How to use false eyelashes

  • Selection rules
  • What are false eyelashes made of?
  • Types of false hairs according to prescription
  • Differences in the form of
  • How to paste eyelashes
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Long fluffy eyelashes are the dream of every woman. But nature has awarded such a decoration to not all the fair sex. Fortunately, anyone can make his look unique by using false eyelashes.

Some women who wish to purchase this product, refuse it. The main reason - the fear of mistakes in the selection and problems with the application. About how to use false eyelashes, will be described in detail in this publication.

Rules for choosing

Before you start choosing overhead hair, you should think in advance a few key points.

  1. First you need to evaluate the features of your own eyelashes. On sale it is possible to find eyelashes of different length and thickness. If natural hairs do not require special correction, then it is better to refuse from too voluminous models. Otherwise, the face will acquire a "puppet" appearance.
  2. To think whether eyelashes will be worn constantly or they need to be removed daily. If eyelashes are supposed to stick on for several hours a day, then it is best to choose ribbons or corners on a silicone base. Otherwise, you should think about building up individual cilia or bundles.
  3. Take into account your skills. If there is no experience in sticking eyelashes, then the best way to start is to acquire a model of silicone. Only when there is experience, you can, depending on financial possibilities, pay attention to more expensive natural options.

You need to think about the color of the eyelashes.

  • For everyday wear models suitable for natural shades. In this case, you should choose a color that is lighter than your own.
  • Eyelashes of a saturated black color, possibly with a more significant elongation, are suitable for evening use.
  • At the festive event, decorative eyelashes of unusual shape and color will be appropriate.

What are false eyelashes made of?

Like any cosmetic products, false eyelashes differ in quality. First of all, it depends on the material from which they are made. It can be silicone, silk or natural hairs.

Synthetic models of silicone are the most common. They have a number of advantages:

  • low cost;
  • does not require the application of mascara;
  • they can be glued several times.

Main drawbacks:

  • stiffness;
  • thick fibers at the base;
  • can not be tinted;
  • deteriorate when water enters.
Thus, even the best quality of them will not be completely similar to natural ones. The main suppliers of synthetic models are Chinese firms.
The best among them are "Buyincoins" and "Aliexpress Eyelashes".

Eyelashes from silk will look much better than silicone, although they will cost a lot more times. I must say that they also belong to the category of synthetic and are made of micro-polyester threads. Among the advantages of this type is:

  • high degree of softness;
  • the ability to tint;
  • great similarity with natural;
  • resistance to creases.

Silk eyelashes are mainly supplied from China, Korea and the USA.But the fact is that they are usually sold as separate cilia. Therefore, only a professional make-up artist will be able to glue them qualitatively.

Natural false eyelashes are made from two types of material: animal wool and processed human hair. This is not only the most expensive, but also high-quality material. This type of eyelash has a number of advantages:

  • light weight;
  • softness;
  • is a natural species;
  • possibility of applying mascara;
  • does not cause eyelid irritation;
  • are applied up to 15 times.
Natural eyelashes are usually made in the form of beams or stripes. The most common models are the following firms: "Andrea", "Ardell", "M.A. C. "," Kiss I Envy ".

Types of false hair for the purpose of

Currently, manufacturers of cosmetic products offer several different in appearance appearance false eyelashes. Each of them is called upon to solve a certain task.

  1. Individual eyelashes. This product is available in packs filled with single hairs. It is designed to make the natural eyelashes more voluminous. Fake hairs are glued individually in the right places, most often at the outer corner of the eye. The main advantage of the model is the maximum fusion with natural hairs. The disadvantage is the difficulty of self-adhering.
  2. Beams. This form of false eyelashes is designed to give natural hairs the maximum density. In one box usually there are from 24 to 54 fascicles of eyelashes of different length. For one eye, as a rule, they are required from 7 to 10. Eyelash eyelashes, taken in a reasonable amount, are almost invisible. Unlike individual hairs, sticking them at home is not difficult.
  3. Tape, or linear, is the most common type of false eyelashes. They completely cover the natural hairs.
    This model is used usually in those cases when a woman can not boast of the length and density of her eyelashes.
  4. Decorative, or feather, eyelashes, unlike previous models, are not designed to imitate natural hairs. With their help, a woman can create an unusual image, suitable for bright parties.

If the models for everyday wear are traditionally painted in black, then this option can be of different colors - from traditional green and blue to shocking golden and pink.

Differences in the form of

False eyelashes can help in solving another important task - the visual change in the shape of the eye.

