equipment for applying gels-varnishes. Many remain adherents of traditional manicure using conventional coatings, arguing that the same color is bored for a long time, and traditional varnishes can be changed quite often.

But with simple covers, the question is always relevant, what to do, so that the nail polish stayed longer. Usual varnishes keep on nail plates no more than three days, and even less, after that it is required to update a manicure. But there are several rules for preparing nails for coating, which will help keep it long enough.

Correct application of traditional varnishes

For a manicure to please its mistress for several days, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Carefully prepare the nail plates before applying the coating. First, how to rinse your nails, using soap and a brush, you can use the old tooth. All contamination must be removed. If there is a stain on the nail that can not be removed with soap, you can apply a little toothpaste on it and rub this place, everything will go away without excessive effort.
  • Polish each nail plate before applying the coating, using a special nail file or polishing circle inserted into the grinder.
  • Remove the particles of nail plates left after polishing with a napkin, gently rubbing each nail.
  • Apply a special degreaser to them, which can be purchased at a specialized store where nail care products are sold, because dust and grease prevent the lacquer from sticking for long.
If you do not have such a tool at your fingertips, you should take advantage of the ordinary vinegar that is found in the kitchen of every woman.
  • When applying traditional varnish on nails, it should be distributed to the ends of nail plates, as if sealing them. With this method of coating, the coating will not only stay much longer, but will not exfoliate at the tips of the nails.
  • Apply the lacquer in stages, giving each layer a good dry out. Layers should not be thick. For a good retention of the coating, two thin layers of traditional varnish are sufficient.
  • When choosing a varnish, you should pay attention to its expiry date. Overdue will fly quickly.
  • When choosing a coating, you should only make purchases in large stores or with verified sellers in order not to purchase a fake.
  • It is more reasonable to purchase lacquers of well-known companies, because such coatings are kept much more reliably.

We paint nails with varnish correctly - video

If you follow all these rules and use only the goods of proven brands, then a manicure made using traditional coatings will last long enough.

An interesting novelty in the nail industry

Recently, more often you can hear about new varnishes, made on the basis of vinyl. They can be considered an alternative to gel coatings, but, at the request of manufacturers, are easier to apply and do not need specialized drying. The removal of such varnishes also requires no effort.

Vinyl lacquers dry quickly, ideally applied to the nails and held for more than a week, without losing a beautiful appearance. When purchasing such coatings, you should also purchase a set of tools necessary to create a strong manicure:

  • The very coating on the vinyl base of any color you like.
  • Colorless finish coating of the same company, which not only protects and strengthens the varnish, but also gives an unrivaled shine to manicure.
  • Special tool for degreasing nail plates.
  • Remover for manicure, suitable for vinyl varnishes. Very often manufacturers offer to remove manicure by the same means that serves for degreasing nails. Strangely enough, this method gives a very good result.

This varnish is applied very easily:

  1. First, nail plates are prepared, as with traditional coatings.
  2. The next step is a mandatory degreasing with a special tool.
  3. Color coating is applied to the nail plates in two layers, the time between drying them is minimal.
  4. A top coat is applied from above, which seals the substrate, preventing varnish from peeling off. The finish coat not only fixes, but also gives the manicure gloss.
  5. The time for complete drying does not exceed several minutes.

Even after a few days, this manicure remains fully preserved, simply growing together with the nail plates. Removing vinyl lacquer is simple: it is removed, like traditional coatings.

Any varnish, put in the right way, will please your mistress for a long time. Related Videos:

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