Blue skirt: with what to wear fashionable styles

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Trendy designers give each season a certain color that deserves special attention and it becomes a real trend. In 2017, it's blue and all its shades. Therefore it is not surprising that today on the catwalks you can see the abundance and variety of shades of this color, especially in such clothes as skirts. And this is very important, as on the horizon - spring and summer, when the girls with such a dress will be able to demonstrate their slender legs with might and main.

The only problem with which young people can face is the choice with which to wear a blue skirt. Still, such a bottom attracts attention and can even dictate the stylistic direction of the whole image, so the chosen top should fit in harmoniously and harmoniously with this duo. But before you start combining the blue skirt with other things, you need to get to know the models that exist and this season will be at the peak of popularity.

A variety of models

Thanks to a sufficient choice of styles, each girl or woman can find herself a blue skirt that perfectly fits into her basic wardrobe and perfectly sits on the figure, emphasizing all the advantages that are available.

The models that will be the most fashionable this season include:

  • pencil skirt, which can be with an overstated waist( reduces the hips and lengthens the silhouette);
  • short and slightly flared blue velvet skirt;
  • lavish medium length products from tulle and satin( emphasize the waist, hide the massive top of the lower body and focus on the thin ankle);
  • skirt-sun( model of flare with large folds);
  • is a long product consisting of a dense short piece and a dropping transparent;
  • tight-fitting model, covering the knees( suitable for girls with an ideal figure);
  • skirt-tulip in lacy frame.

Of course, this is only a small part of the styles in which a blue skirt can be made. But it is these models that will dominate in 2017.Therefore, girls who are important to match fashion trends, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to these models.

Blue skirt and dress code

For work in an office where a strict dress code is observed, the best option is a dark blue pencil skirt. To such a universal and practical bottom fit blouse or shirt in the following colors:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • beige;
  • pale blue.

Also for the business style, you can use a leather navy blue skirt of the direct silhouette, combining it with a fairly dense top: a smoked turtleneck, a light-colored shirt of a man's cut in a shallow blue cage, a large and slightly falling black sweater.

The elongated A-shaped model or the skirt-case made in dark blue scale, it is possible to connect safely with chiffon blouses and strict tops.

The following are the most successful and acceptable options for work:

  1. A dark blue pencil skirt filled with a classic shirt of a muted pink shade with a collar, a thin white strap and the same color a small leather handbag, skinny thin pantyhose and suede light beige shoes with an open nose. The image is rather reserved and disciplined.
  2. High-waist corpulent skirt with high cornflower waist, black cotton shirt with a triangular neckline and patch pockets in the chest, black classic pumps with a pointed nose and medium thin heel, and with a rectangular bag.
  3. A white T-shirt with short sleeves and a round neckline, which is framed by falling flounces, a dark blue skirt of a flared shape and a length just below the knee, Oxford shoes on a high steady heel of a saturated chocolate shade. To this side, you can also pick up a brown fitted and shortened velvet jacket and a three-dimensional bag-bag.
  4. The skirt-sun of the midi of a bright blue hue, a sky-blue shirt with white buttons, slightly unbuttoned from above. The sleeves of the shirt can be slightly wrapped up to the level of the elbow, so that the silhouette is more interesting. To complement such a kit will be able to dark lacquered open shoes with a heel and a gray neat clutch.
  5. Another strict option, not devoid of a touch of sexuality and chic, can be an outfit consisting of a snow-white shirt with three-dimensional sleeves and an elongated pencil skirt of very dark blue color and high waist. The image in this case is complemented by lacquered red shoes and the same thin strap, as well as a bright red miniature purse on a long chain.

Summer everyday options

Summer versions of the blue skirt for every day can be represented by a more extensive number of styles and bright, juicy colors.

Quite feminine and relevant this season will look long skirts in the floor.
If this product uses light, transparent and flying fabric, then a good addition will be volumetric jerseys and t-shirts of light color.
  • Pleated model in a large fold can be combined with classic shirts in a small cage, which are tucked into a skirt, or with jeans tops on thin straps. Such outfits can be diluted with accessories made in ethnic style, as well as woven sandals on a wedge or bright sandals on a flat sole. The main thing is to follow one rule: accessories should not be in the blue range, and a bag and shoes of colorful shades are allowed to apply only when it comes to a calm top.
  • Always a win-win option for summer vacation is a combination of a long skirt of intense blue and striped top. It can be a tight shirt, a fitted shirt or even a light, slightly transparent short tunic with slits on the sides. But here there is a small nuance.
  • To make the kit look like one unit and one thing goes on the other, the stripes should match the color with the selected skirt. Also in this outfit you can use the counterbalancing technique. This means that if it is a very fluffy and voluminous bottom, which can be flared, then it is necessary to put on top a product with a thin strip. If the skirt is long, but of a tight or even narrowed silhouette, then the strip can be wide. Accessories for such a set is better to choose white, turquoise, blue or red.

As for the shoes that are most suitable for the blue long skirt, there are several options:

  1. You can put lacquered open ballet flats in a light palette or sandals with two leather inserts and a small heel to the flying piece of thin fabric.
  2. The worn and pleated model will look best with shoes on a hairpin and a pointed spout.
  3. The fitting shape of the blue skirt is remarkably in harmony with the canvas white or blue low-top sneakers, and also with sandals on a flat move.

Some stylists, enthusiastically using the style of kazhual, the most courageous women of fashion are recommended to try on an unusual and original image. It consists of a long skirt of a restrained silhouette, a loose shirt with a colorful print that fits in a skirt, and this duet is complemented by a short leather jacket of black or orange and coarse boots in a masculine style. As for the bag, the best option will be a leather small backpack that hangs on one shoulder.

Romantic direction

The skirt is that wardrobe thing that makes a woman softer, elegant and refined. Therefore, it is the skirt most often preferred to wear on dates young ladies who want to emphasize all of their feminine qualities even more.

The blue skirt can also be an excellent choice for a romantic dinner and a meeting with a loved one.
For these purposes, you can use one of the suggested options:
  1. For an intimate walk around the city in warm weather, you can choose a long but fitted skirt, the color palette of which consists of two tones: from above comes a sky-blue shade that then smoothly turns into darkness-blue. An excellent addition to this bottom will be a short lace dark top with sleeves three-quarters, slightly opening the stomach. Shoes can be chosen on a thin flat sole, since the hem of the skirt should cover it, and instead of the bag it is necessary to choose a painted cloth purse.
  2. For a trip to the restaurant, an appropriate combination will be a medium-length skirt made of light chiffon fabric and a white jacket with short sleeves and a black-and-gray floral pattern. Finish the image of dark blue sandals made of velvet, reminiscent of shoes for ballroom dancing, and a small round dark gray handbag on a thick short chain.
  3. Another gentle and elegant version is a bright blue skirt to the knee of a tight silhouette with a basque, which is complemented by a lemon tomb with a round neckline and three vertical tucks in the front. On the legs, you can put on the dairy shoes on the stud and to them to pick up an identical color square small clutch. On one shoulder you can throw a dark blue stole.

All these kits are best suited for creating a playful and romantic mood.

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