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It seems that the pants in the cage have always been popular. They have won the love of both young and daring, and the ladies of old age, adhering to the classical style of dress. Despite the fact that such a thing has been consistently appearing on the podium for many decades, not all ladies are able to use it in an everyday wardrobe. With what to wear trousers in a cage, and whether there are any bases of a correct combination of similar clothes in another? We answer these questions.

Bright trousers in a cage and their place in the wardrobe of a young girl

In 2017, on the fashion podiums, many models of trousers appeared in a bright, unusual cage. Such clothes usually had an overstated waist and a straight trouser style. The main advantage of bright pants is their versatility.

Checkered trousers with a combination of red and black, blue and green look at the same time boldly and sexually, fit these clothes can be both youthful and discreet, one can even say delicate onions.

Why combine such a difficult thing to make it look interesting?

  1. Such bright pants will look great with leather tops and blouses with artificial leather inserts.
  2. If a girl wants to create a more restrained image, she should combine such a thing with a simple black shirt.
  3. An interesting image will be obtained in combination with a variety of jerseys.
  4. Bright checkered trousers can be worn and along with a restrained black or gray body.

Of course, gray models are much easier to fit into a casual wardrobe, but they look at times too simple. In contrast to them, trousers in a red and black cage are a chic, which only a courageous person can afford. If a lady likes to shock the public and stand out from the crowd, then she should complement such trousers with half-boots with a loose bootleg, shapeless jerseys and leather jackets. Such an image in the style of punk is suitable for young souls of women of fashion.

Those who adhere to the classical canons in fashion, do not give up bright things. They should combine such pants with fitted black shirts or loose blouses. Such an image, supplemented by shoes-boats, will turn out to be more than classical, but with its zest.

Trousers in black and white cage and clothing for them

Women's trousers in the cage almost always contain black and white. It seems that this classic combination on trouser legs was used in a variety of variations.

Now ladies prefer a shallow cage, which looks reserved, but at the same time carries a certain fashionable chic, emphasizing the style.

Models with a small black and white cell can be advantageously combined with the following things:

  • with fitted blouses of different colors;
  • with cro-tops;
  • to combine such clothes it is possible and with shirts, which have a long sleeve and monochrome color;
  • you can supplement the image with a sweater that has a large knit.

The list of variants is unlimited, and here everything depends on the feminine imagination. So, one woman can combine such a model in a cage exclusively with blouses within the formal-business style, and the other will be able to write a thing in the youth bow, adding it with a shortened top.

Women for 50 should choose these models, because they are not only visually slender, but also emphasize the taste of the lady and her status. You can also choose brown models in a white cage, which can be interesting to look within the business style.

Slightly more insolent can be considered trousers in a large black and white cage. This model came from the 60's, when the symmetry in the figure was considered the last squeak of fashion. Stop the girl follows on the models, slightly flared down and having an overstated waist. These trousers are advantageously emphasized by the beauty of the figure, but their main advantage lies in the fact that even with the most common black top they will look original.

Designers offer ladies to abandon the banal combination with the base thing, giving preference to bodysuit body color or bright cro-topes. Playing on two tendencies born in the 60's( bright colors in combination with the symmetry of the picture), the lady will be able to create a truly inimitable image.

As shoes, always stay on ankle boots and heels. Such shoes will balance the whole image, making it even more elegant.

Checked trousers for complete

Fashion for full women dictates their laws and canons, because not every thing will suit a lady with excess weight. Trousers in a cage - the very case when clothes can be safely purchased, regardless of extra pounds. Just choose this model carefully, without forgetting the following rules:

  • it is better to avoid a clear geometric cell, because it visually can increase the hips( details - below);
  • a full lady should choose models with a medium-sized cage, because too large or small can make the hips visually heavier;
  • should stop on models with a classic style of pants, avoiding too tight things.

The first, , what you should pay attention to when selecting, is a drawing. It is desirable that the cell was not flat, but went as if at an oblique angle, all the time crossing, creating a bizarre print. It is worth to give up too small or large figure in favor of restrained moderation. Full women look perfect both pants in a classic black and white cage, and models with a bright coloring of the pants.

