Streptococcal throat infection is a complex of diseases, the development of which was influenced by streptococcal infection. Presented bacteria live in the throat even in a healthy person. But if there is any unfavorable factor, streptococci become more active, which leads to the development of the inflammatory process. Similar throat diseases can have specific differences with regard to the type of localization and are characterized by a certain symptomatology.


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strep throat infection

flow streptococcal infection can occur in two ways:

  1. Without pronounced clinical .In this case, the patient does not feel strangulation of the condition, but can infect others.
  2. Manifesto .The pathological process has a pronounced clinical picture.

The symptoms of streptococcal throat are very similar to the symptoms of angina, which occurred when other pathogens were affected.

The infectious process manifests itself as follows:

  1. The onset is acute, general weakness and pain in the head are noted. This state indicates that there is a rapid spread of toxins throughout the body.
  2. The temperature rise to the mark of 39-40 degrees. Thus the person feels a fever and a chill. This condition is very dangerous, so it's important to start treatment in time.
  3. Painful sensations in the throat, edema of the tonsils due to the development of inflammatory puffiness.
  4. Enlargement of lymph nodes, as a response to an incoming infection.
  5. Rashes on the skin, which has a dark red color. This is a distinctive feature of scarlet fever. It should be attributed to the bright crimson color of the tongue.

In the video, streptococcal infection in the throat:

In a patient who has not yet reached the age of 3, a throat lesion with streptococci may differ by a more flattened clinical picture. In this case, he has a runny nose, nasal congestion, a slight increase in temperature, a slight reddening of the throat. This suggests that the child's immunity has not yet been formed and can not give a powerful rebuff while activating the infectious process.

Types of

There are about 100 species of streptococci, each with its own pathogenicity. For the convenience of the bacteria under consideration, taking into account the type of hemolysis of erythrocytes, three main groups can be distinguished:

  1. Alpha streptococci.
  2. Beta streptococci.
  3. Gamma streptococci.

Threat to the throat carries and a serious microorganism, like golden streptococcus. It is also called areus. This type of pathogen leads to the development of numerous diseases of the organs and systems of the body. The symptomatology of it is very similar to streptococcus.

Treatment in children

Therapeutic measures to eliminate streptococcal infection in small patients include medicines and folk remedies.


Given the severity of the pathological process, a child may be prescribed antibiotics and immunotherapy. As for antibacterial drugs, the most commonly used drugs are the penicillin series:

  • Ampicillin;


  • Benzylpenicillin;


  • Bicillin-3;
  • Bicillin-5.

In the development of an allergic reaction to penicillin antibiotics prescribe drugs erythromycin.

In addition, the child must drink 3 liters of liquid per day.thus, it will be possible to drive toxins from the body. And it does not have to be water. You can use mors, tea and juice. In the regimen of treatment, vitamin C. is necessarily administered. It helps to strengthen the immune system and remove toxins.

On video treatment of streptococcal infection in the throat of children:

Folk remedies

With the help of non-traditional drugs, one can increase immunity and reduce the inflammatory process. For these purposes, you can use the following recipes:

  1. Propolis .This plant copes effectively with many diseases. All that is required is simply to chew it in pieces for 5 minutes 3 times a day. And here is how the treatment of bronchitis with propolis is described in this article.


  2. For rinsing the you can use a decoction from the string, which should be mixed with the willow bark or beet pulp. But how does the throat rinse with chlorophyllipt in angina, will help understand this article.

    Decoction of the turn

  3. To facilitate the well-being of it is possible with the help of a healing drink made of wild rose, cranberry and raspberry. Take it costs 3 times a day.
  4. You can eat apricot puree 2 times a day. This kind of therapy is not only useful, but also pleasant.

Taking folk remedies in the treatment of streptococcal infection, it is necessary to understand that they alone can not solve the problem. Help to alleviate the condition and get rid of bacteria is possible only with the help of complex therapy.

the child has a white touch in his throat Why the child has a white coating in the throat and what means, including medicinal ones, can get rid of this problem.

And here's how to treat white plaque on the throat and what is worth using, will help to understand this information.

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How to get rid of sore throat without temperature,in this article.

Adult therapy

Adults when treating strep throat infection should be guided by a doctor's recommendation.

Antibiotic therapy

Antibiotic drugs should be prescribed by a doctor. At the same time, he must take into account the fact that some streptococci have a persistent immunity to antibiotics. Dosage of the drug is carried out taking into account the age and weight of the patient.

To stop streptococci, you can use antibiotics penicillin series. They can be presented in the form of tablets or injections. Thanks to them, it is possible to destroy the bacterial walls at the cellular level.

Therapeutic measures include such drugs:

  • Benzylpenicillin;

    Benzylpenicillin for Injection

  • Bicillin( -3, -5);
  • Amoxiclav( and what is better to use with angina Amoxiclav or Sumamed, will help to understand this article)
  • Flemoxin Solutab with angina.

The following antibiotics that successfully cope with the infection are cephalosporins. They are able to influence bacteria that are located in the stage of growth and reproduction.

Effective are the following drugs:

  1. Cefuroxime-aksetin;
    cefuroxime aksetin


  2. Ceftazidime( Fortum).

If, due to the allergy, the antibiotics can not be used, the doctor decides on the appointment of macrolides:

  • Oleandomycin;
  • Erythromycin.

Symptomatic therapy

In order to arrest unpleasant symptoms of streptococcal infection in the throat, the patient should adhere to the following measures:

  1. Use of antipyretic drugs .To reduce the temperature can apply Nurofen( and here's how to use Nurofen with ear pain in a child, will help understand this article).It can be presented in a format of syrup or candles.


  2. Abundant drink. This will reduce intoxication.
  3. Use of pastilles and sprays to reduce pain and perspiration.
  4. Rinse throat with antiseptics.

With streptococcal infection in the throat, a person has severe pain. She does not allow the patient to eat, drink and do their own things normally. Treatment of this pathological process boils down to stopping pathogenic microorganisms and unpleasant symptoms. For this reason, treatment should be an integrated approach.