  1. Belt eyelashes, whose hairs are the same size along the entire length of the base: visually widen the narrowed eye section, make the eyes more round and give a look to the "baby" expression.
  2. Linear eyelashes with hairs that gradually extend to the outer edge. Such an ornament makes the eyes more elongated towards the temples. Many women prefer this particular model for daily wear. First, such eyelashes differ little from natural ones. Secondly, they are suitable for everyday make-up.
  3. Tape eyelashes, very elongated to the outer edge.2/3 of the base is covered with two layers of hairs running in different directions. Starting with the last third they evenly bend to the outer edge of the eyelid. With this option, you can form an eastern incision of the eyes. But use it better for evening activities.
  4. Corners. This version is a shortened version of linear eyelashes, elongated to the outer edge. It is universal and easy to use. It is enough to fix the corners on the upper eyelid, starting from the middle, and the view will become much deeper. In addition, the undoubted advantage of this model is that it looks very natural and suitable for any make-up.

How to paste eyelashes

To create an attractive image, it is not enough to choose a quality model of eyelashes. It is important to be able to gently glue them. Single cilia build up yourself is not recommended. Therefore, we will focus only on ribbons and bundles.

Stitches for tape eyelashes:

  • With the make-up remover, wipe the eyelids and wait until they are completely dry. This procedure will help remove fat.
  • Pencil draw a line on which the silicone base will be applied. You can use and podvodkoj, but only firm. Liquid will dissolve after applying glue.
  • Remove the tape from the box and attach it to the base of your own eyelashes. If it turned out to be too long, you can cut it with a manicure scissors.
    The same procedure should be made with eyelashes of inappropriate size.
  • Correct the second tape, attaching it to the already processed.
  • Slightly tweak your own eyelashes with the help of special tweezers heated by hot air.
  • Hold the tape between your hands for a few minutes so that it becomes elastic. Then squeeze a few drops of glue onto the substrate and spread them over the entire surface with a thin brush.
  • When the glue is slightly dry, attach the tape to the contour drawn with a pencil and press it with the fingertips for a few seconds. You need to start from the middle of the century, gradually moving your fingers to the outer, and then the inner edge of it.
  • Then you should blink a few times. If you feel uncomfortable, you need to take a toothpick and check with it to see if the base of the tape has firmly adhered.
  • After that, glue eyelashes on the second eye.
  • If necessary, disguise the traces of the glue with liquid liner.
  • Full makeup with false eyelashes do not necessarily.

Beam Binding Stages:

  • First you need to determine which areas need extra space. Then choose from the set of hairs the desired length.
  • Carefully take the bundle with tweezers and dab it in the glue from the side of the hairs joint.
  • Finger pull the eyelid and attach a bundle to the base of your eyelashes. Fix tweezers for half a minute.
  • Remove the tweezers and slightly pull the bundle. If it keeps firmly, you can move on to the next.
  • Glue bundles need to be on the same places of both eyes simultaneously. Otherwise, asymmetry may occur.
  • To begin work follows from the outer edge of the century, gradually moving to the inner. That is, first the longest hairs are superimposed. One eye can not glue more than 10 beams.

How to paste false eyelashes( video)

Selection of glue

In inexpensive sets with artificial eyelashes, as a rule, already includes special glue. But often it is of poor quality. Therefore, it is best to buy it separately in a specialized store.

Three types of glue are used for eyelashes:

  • Black, similar to a liquid paste. Such glue is usually used in case if make-up uses eyeliner.
  • Transparent rubber. It is suitable for daytime make-up. Especially relevant is the adhesive for synthetic tapes that can not be tinted.
  • White. This composition is used to build up beams and individual hairs. Having dried up, it acquires transparency.

How to remove false eyelashes

  • First, put on the eyes of wadded disks, impregnated with warm water or infusion of chamomile. This is necessary for the glue to become soft.
  • The cotton swab is lowered into the make-up remover or vegetable oil and held at the place of gluing.
  • After that, the overhead hairs are removed with tweezers by pulling the edge of the tape or beam.
  • After removal of eyelashes, the eyelids should be treated with a make-up remover and a moisturizer.
You can not try to pull out false eyelashes without any preliminary preparation. Such actions can lead not only to the trauma of the century, but also to the loss of their own hairs.

Care tips

To use false eyelashes repeatedly, they should be processed after each application.

  • As soon as the tape is removed from the eyes, it is necessary to clean the remains of mascara and glue from it. To do this, you can use a cotton disc or a stick dipped in a makeup remover. If the glue does not immediately go away, the base can be rubbed with a toothbrush, dipping it into a soapy solution. Remove the glue from the hairs with tweezers.
  • When eyelashes are cleaned, they should be thoroughly wiped with a wet swab.
  • Put the tapes on a napkin made of natural cloth and wait until they are completely dry.
  • Dry eyelashes cleaned.

Thus, using false eyelashes is not as difficult as it may seem. It is enough to observe the necessary precautions, and you can enjoy a new way.

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