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Despite the fact that many parents do not consider the end of the fourth grade a reason for organizing a holiday, in many schools it is held. And it is worth noting this day, although there are many years of study ahead. The children went through the primary school, did a lot of work in order to learn perseverance, patience, mastered the first knowledge. They deserve to be given a holiday. Moreover, if you approach with intelligence, then you will not need big financial investments.

Perhaps, the most difficult moment for moms of girls is to buy a dress at the prom for children. And it does not matter, 10 years old, 11 or 12, girls at any age have their own view on how a beautiful festive outfit should look. Parents of boys are easier: trousers, white shirt, tie - and the outfit is ready.

The organizers - teachers and parents' committee - will be thinking about where to celebrate and how to organize the holiday itself. Your task is to bring a festive and happy child to the holiday. If the second point of the daughter will cope and alone, then think about the outfit in advance.

Sometimes you have to break your head, so that the young Miss was pleased, and the dress looked appropriate, and the cost did not equal the price of an expensive evening outfit. In principle, nothing complicated in combining these requirements, no. Having thought all the parameters, you can safely go to the store or to the seamstress for a new dress.

Suitable dress models for graduation

Before you go to the store, where there are dresses for graduation for children, it is worth considering what style it will look on that day is appropriate. Choose the design of the outfit should not only be based on the preferences of the girl and the parents, but also in accordance with the theme and the situation of the planned holiday. Otherwise, it may look inappropriate, and the child will be banal uncomfortable and uncomfortable. So first you need to find out what the organizers plan to do.

  1. Any young beauty will tell you that the dress on the graduation girl of 10 years should be "like a princess".That is, with a puffy skirt, ruffles, flowers, beads and the like. In ordinary life, such a dress will not be worn every day, but the graduation party is a suitable occasion to feel like a beautiful princess. But such an outfit will be appropriate only if the organizers plan a classic graduation ball with solemn speeches and a feast. If there are active games, dancing or even celebration will be carried over the city, then the girl with a pompous skirt will be uncomfortable. She will simply lose the opportunity to participate in the fun. For this option is to find another option from the whole variety of elegant dresses.
  2. The following model is a compromise between the "princess" attire and comfortable. There are very beautiful dresses on graduation for 10 years with a puffy skirt, frills and everything else that is supposed in this case. But at the right moment, the gorgeous hem is simply unfastened, and the girl remains having fun in a dress with a short, comfortable skirt or in shorts that hid under the fabric. Of course, this option will cost a little more than a usual gorgeous dress. But so you can and please the little girl who dreams about the dress of the princess, and not deprive her of the main fun. During the solemn part, the girl will shine in all its glory, and when dances or games begin, the main skirt will be unfastened, and the daughter remains in a comfortable dress.

    Similar dress is quite suitable for children 11 years old, and even for older age - it's beautiful and comfortable.

  3. If the previous version for some reason does not suit the child or is too expensive, you can stop on a dress up to the middle of the roe. Despite the fact that such a model can not be called short, the girl will be comfortable enough, regardless of what entertainment the organizers came up with. Models 50-ies - the best example of this: festive and comfortable. Often such dresses have one skirt, sometimes with a poducture, and due to this movement they do not hesitate, nothing interferes and is not confused. Thanks to the same used fabrics and ornaments, this model will be really chic and will satisfy the tastes of even the most capricious woman of fashion.
  4. But do not forget about those young ladies who categorically do not accept long skirts and frills. Yes, among the graduates of grade 4, it is possible to meet such girls. Such children like short skirts and a minimum of ornaments on dresses, even if a grand celebration is planned. Do not panic immediately. Even these girls can be dressed at the prom is adequate to the occasion. Choosing a dress for the triumph of the era of the 1920s, you will be able to please your child. This period was just the beginning of emancipation, and even elegant dresses looked laconic and simple. A skirt that is just above the knee, an overstated waist, a simple bodice, and a bit of embroidery or embroidery on the fabric. This outfit will look appropriate both at a grand celebration, and during dances. And in everyday life there are many more moments when this dress is useful: it is both solemn and concise.
  5. Alternatively, you can dress up your baby in pants with a blouse, if she really does not want a dress. Do not upset your girl and make her wear something that she does not like. Satin pants and a blouse with ruffles, a beautiful hairstyle, shoes and accessories will help you create a suitable image for celebrating graduation.

Even these few options are enough to dress up a girl for the celebration of the end of primary classes. So, when you need dresses for graduation for 12 years or less, you can always choose a beautiful and inexpensive option.

The main thing is to take care in advance about the holiday dress, carefully think over the design and accessories.

From what to sew a dress to the girl?

Choose a dress model is not enough, especially if you plan to order custom tailoring. Sometimes improper fabric can spoil everything. Therefore, you should think about this moment, if you want your child not to pour tears at graduation. We will not consider such an option as velvet, although it is handsome in itself and can make a chic dress even the simplest cut. This cloth is heavy, which makes a child very uncomfortable. Plus, any stains from drinks and food will instantly be seen on this material, and it's difficult to get them out. Any children's holiday can not do without such surprises, so forget about velvet, if you do not want your daughter to look untidy.

  1. Atlas - great for models up to the middle of caviar. Dresses from this fabric look just great, they are not heavy, comfortable and in the heat are quite comfortable. But, again, the spots from the treats are instantaneous. To wash, of course, then you can, but during the holiday the girl can look somewhat ugly in a spattered outfit. As an option, you can sew a dress not entirely from satin, but combined with other fabrics. In this case, the outfit will be both beautiful and practical.
  2. Tafta is suitable for dresses with a skirt in the floor. The material holds the form well, looks great and at the same time practical enough. By the way, and it is inexpensive, which is also an important moment when choosing a fabric for a dress.
  3. Silk. A good option for the summer: beautiful, not hot, and any dress from this material will look great even without additional decorations. True, he also has one minus: the price. Natural silk is very expensive, and its artificial counterparts do not always have the necessary properties.
  4. Cotton and linen. These two natural materials are also quite acceptable for tailoring dresses to graduation. Many consider them to be simple, but with the right choice of the model and additional decorations in the form of ribbons or embroidery, the outfit will turn out quite beautiful. Plus, you get a comfortable outfit in which the child will not be hot even in the strongest heat. True, these fabrics quickly crumple. Especially it is famous for flax. As an option, you can buy a material with a small admixture of synthetics.

    Then the dress for the prom will be beautiful, comfortable, affordable and will stay in shape for a while, until active games or dances begin. But under such conditions, a little dress will remain the same for a long time, as in the beginning of the evening. But do not get too upset: cotton and linen are easily rubbed and ironed.

  5. Chiffon. By itself, the material is hardly suitable for tailoring the prom dress. But here's a blouse( if the girl decided to choose a trouser version), or some elements of the outfit can be made from this fabric.
  6. Fatine. Most often this fabric in the form of a grid is used as a podsubnik. It holds well even the heaviest fabric and creates the necessary volume.
    But there are some models of dresses, where skirts are made only from tulle. If your daughter is a fan of anything unusual, then this option will suit her.

Now it only remains to choose a suitable fabric, order tailoring, to choose accessories, elegant shoes, to make a chic hairstyle - and your baby is ready to celebrate the end of the 4th grade. Before the celebration of the graduation 2017 there was enough time to think through all the necessary moments. If you start right now, then on holiday your daughter will be the most beautiful and will surely remember this day for many years.

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