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  • Gentle way to the prom: the basics and nuances of creating
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  • Unusual and original versions

Look your own graduation flawlessly, standing out from the crowd identically dressed schoolchildren - about such a dream, perhaps,every eleventh-grade student, but not everyone succeeds in this endeavor. The basis of a fashionable image on the graduation should be a dress, but it is not worth forgetting about other details of onions. How to assemble a unique image that will turn out to be fashionable and bright at the same time?

Gentle way to the prom: the basics and nuances of creating

course at school proms excessive demonstration of sexuality is discouraged, and do not particularly want to schoolgirls wearing very revealing outfits. That's why the popularity is balanced, gentle images, based on dresses of all shades of white, beige and pink.

Create an image that is as gentle and romantic as possible, simple, and here you should pay special attention to choosing a dress. What kind of outfit would fit optimally into the image of a vulnerable and romantic person?

  1. The girls, who want to create sophisticated gentle way, particularly advantageous to look Cocktail Dresses style baby doll with an expanding skirt.
  2. You can think about choosing a costume with a length of maxi, which will emphasize the chastity and elegance of the girl.
  3. A graduate can give preference to a straight cut dress with a length just below the knee.

It is these variants of graduation dresses that are considered the most popular, and they are used to create an inimitable gentle image.

  • The girl should prefer shoes on a small heel or on a medium-sized platform. If you chose a white dress, you should pick up shoes light pink or beige, adding it with a handbag in the tone. Excellent in combination with white outfits look light yellow shoes, adding to the image of some youth freshness.
  • It is better to refuse large jewelry in favor of a simple necklace of pearls. Also, it should not be difficult with a hairdo, because with such a romantic way, curls look best. Add a hair girl can a few colors, which will make her image even more spiritualized, literally angelic.
If the girl has appetizing forms, then she should avoid using short dresses, making a choice in favor of the Greek style. A pleated skirt with numerous folds will hide the extra pounds, adding the appearance of the girl a little romantic detachment.

When creating a gentle way on the outlet should be avoided wedding dress, as a mixture of two different subjects celebrations can lead to the fact that the girl herself would feel uncomfortable in such a grandiose costume.

Retro image on the graduating

In 2017, many designers made a curtsey in favor of retro-images with traditional elements of style, characteristic of the 50-60's. Following the example of fashion creators, the young lady can also create for the prom evening an interesting bow with notes of a retro.

It all depends on the chosen era. So, for example, if a girl likes the style of the 1920s, she should choose a shiny dress in the floor, supplemented by a small hat of contrasting color with a veil. Perhaps, this image will seem too pretentious, but it certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. You can also create a retro image with the following dresses:

  • A-silhouette models with a skirt length to the middle of the boot( such outfits were popular in the 50's);
  • dresses are free cut with a geometric print to the knee, which became a symbol of the 60's;
  • is a short model with a variety of pawns that embody the era of disco.
When creating an image inspired by the fashion of the past, details and numerous nuances are very important. So, for example, to create a retro-style in the style of the 50's, the girl needs to put her hair in a high beam or use a hairstyle for a babette. Shoes must be modest and maximally feminine, for example, fit shoes with small heels without additional decorative elements.

The image for the graduation party in the style of the 60's should be a little more daring. So, for example, a girl can combine her free dress with sandals on a wedge and earrings in the form of large multi-colored rings made of plastic. To inspire when creating such a bow you need the appearance of the famous Twiggy.

It is important that the whole appearance seemed harmonious, and the individual elements of the wardrobe did not contradict each other. If a girl creates a bow in the style of Hollywood divas of the 1920s, she should choose a dramatic dress on the floor, complementing his hairstyle from the large waves that are perfectly laid strand to the strand. Such an image does not tolerate an excessive decorative decoration, so the graduate should use from accessories only stud earrings and a small necklace. Shoes are best to choose on a medium-sized heel, feminine and refined.

This image in retro style may not be suitable for every girl, but it will definitely be original and unusual.

Image at the prom with cocktail dress

Modern fashion gives girls the opportunity to create hundreds of different images. There are a lot of dresses for graduation, and it's easy to get confused in styles, but cocktail models are the most popular. Such things allow the graduate to feel comfortable, they are suitable for any figure and correspond to the style of celebration. What cocktail dresses should you choose for modern graduates?

  1. The simplest dress without straps will suit those girls who are not afraid to over-emphasize their breasts. Usually the length of such dresses is higher than the knee, so should be supplemented with shoes on the middle heel.
  2. The models of cocktail dresses are also popular, the top of which is around the neck. This dress is suitable for creating an easy, it is possible to say, a careless, but elegant image.
  3. Girls wishing to emphasize their sexuality should choose a tight bandage dress, which will highlight all the advantages of the figure.
  4. Popularity is gained by models of cocktail dresses of a free style, which can be combined with shoes at low speed.

Each of the listed styles will be able to emphasize the beauty of the girl's figure, making the image of the graduate in her own way romantic and chaste.

Girls should avoid excessively short dresses, as well as cocktail models with a lush skirt. If in the first case the image turns out to be just vulgar, then in the second case it will also come out tasteless.

It's necessary to experiment with color in case of cocktail dresses, otherwise the image will turn out to be uninteresting and faded. Now huge popularity is enjoyed by blue, lilac, burgundy dresses, and also models of all shades of pink and yellow. The outfit itself can be decorated with paillettes and rhinestones, but it is worth avoiding excessive decorating, as now the modesty of finishing is in honor.

To complement the cocktail dresses with shoes and sandals with medium-sized heels. It is also not wise to be tempted with a haircut, since the outfit itself looks very simple, and excessive experiments with hair will make the bow controversial. Styling with light curls with fashionable now negligence is the best option for the final image, based on the cocktail dress.

Unusual and original variants of

The best images on graduation are created when yesterday's schoolchildren are not afraid to experiment with their own appearance. As far as the school event is concerned, from excessive flirting with naked parts of the body it is better to refuse immediately. It will be much more effective to look at the use as the basis of the image on the graduate of unusual clothes.

  • A girl can choose for her evening bow not a dress, but an elegant overall. Many stars now resort to using overalls of different styles on the red carpet, and it looks very stylish.

To choose is an elegant, tight fitting model that will add to the onion of sexuality, but will retain the outer chastity of the main star of the evening. You can complement the image with shoes on heels, as well as unusual ornaments. For example, a girl can choose a voluminous necklace in the form of a large chain, which will make the image even more original. Narochito simple hair style in the form of an ideal horse tail optimally complement the bow, making it inimitable.

  • Another original way to become a star at the prom - choose as a basis for your bow tuxedo. So Angelina Jolie acted on one of the red carpet tracks, making the basis of her image is not a classic dress, but an elegant suit, properly chosen for the figure. Create an image will be easy, because the girl just stop at the black trousers-dudochkah, white blouse and jacket black. If the look is supplemented by the maximum simple styling and shoes on the hairpin, the girl will instantly be in the limelight at the graduation.
  • Bright onions can be created and using modern dresses with asymmetric cut. This outfit can be long behind and short in front, helping the girl look romantic and original at the same time. To this dress you can choose shoes at low speed and a few interesting accessories( for example, earrings of unusual shape).

Each graduate is unique and interesting in its own way, which means that every bow on such a significant holiday should look original. Picking every detail of her future image carefully and carefully, the girl will be able to demonstrate her fashionable taste without looking stupid or corny.

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