Curls of short hair. Many ways!

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Many women prefer short haircutfor reasons of convenience. It does not need to be laid long, the hair always looks neat. But some regret about shaved locks because of the fact that without them it is impossible to make a beautiful hairstyle. The choice of options is very limited, the styling almost always looks the same. The output can be curls on short hair.

Looks perm most effective and stylish, she is young woman. Therefore, this variant of laying is invariably relevant. Another undoubted plus: the procedure does not take much time and does not require you to any special skills that only professional hairdressers have.


If you want to make curls on short hair so that they last longer than before the next washing of the head, the only way out is chemical perm. Previously, this phrase alone caused a panic and horror attack in women, it was terrible to imagine what the hair would turn into. Now the situation has changed: there are completely safe drugs that allow to achieve a lasting effect and do not harm the hair.

The basis of such preparations is alkali or acid. The first option will last longer, but the second is more secure. A perm on short hair is carried out as follows:

  1. The selected product is tested on the elbow bend. If within an hour there was no itching, redness, peeling, other unpleasant sensations, then the drug can be used.
  2. Then the hair is washed with a shampoo with keratin and is dried with a hair dryer until it is wet.
  3. Locks are divided into strands and combed.
  4. Strands alternately treated with a drug, put on curlers. Short hair is wound on curlers of smaller diameter.
  5. After waiting for the prescribed time, the head is rinsed with water at room temperature. Curlers are not yet removed. Then get a towel and apply a fixative.
  6. After a quarter of an hour, the curlers are removed and the strips are coated with a neutralizer.

Technology of hair perm - video

Hair curlers

The simplest solution used by women since time immemorial is curlers. How to curl the hair, using them, knows every woman. For short haircuts, small-diameter hair curlers are suitable.

With little practical experience, you can even sleep on them.

  • Before starting the curl, apply a gel or foam for styling and evenly distribute. Strands need to be separated more or less evenly in thickness, so that the curls are equally twisted. Then a thin knitted hat is put on the head - it is more convenient to sleep in it.
  • The longer you last, without removing the curlers, the longer curls remain.
  • If curls are needed quickly, wet strands are wound on curlers and dried by a hair dryer. Then the curlers are removed and each curl is fixed with varnish at the roots, applying it from the bottom up.
  • It's fastest possible to curl your hair using electric curlers, but you should not abuse them, because it's not very useful for hair. Wet hair wind on them and wait until completely dry.

Curling tongs

They are no less popular than hair curlers for short hair.

  1. First you need to prepare your hair. They wash it and wait for it to dry completely. Wavy and / or naughty hair is preliminarily smoothed with ironing.
  2. Then, apply a gel, foam or wax to the curls. But very little. Do not use lacquer.
  3. Immediately before the curl, each strand is treated with a thermal protection spray. Separate them so that the thickness is 2-3 cm. Extra prickly pins are pinned on the crown so that they do not interfere. Curling a bang, if it is, is strongly discouraged. It looks very unnatural. In extreme cases, you can comb it back and fasten it with a barrette.
  4. The longer you hold the forceps, the more pronounced you get the curls. But if you wait more than 10-15 seconds, you'll burn your hair.
  5. Each strand accurately unwind and fix with a varnish. To make your hair look more natural, first comb your hair with your fingers.

Hair extensions

Weights are designed to straighten strands, but also suitable for curling. To wind them you can only completely dry hair. They are previously applied heat-protective spray.

  1. The iron is set to the minimum temperature. It is usually around 150 ° C.
  2. Each strand, beginning from the back of the neck and moving along the spiral, to the crown, is clamped at the roots and makes a half-turn with a brush. In this case, it takes the form of the Latin "U".
  3. Do not change the position of the hand, slowly pull the iron toward the tips. The longer the procedure takes, the longer curls will last. If you hurry too much, your hair will only curl up a little.

Those who prefer even curls should repeat the above steps with each strand, keeping an eye on the angle of rotation. If you periodically change direction, the curls will fall slightly carelessly. When you pull the last strand, tousle the hair and fix the result with a hair spray.

How to wind curls on short hair with ironing - video

Curls with the help of hairpins

If there are no forceps and curlers on hand, you can curl your hair using ordinary hair clips. The algorithm of the action is as follows:

  1. The head is shampooed and the conditioner is applied. Strands gently soaked with a towel. Apply a little foam or gel for styling.
  2. Hair is divided into thin strands( 1-1.5 cm).The thicker the strand, the less pronounced the curls will be.
  3. Each string is neatly wound on the finger. Do not overtighten, you still have to remove the finger.
  4. Each lock curl to the head and attach it with a barrette. Spray immediately with water from the spray gun. When you wind the last, spray the entire head, then all the strands dry at the same time. Instead of water, you can use a moisturizing spray.
  5. Do not remove the hairpins at least 3-4 hours. Ideally, they should be left until morning. If you are in a hurry, blow dry with a hairdryer. But the effect will last no longer than a few hours.
  6. After the specified time, remove the hairpins, comb the hair with your fingers and fix the stitch with varnish.

Method with bandage

You will need a tight-fitting headband dressing made of cloth, rather wide. Since the time the wave will take a lot, start the procedure in the evening to leave the bandage for the night.

  1. Hair is shampooed beforehand, the conditioner is applied and dried to a light moisture state.
  2. Then distribute the foam or cream for styling.
  3. The bandage is worn on the head so that it completely lies on the back of the hair, not on the neck, in front - pushing on the forehead.
  4. Completely thin strands are twisted with fingers, then folded in half to form a tourniquet, and thrust the tip under the rim. The tighter you twist, the shallower the curls.
  5. Several harnesses are more convenient to fold together. The tips are thicker and better kept under the bandage. You need to start from the forehead and gradually move to the nape of both sides.

Another option is to wrap thin strands directly around the rim, fixing the tips underneath. Several strands can be fixed with a clip or clip.

Having finished the wave, move the bezel from the forehead so that there is no ugly red band there. In addition, this will give additional shortened hair an additional volume.

In the morning carefully disassemble the entire structure. Unwrapped locks taper with iron tongs or ironing. Fix the result with varnish.

Stripes of fabric

If you do not have anything at hand, and curls are needed, a knitted t-shirt or tank top is suitable. Cut it into strips 2-3 cm wide.

  1. The head needs to be washed and dried naturally until it is lightly moist. Then the hair is divided into thin strands.
  2. To each strand perpendicularly apply a strip of fabric and wrap around her hair, beginning with the tips. Imagine that it's curlers, act with them the same way. When you reach the roots, tie a strip knot.
  3. To get the curls, leave the impromptu "curlers" on your head for 20-24 hours.
  4. Then untangle the nodules and unfold the strands. You should get big curls that look very good on short hair.
  5. Do not comb the hair, fix the hair style with lacquer.

A wide range of equipment and hair curlers, among which are helpers, allows you to create curls even on short hair. You choose what to use: forceps or ironing, which give a longer lasting effect, or means less traumatic to the hair. But if you prefer the latter option, be prepared for the fact that the laying will not last long.

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