Thermopsis is a cough-and-vegetable cure that comes in the form of tablets and has been in demand for many years. Nowadays, pharmacies offer a variety of cough remedies, but Thermopsis is also popular, as it effectively fights the disease. And, importantly, it does not contain chemical additives.


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The healing properties of

tablets with thermopsis instruction

Cough tablets Thermopsis consists of two components - thermopsis and soda

The attentive consumer, when buying medicines, always readsinformation on the package. This cough remedy consists of two components - thermopsis and soda. The tablets do not use dyes, additives and chemical ingredients, so the drug is a natural medicine.

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Lancet thermopsis has long been used by humans as a means of coughing up with all kinds of colds. This herb in large quantities can be found on Siberian lands, it "loves" solonetsous and sandy soils in lowlands, as well as hills and sown fields.

thermpsys lancet tablets against cough instructions The drug in the human body acts in this way:

  • enhances the secretion of mucus and bronchial muscle tone;
  • increases the work of the ciliary epithelium;
  • enhances the breathing process, which affects the rate of sputum excretion.

When a patient uses thermopsis from a cough, it quickly absorbs it in the stomach and intestines, after which it enters the bloodstream, and then finds itself in the bronchi and trachea and affects their mucous irritatingly. This process causes a reflex cough.

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The use of the drug Thermopsis enhances breathing and the activity of the epithelium enveloping the bronchi from the inside, which contributes to expectoration and rapid removal of sputum.

The second ingredient in tablets is soda, which helps to significantly reduce the viscosity of phlegm, so that it frees up the respiratory tract faster. And this contributes to a speedy recovery.

Indications for use

After reading the article it becomes clear what to give the child with a wet cough.

how to drink tablets from a cough with thermopsis

Tablets with thermopsis are effective for dry and moist cough

The use of the drug Thermopsy is carried out with a damp cough, when difficulties are encountered with the withdrawal of viscous sputum, as well as with a dry cough, when it is necessary to turn it into a productive cough. This situation can occur with symptoms of acute bronchitis, pneumonia and other colds.

How to use

pills for cough with thermopsis to children The drug is available in the form of tablets containing 6.7 mg of sodium hydrogen carbonate and 260 mg of herbs of thermopsis. The doctor appoints pills to adult patients for 4 to 6 days, one tablet three times during the day. Babies who have not yet reached the age of two, tablets should be replaced with infusion of the thermopsis herb or other folk remedies against dry cough for children . The infusion of thermopsis is given to the children 3 times throughout the day by 1/2 teaspoon. After three years of age, increase the dosage to an incomplete teaspoon, and to 11-13 - to one tablespoon.

Also pharmacists also offer a tablet dry extract of thermopsis in combination with milk sugar. Patients older than 18 years take it one tablet 2 to 3 times a day.

Doctors recommend consuming a lot of warm drinks to improve liquefaction and excretion of sputum.

If the patient takes adsorbents or astringent and enveloping drugs, this can reduce absorption in the stomach and intestines of the alkaloids that make up Thermopsis. Also, these cough tablets can not be taken with drugs that contain codeine and other cough medicines. This method will make it difficult to cough up phlegm.

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Side effects and contraindications

thermopsis with soda cough tablets

Cough pills with thermopsis have a number of serious contraindications to

Patients suffering from ulcer or individual intolerance of the drug components, as well as pregnant women and infants, this medication can not be taken.

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Like any medicine, Thermopsis has side effects, including:

  • allergic reactions;
  • skin itching and rashes;
  • shortness of breath.

If the above reactions occur, the medication should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

The undesirable effects of taking this medication may be as follows:

  • how to take pills for cough with thermopsis the drug excites both the respiratory center and the vomiting, because they are nearby. If dosage is exceeded, nausea and vomiting may occur;
  • babies do not know how to expectorate sputum, and this contributes to its accumulation in the lungs, this situation leads to the opposite effect;
  • herb has the feature of stimulating uterine contractions. If pregnant women will treat a cough with these pills, it can trigger a miscarriage. It's best to refer to other, safe grandmother's recipes from the cough ;
  • if the patient has impaired renal function, then he should not take more than two tablets a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening, so that the interval between doses is large;

If the patient drives a car or his work requires special attention, then the drug with thermopsis should not be taken.

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The cost of

pills for cough with thermopsis price The average price of the drug for coughing Thermopsis in pharmacies is 30 - 55 rubles.

Reviews of

The mother of five-year-old Taras, Natalia , says that if a son has a cough, she treats him with thermopsis pills. On the positive side, according to Natalia, there is a plant origin of this drug and an excellent expectorant effect, which is why recovery is faster.

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Veronica from Novosibirsk admits: "I have heard a lot about the effective cough remedy - tablets with grass thermpsis . But somehow did not really believe in their effectiveness, because they biased against the use of herbs for the treatment of diseases. But a friend who treats cough with two of her children with this drug has convinced me. During the winter cold, I felt the positive effect of Thermopsis on myself. Now I recommend it to others. "

In summary, it should be noted that the tablets for coughing Thermopsis should be used strictly adhering to the instructions, taking into account all contraindications and indications. This drug is a wonderful expectorant only when it is applied correctly.