Hairstyles with braids for short hair

  • Features of hair style on short strands
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  • African style - creative solution
  • Beautiful braids on short curls
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Beautifully intertwined curls look gentle and romantic. They emphasize the individuality and beauty of the face of its possessor. But what about girls who can not boast of long locks? It turns out that there are many ways to beautifully braid braids on short hair.

Features of hair style on short strands

The short haircut is very practical in everyday life, as it usually does not take a lot of time to pack it. However, with this haircut, you can look different every day.

Even on fairly short ringlets it's easy to build braids. In the creation of hairstyles, modern hairdresser's assistants will help: gel, mousse and varnish.

Means of fixing securely fix hair at the roots, not allowing them to fall out and disrupt the integrity of the hairstyle.

Out of short strands, you get magnificent traditional and ordinary braids, spikelets and mini-plaits. Some weaving techniques will add a short haircut of the missing volume, creating the impression of thick and fluffy curls.

Wet or wet strands are more docile. They are easier to lay in the right direction and create the desired pattern. The braids, braided on wet hair, will not break up so quickly.

The braids of long strands lie loosely and naturally. Such a haircut on a short haircut does not look so at ease. Making out the hairstyle, we must try to cross-move at a minimum distance from the surface of the head.

Tips from professionals:

  • braid of stale, tangled strands looks very untidy;
  • before weaving on curly by nature or as a result of perm, the hair is applied moisturizing mousse or spray;
  • if at hand there is no cosmetic means, you can go through the curls in a warm water comb;
beautiful accessory( ribbon, bezel) will not only beautify the hair, but also visually give it volume;
  • pulling curls too much is not necessary: ​​such actions negatively affect themselves and can cause migraines.

Hairstyles with false hair

The right choice of shade and texture of artificial curls allows you to make a very high quality weaving. No one suspect that in fact, the owner of the hairstyle short haircut.

You can buy such goods in specialized shops for hairdressers. The assortment is rather wide: synthetic and natural hairpieces of bright or natural shades.

Lining from natural raw material is slightly more expensive, which is quite justified. They can be curled, straightened, painted.

Artificial analogues can not be exposed to paint. At the same time there are more expensive heat-resistant options that are not afraid of curling iron and ironing.

Ways of fixing the curls:

  1. Special scallop on the tips of the curls. It is attached to strands near the roots. The device is masked by the hair lying above.
  2. Artificial strands are simply woven into braids if the length of their own hair is sufficient( not less than 15 cm at the junction).
  3. Special fixation clips.

For the first time it is difficult to properly attach the overhead curls on your own. If the haircut is very short, it is better to seek help from a hairdresser who will securely disguise the fixation points. On the shelves of shops are already ready braids, attached to the crest.

Stylists do not advise from the overhead strands on short curls to make out one thick braid. The view will be much more effective if you put a few smaller braids in a memorable hairstyle.

African style - creative solution

Braiding braids in the African manner looks superfashionable and bold. A hairstyle is created using artificial curls, colored fibers or a floss. Threads for embroidery take one or different colors.

Plus hair style is that for 4 months you do not have to worry about the styling. During this time, the strands will grow back, and the species will no longer be the same. These pigtails need to be untwisted.

Afrocosides are done for a long time. Since the whole process of processing 150-200 braids takes about 10 hours, it will not be easy to cope with such a task. The best option is to contact the master.

The professional will divide the hair into squares( side 3-4 cm) and weave special fibers as close as possible to the roots. Spit becomes as tight as possible. So they will last a long time.

A ready-made hairstyle in African style can be braided into a thicker braid, tied in a tail or a bun. She faces the women of fashion with the right features and an oval face.

Numerous pigtails require careful handling. Wash them with a mild shampoo at least once every 7 days. The foam is washed off very carefully for 10-15 minutes. The remaining remedy can destroy the hair.

From the hair dryer will have to give up. Under the influence of warm air, the hair will start to crumble, and the hair will become untidy.

Beautiful braids on short ringlets

Spit in the French manner

One of the most popular options. Having mastered the simplest of the methods, you can show originality and experiment with the location of the French spit.

Weave pattern:

  1. Carefully comb the strands.
  2. Separate a small part of the hair to start the weaving.
  3. Divide it into 3 bunches and begin to decorate the braid in the traditional way, tightly pressing it to the head.
  4. Continuing the work, then on the right, then on the left, add thin strands. This action should be repeated at every step of the weaving.

    the braid scheme of the French braid

The braid "Snail"

This is a very simple hairstyle, although it looks spectacular. A good option for little girls. Having built a "snail", it is not dissolved for several days. Hair from such a braid does not fall out and does not get tangled.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. From the center of the crown, evenly distribute the curls and carefully comb.
  2. Take a thin strand in the center. Dividing it into 3 parts, start the weaving. The spit immediately follows the spiral. In the process of adding a little hair from the outer circle.
  3. Tightly laying the formed scythe, gradually moving to larger circles. Strands should be added neatly, without vortexes, so the hair will last longer.
  4. The last locks to braid into a regular pigtail. Then it is masked under the extreme row of packing.
  5. The tip of the braid is fixed with an invisible.

Braiding the braid "Snail" for short hair - a video tutorial

Romantic "Crown" for real princesses

A versatile hairstyle that looks chic both at work and on a date.

Scheme of weaving:

  1. Carefully combed strands divided into 2 parts, scooping the border in a circle. The length of loose strands is 5 cm. From the rest of the hair mass, form a tail that is tightly fixed with an elastic band.
  2. Strands from the tail should be evenly distributed and lowered downwards.
  3. Starting from the ear, weave a French braid in a circle. To mask the parting, the pigtail is placed above it.
  4. Making out the braid, constantly add hair from the tail.
  5. At the end of the work, collect the strands in a traditional braid, fasten it with an elastic band and hide it inside the "crown".

How to weave braids to children?

Throwing a pigtail girl, it is worth considering that the younger she is, the easier it should be to have a haircut. It is difficult for a small child to sit for a long time and do not turn around while mum conjures a masterpiece from hair. Of thin and thin spikes, it is unlikely that beautiful pigtails will turn out.


  1. Take each temple in strands.
  2. Weave the traditional tight pigtails.
  3. Take them to the back of the head and connect them together, fixing the elastic band.


  1. All hair mass divided into a straight or oblique parting.
  2. Near each temple braid 1 or 2 pigtails.
  3. Slightly pull the strands, creating an airy effect.
  4. Close the braids in a spiral, forming the head of the flower.
  5. Fasten the "buds" with beautiful hairpins with beads that will look like the middle of the flower.


A good option for cutting with a straight bang. Behind the curls remain free, and behind the bangs look funny pigtails.

  1. At a distance of 2 cm from the slicing line, decorate 4-5 small tails, fixing them with elastic bands.
  2. Remove the rubber bands in turns, braid the braids and fix them again.

Spit on the bang

  1. Make the parting obliquely.
  2. Weave a scythe in French, adding strands only from the side of the forehead along the line of growth of the strands.
Given the length of the hair, the work is finished near the opposite ear or moves further towards the nape of the neck. In the second case, the hair is weaved from the top of the head.

Spit is a hairstyle that has passed the test of time. Beautifully braided hair will add any image of tenderness and touching.

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