The tricks of the fashionable manicure of 2016

  • Popular shades
  • French chic
  • Mysterious lilt
  • Precious metals
  • Royal Matter
  • Prints and painting
  • How to make a fashionable manicure at home, examples
  • Gradient manicure with a sponge, video
  • Water manicure, video
  • How not to spoil the manicure

On the thresholdevery woman wants to be especially beautiful and elegant. Help in the pursuit of the ideal of perfection can be fashionable manicure, which will grace the graceful fingers.

What design, cover and coloring of manicure is now the most fashionable? What nuances can be added to the unchanging classics in order to breathe a spring mood into it? And in general, what will attract enthusiastic attention to you and allocate from any crowd? We suggest to understand together.

Popular shades of

All colors of the rainbow attract the eye and immediately give a good mood, because with the awakening of nature we ourselves want to become bright and fresh. Therefore, a well executed monophonic coating will never lose its relevance.

According to the forecasts of fashion critics, the main hit of fashionable manicure-2017 will be the delicate colors of Rose Quartz( pastel pink-peach shade) and Serenity( pastel gray-blue).Their undeniable advantage lies in their versatility: these shades fit almost every image and give it its piquancy.

Will not lose its position and fashionable color of manicure Marsala - a deep wine shade, will give refinement and nobility. He will also emphasize well-groomed fingers.

Will bring dreams of warm days and a sense of celebration for a long time already loved by all the summer color of the fashionable manicure Tutti Frutti - a bright pink shade reminiscent of candy "Barbaris".

French chic

A sample of refined femininity - a French jacket is probably never out of fashion. Moreover, if you think that the French manicure is an exceptionally white strip on the background of the natural color of the nail, then we should surprise you: today in the fashion variations of the jacket with the use of the widest color range and additional decoration. What marigolds does the "French" fashion offer?

A classic French jacket can look new, if you change the color of the strip or change the form of your smile that is familiar to you( rounding the edges of the strip).

Excellent will look like these options:

  • French with a delicate pink, lilac or peach strip.
  • Fashionable jacket with the addition of a small number of decorative elements, for example, gentle patterns or small pebbles on ring fingers.
  • A contrasting jacket, for example, a bright red or gold smile on a black background.

Reverse jacket - it's also a "moon manicure" - is the execution of a semicircular element at the base of the nail against the background of the primary color. Particularly impressive is the painting with contrasting performance( for example, a cold silvery "moon" against the warm background of the nail's color) or with the natural color of the nail, when the moon is obtained as a result of the master carefully leaving this area untouched, and painting the entire upper partnipple. Additional refinement to such a manicure can give pebbles along the rim of the moon or one shiny element on its peak.

The iridescent jacket is made using the classic technology, with the exception that the strips on each finger are made with fashionable bright colors. The main thing - to choose the right combination of shades, and then the manicure will give you cheerfulness and warm your thoughts about the imminent summer.

The mysterious overflow of

One can achieve the effect of the transition of one color to another, so popular this year thanks to such techniques:

  • Using the technique of gradient manicure.
  • With thermo lacquers.

Gradient manicure - this spring is almost the most fashionable - is a special technique of execution, thanks to which the nail immediately lays several colors, smoothly passing from one to another. To achieve this effect, you can use two images: apply a varnish with a sponge or use a special device that creates a second color deposition on the main one.

Thermal loams free you from such complicated procedures and help achieve the desired result due to the usual covering of the nail plate. The secret of their action lies in the components with special sensitivity, which at a certain temperature can change their color.

Depending on the properties of such varnishes are of two types:

  1. With a constant effect. This varnish, lying on the nail, as if feels where it is pressed to the finger and, accordingly, the place is warmer due to the circulating blood. And where the nail has grown, its temperature is somewhat lower. Depending on this, on the main part of the nail lacquer will have its main color, and on the overgrown edges it will smoothly change into a different shade.
  2. With a temporary effect, which is achieved by placing your hands in a cooler environment. Therefore, the varnish is able to completely, but gradually and therefore very beautiful, change its color, if you wash your hands, go to play snowballs or just go out without gloves.

Precious metals

Minks technology has become popular relatively recently and continues to gain momentum due to new materials and nail design options. Essentially Minx is a special foil applied to the nail, which creates a metallic gloss effect, so from a distance it may seem that your nails are covered with real gold.

Today, manicure masters, in addition to a single-toned coating, suggest using additional prints on an unchanged background of metallic, which can create the effect of an ancient pattern similar to those applied to ancient gold products.