To combine such a thing should be with a variety of blouses, half-slippers and elegant blouses. If a woman chooses the base top, it should be diluted with accessories to make the image look more interesting. A beautiful brooch or a careless scarf - all this will create a pleasant effect, proving that the onion was thought out and carefully assembled.

Full women know that they should avoid excessive layering of tissues, as this visually increases volumes. That's why, if a woman creates an autumn image, she should make sure that the blouse does not look out from under the coat, and the whole bow looks balanced.

Add onion with trousers in the cage can be used with sandals on a medium-sized heel. And under the image fit and ankle boots of all possible styles.

Shortened trousers in a cage in the everyday image of

Special attention deserves shortened trousers in a cage, popular for several seasons. In place of models on the heel, things with a length of 7/8( ankle and a little higher) came confidently. Immediately it is necessary to say that such breeches look best on ladies slender, but women with forms from their daily use should be discarded.

  • Having in the arsenal of a shorter model of pants in a cage, a lady should think about creating a relaxed image. For this purpose blouses without sleeves made of thin chiffon, as well as light blouses of loose cut will suit. Usually shortened trousers have a narrow form of pants, so a girl can play on the contrast of the tight-fitting bottom with a loose and light top.
  • If the fashionista is not afraid to take risks, she can create an extremely sexy bow. To do this, it is enough to supplement the already seductive pants with tight body. Also for creating a sexy image, fit shirts with several unbuttoned buttons will do.
  • Some women of fashion go further, using shortened trousers as a basis for creating an evening image. Complementing the trendy thing with a jacket, worn over the naked body, the girl will definitely make a splash at any event. The image can also be supplemented with a tie in a similar cage, so that the whole image looks harmonious.
Such pants in a bright cage will look optimal with black tops and high-heeled shoes.
In general, high-heeled shoes and sandals are optimally suited for shortened things, making the ladies' legs simply endless. It is necessary to refrain from combining such pants with high boots, as this shoe covers the beauty of the model, making the image vague and crumpled.

Why not combine trousers in a cage?

Modern fashion does not like limitations and frames. So even 20 years ago it was believed that a vichy cage can not be combined with clothes that have a bright print, but now this canon has gone down in history. Fashion designers come up with a variety of images, inscribing trousers in a cage wherever possible, insisting on their use both in winter and in summer. And yet there are certain rules that correspond to the laws of good taste. What should not you combine such stylish clothes with?

  1. Pants in the cage look pretty bad with long and shapeless blouses, regardless of their color.
  2. You should not combine plaid pants with a top having the same pattern.
  3. You should also carefully combine plaid trousers with striped clothing, as sometimes it looks tasteless.
  4. Such fashionable clothes look bad with animal print, so it is better to refuse this combination.

When choosing plaid trousers, a lady should understand that they will become an obvious basis for onions, and they will attract everyone's attention. That's why the top should be either monophonic, or have a discreet print that echoes the main picture. For example, by choosing trousers in a black-and-blue cage, a lady can put on a sky-blue top or give preference to a classic white blouse having a small blue pattern. This combination will look extremely organic and will not allow a lady to go beyond the brink of fashion.

With strips, everything is a bit more complicated, because on a spectacular combination of two prints, collections of many designers are built. However, if the girl takes the combination of the top in the strip and the bottom in the cage, she needs to choose absolutely classic accessories and shoes of calm colors, so that the image does not turn out to be overloaded.

Do not try to combine one checkered thing with another, because often it looks ridiculous.
Also does not look with similar trousers and animal print, especially styling under leopard or tiger skin.

Trousers in a cage can easily become the basis of a wardrobe, especially if the girl is not afraid to take risks, mixing different styles and combining a variety of materials. Using leather tops, a variety of body and classic shirts, the lady will manage to look every day in a new way, but certainly stylish, using the same checkered thing.

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