Congratulation for the class teacher at graduation

  • How to prepare a congratulation
  • Lyrics and nostalgia: traditional greeting
  • Live memory: congratulation-video
  • Original film about school life - video
  • Bright and fun: school skits
  • Unusual congratulations from the class teacher - video
  • Congratulations - creative report
  • Merry mix: congratulations to the young teacher

At the farewell school ball, the tradition of honoring your favorite teachers is honored. Graduates and their parents are trying to prepare a gift and a congratulatory project. For the years of the teacher's work see a lot of holidays, but every class dreams to stay in the memory of the class teacher forever. Will realize one of 5 kinds of original congratulations on a prom evening to the class teacher.

How to prepare a congratulation

Surprise to the prom is a creative idea. If you work on it hastily, without a preliminary plan, the congratulations will turn out to be patterned, boring. The best projects are those that are created collectively. Graduates and their parents choose a "think tank".It will include people who know how to write poetry, draw, work with audio and video applications. It is irreplaceable for a man with a "business vein," that is, who can profitably buy.

Creative group begins to develop the idea with answers to the questions:

  • What interests our class teacher?
  • To which age group does he / she belong?
  • What is the marital status of the teacher?
  • What are his moral, religious principles?
  • Is he passionate about the science he teaches at school?
  • What is he / she in character( serious, fun, closed, active, etc.)?
After finding out the answers, the "think tank" gets a kind of guidance, how to congratulate the class teacher on the graduation party.

Now you can select the type of greeting.

Lyrics and nostalgia: the traditional greeting

Many middle-aged teachers have a lot of conservative people who love traditions. Statistics show that teachers with a firm world view are respected most of all by children. Congratulations to the teacher of this type should be in the style of "school lyrics".This includes the installation of classical poems about the school and teachers, songs of the appropriate theme.

Accompaniment of live music( piano, accordion, guitar) with the performance of graduates or their parents will enhance the atmosphere of sincerity. If the teacher teaches literature or history, do not use the poems of unknown authors from the Internet. The subject teachers are professionals, "self-made" poetry makes them feel irritated. It is better if the children themselves write their poems, their relatives. Then the teacher will forgive the inaccurate rhymes, unsettled size.

Beautifully sounds in the congratulation to the class teacher on the prom evening melodeclamation of poetry to music. If you have to use audio recording, it's better to take compositions of famous school songs without words, the so-called "minus".A good alternative is to record the sounds of nature( forest, rain, sea).Modern rhythms will not cause delight in the teacher with traditional views.

Will complement the gift of congratulation - an album with photos in the style of "scrapbooking".It can be done by graduates or mothers themselves, as an option - an order to a specialist. In an artistically designed album, photos of memorable moments of class life are placed, from 5 to 11 classes.

Live memory: congratulation-video

Teacher of democratic style of communication will like a video film, specially made for the graduation party. This is the original congratulation, if there are people among the graduates who can mount the video. A simple set of video fragments at the gala evening looks awkward.

Having adopted the idea of ​​the video, the initiative group writes the script in advance. On one computer they collect an archive from video recordings of all students of the class. The "brain center" highlights successful videos. The script determines their sequence.

You can create a movie in chronological order, for example from 2009 to 2017. Or mount a video with a contrast of the past and the present.

In addition to the previous recordings, the film includes specially shot video interviews, sketches from the current life of the class and the teacher.

Here you need to follow the general rules of video:

  • Lock the camera on a tripod.
  • Move survey points from time to time.
  • Do not remove in motion unnecessarily.
  • Do not interview the opposite light.
  • Adjust the color gamut of the camera closer to the red shades.

Prepared rollers need to be mounted on a computer. Optimum for work popular in 2017, editors: "Video INSTALL", Pinnacle VideoSpin, Movavi Video Editor. A qualitative film has a title, musical background, voice-over, special effects, final credits. In style, video congratulations can be lyrical, humorous, documentary.

Ready-made roller is prepared with a "proprietary" box. The insert for it is drawn on the computer. It is important to come up with a bright name, for example: "Forever your 11 A", "Our most cool class".

The presentation of the project during the prom is accompanied by the opening speech of the graduates. The class teacher receives a gift - a decorated compact disk for memory. Sometimes such discs are recorded for each graduate.

The original film about school life - video

Bright and fun: school skits

Congratulation on the prom in the form of a fun show suitable for a teacher of any age. The main thing that the class teacher had a sense of humor, was ready for improvisation. The skit is a fun performance with friendly parodies of graduates and teachers.

  • The sketch story includes scenes from school life, staging songs, harmless epigrams, the performance of popular songs with transposed text.
  • Vigorous dances, lighting effects, slideshows from photos of funny moments of school life - these details will make the congratulation unforgettable.
  • It is important to consider the tastes of the teacher. For the class teacher-historian, a show with historical costumes is prepared, for the chemist - with spectacular laboratory experiments.
  • The cabbage must be short and dynamic - no longer than 15 minutes. Interactive moments are remembered for spectators: a game with a hall, a blitz interview. It is important to involve the class teacher himself. If he composes poetry, sings, plays musical instruments, you need to invite him to the stage. This moment should be planned by the script.

During the skits often presented humorous gifts, medals, certificates with funny text. For example: "The certificate confirms that Petrova Svetlana Ivanovna is the most shocking teacher in the world."

An unusual congratulation from the class teacher - video

Congratulation - the creative report of

Many graduates are grateful to the class leaders for the successes of the class, a life full of pleasant events. In the congratulation at the graduation party, you can sum up the achievements of the class. This form is called a "creative report".

If the class has a lot of interesting collaborations behind it, it's easy to create a report. Excursions, hikes, concerts, sports victories - the report tells about everything.

The form of the report is chosen as a class teacher. You can compose humorous poems and songs, create a slideshow of photos. An integral part of the congratulation is an exhibition.

Exhibits for the exhibition:

  • Photo albums.
  • Diplomas and diplomas.
  • Award cups.
  • Souvenirs from trips.
  • Crafts.

Each exhibit must be commented on from the stage. If the general tone of congratulation is humorous, you can pick up the appropriate items. For example, "Vasily Petrov's diary with the most comments" or "a fragment of a window glass broken by football stars of our class".

Preferences of the class teacher are emphasized by the design of the exhibition. For the biologist, they create a decorative "pedagogical tree", on which a part of the exhibits hang. For a writer a huge sham book with quotes from the statements of students. A teacher who is fond of tourism collects a symbolic "backpack of achievements".

Merry mix: congratulations to the young teacher

Sometimes the class teacher is not much older than graduates. Congratulations to the young class teacher at the graduation should be non-trivial, with elements of youth culture. The best option is the so-called "fun mixture".

Sample scenarios:

  • Friendly parodies by the type of cabbage.
  • Handing comic letters.
  • Funny videos.
  • Blitz-interview.
  • Funny contests.
Young teachers love the interactive part of congratulations. For example, prepared prepared "fortune-telling for the future", a game of forfeits, improvised skits.
Funny quizzes on the school theme are popular with teachers and parents.

The success of the congratulatory project depends on the fantasy of the authors of the script. A sense of proportion, a good knowledge of the nature of your favorite teacher will make it possible to create an unforgettable congratulation.

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