Royal Materia

Mantles for crowned persons were sewed from luxurious velvet. Now, separate inserts in the fashion manicure of this noble fabric can give its owner a truly royal chic. The technique of velvet manicure is that the master performs one of the desired options for painting the nail, and instead of applying to the corresponding area of ​​the varnish, a small velvet shred is placed there. Despite its size, velvet vstavochka always attracts attention.

Prints and painting

By unanimous assurance of the stylists, 2017year will be held under the sign of naturalness, so sophisticated ornate patterns and rapacious prints on the nails are offered to leave for a contest of complex drawings. The same fashionable cover will be made using light accents and unobtrusive patterns.

Lovers adorning the marigolds have long known that once popular hand-painted practical is not used, now it is replaced with auxiliary accessories for manicure in the form of special seals. The technique of using them is very simple and convenient: the seal is covered with the desired color, better if contrasting to the main one, and gently presses against the nail plate. As a result, a nail is painted with a varnish, but without special efforts.

How to make a fashionable manicure at home, examples of

Women rarely undertake self-painting, fearing its complexity, so they limit themselves to fashionable monochrome manicure. In fact, in most cases, to make the original cover of the house is not difficult. Knowing certain tricks, you will successfully decorate your marigolds without spending much effort.

So, what is the power of every girl?

Gradient manicure.

Providing a beautiful color transition is actually very simple. It is enough to buy a special apparatus capable of spraying a varnish of another shade onto the already painted nail. Thanks to this device, you can independently change the intensity of application and the color scale on the nail. The device is suitable for use both conventional and gel-varnishes.

If such a purchase is not included in your plans, you can perform a gradient manicure thanks to a regular sponge, which one after another is applied with a strip of varnish, the colors of which you have chosen.

Gradient manicure with sponge, video

The sponge is pressed against the nail, as a result of which an imprint appears on the plate with a diffuse transition from one color to another. For a dense intensive coating, the procedure should be repeated 3-5 times, after which it is applied over the fixer and gently wipe the leftover varnish from the skin around the nail. This technique is suitable for the use of conventional varnishes.

Intricate patterns

Make such a fashionable manicure at home and cover the nail with patterns of complicated, seemingly lines, in fact, it's easier than ever. It is enough just to have at hand a small bowl or even a jam outlet.

In the dishes water is poured into the middle and on it one by one drips a little different varnishes. Due to the different density and structure, the varnish in the water does not sink and does not mix, but spreads over the surface. Touching the nail plate to the lacquer spot on the surface, you get the original stains throughout the nail. After drying the result, the nail should be covered with a fixer and remove the leftovers from the skin. The technique is suitable for the use of conventional varnishes.

Water manicure, video

Seals and flowers

Prints for any fantasy, previously performed by hand, today are presented in the form of excellent quality of stickers and seals with patterns. Among them, you can find anything you like, from animal-plant subjects to logos of well-known brands. The main principle of applying prints is as follows:

  1. Cover the nail with the main color and slightly dry it.
  2. Gently with the help of tweezers on the plate put nakleechka, which is tightly pressed, starting from the center, so as not to miss the air under it. Or to the nail press is pressed, the pattern of which is painted with a varnish of a different color.
  3. After this the nail is covered with a fixer.

It is also possible to use additional decorations along with prints: nail decoration with sequins, sprinkling with manicure sand, etc. This decoration can be done using both conventional and gel-varnishes. And patterns on seals are also suitable for nails.

How not to spoil the manicure

Sometimes our efforts go wrong and the dreams of beautiful nails are postponed indefinitely. What you need to do to ensure that your manicure has always been ideal?

  1. Have enough time to perform the coating. After all, there is nothing more dangerous than rushing, and not enough dried nails with any careless movement can turn into a colored mash.
  2. Use only fresh varnishes. Long stored product eventually thickens, which leads to disastrous results: due to the fact that it lies down in a thick layer, the usual varnish dries long and does not last long, and gel-varnishes for this reason are covered with air bubbles during drying. In any case, it will look awful.
  3. Note the special fixers for the tips of the nails, which are applied before painting and prevent lacquering around the edges.
  4. Always remember the sense of proportion: too bright and flashy paintings create a vulgar effect.

We talked about what kind of manicure is now fashionable and how to achieve the desired effect at home. We hope that the article will be useful and your fingers will always be perfect!

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