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  • White shoes: how to fit fashionable shoes everyday wardrobe
  • High shoes: fashion shoes and its use in everyday bows
  • The combination with the upper clothing
  • Sneakers in the men's locker room

Just a couple of decades ago, shoes were perceived solely as a youth shoes that can be worn only in the context of sports and street style. Now the bright patterns on the lower course perfectly fit into the feminine images, perfectly match even with dresses and skirts. From what to wear white shoes and what combinations should build your image to look fashionable? The answer to these questions.

White shoes: how to fit fashionable shoes everyday wardrobe

White sneakersSurprisingly, white sneakers have gained over the past two seasons just cult popularity. It seems that every fashionista should be in the arsenal of such shoes, and combined with its built all everyday bow ladies. With what shoes look spectacular light shade?

  • This shoe looks great combined with jeans, pants to the knee with wide trousers and shorts of varying lengths.
  • With the lowest models can add an image with leather and fabric skirts of varying lengths.
  • It looks great in combination with any dress and sneakers, except evening dresses.
  • The combination with sports suits and overalls at all is considered a classic.
    white sneakers with a dresswhite shoes and a skirtwhite sneakers and jeans

Perhaps the only clothes that should not be combined with white sneakers - it's evening dresses and lightweight summer sundresses. These things are too feminine, and even with a neutral low sneakers, they look ridiculous.

All other options of bows can be safely used in their everyday wardrobe. These shoes are extremely comfortable, and its combination with skirts and dresses should not be ignored. Leather skirt midi with a crop topom very impressive look complete with white shoe models.

By the way, are increasingly playing with the classic combination of black and white in the new season fashion 2017goda.

The whole image of the girl can be like a chess board, and the bizarre is this combination, the better.

If a woman chooses a little more classic bow with jeans, it is worth it to add a spectacular, tight body and shortened the top. As a result, a way to get sexy and youth at the same time.

High shoes: fashion shoes and its use in everyday bows

Question combination of high sneaker with clothes seems much more complicated, since such footwear is more difficult to use, along with dresses and skirts. Usually high models look more sporty than low, and because of this, lose their flexibility. From what to wear high shoes, so it looked elegant? On this issue, the following responses:

  • optimal combination with jeans will never go out of style, and as the top should choose a free t-shirt;
  • They look great with high shoes and long dresses, shirts;
    sneakers and black jeanshigh sneakers and shortspink sneakers with a dress

  • these shoes can complement onion, consisting of shirts and shorts;
  • denim overalls and will look great with long sneakers.

Refuse to pay it is not entirely worth it if she is ardent fan of high models of this shoe. Women's sneakers of this style can be perfectly combined with dresses, shirts, as well as dresses, loose overalls, which gain increasingly popular.

Typically, these images look very original and fit only the most daring ladies who are used to shock the audience.

However, the classic version of a combination with jeans or short shorts can never be cut off, because this way of expression is made for youth audacity.

Sneakers, you can choose absolutely any color. In addition to the classical models of white and black color, does not lose popularity and colorful shoes. For example, blue sneakers - ideal shoes and suitable for feminine, and a sports images. Typically, these models are available with laces, but without it, they look good.

The combination with the upper clothing

shoes and outerwearOften, the lady is much easier to write such sports shoes in their summer wardrobe, because not all outerwear it looks natural. For example, the question, what to wear red shoes or the blue model, green autumn tackle must not only relying on jeans and a T-shirt. It is important to think about the combination of a shoe with a coat or jacket. With what kind of outerwear shoes will look memorable?

  1. Leather jacket and sports shoes such as if made for each other, because together they create a protest, youth bow.
  2. Impressive look with such shoes and long coats in many colors with unusual prints.
  3. Add an image, you can use the denim jacket or a fur vest.

Some women with a fondness for experimentation, go even further, combining sneakers with a variety of long cloaks of leather, which is now rampant in the fashion catwalks. This outerwear looks very extravagant, especially when combined with leather sneakers, and so the image will suit only the most daring ladies.

sneakers and jeans jacketshoes and coatssneakers and leather jacket

It looks great and popular shoes in flower with a variety of bulky cardigans and blouses. This softens the youth outerwear peg shoes and makes the whole more organic onions.

Watchfulness should be treated with a combination of femininity, close fitting coat with sneakers, especially high. Typically, these models look good only with shoes with heels, and attention to athletic shoes can make the onions too ambiguous and original. Play on contrasts reasonably need without trying to enter a priori elegant thing in the bow with bold sneakers.

Sneakers in the men's locker room

Men's shoesGenerally, a stylish sports shoes originally came to the women's podium with male scaffolding, and it was there for her invented dozens of options for combinations. For example, high sneakers modern designers are increasingly combined with bright shorts and torn jeans, creating a very daring for a man image.

Low model can be combined with a variety of pants and jackets. That the image did not seem too classic, to a jacket instead of a shirt should pick up a T-shirt with an unusual print. Playing on the contrasts will be relevant, and the man will receive as a result of the extremely stylish image.

sneakers with a jacketMen's sneakers and jeanssneakers and T-shirt with a print

Fashion is now flared jeans should put aside as extremely important with sneakers look straight or slightly narrowed pants of jeans. If a man wants to be casual bow stressed boldness of character, as the top, you can choose a shirt with a bright print trousers.

Shoes go perfectly with different male image, but do not include them in too classical bows. Elegant tuxedo or a three-piece suit with the shoes will never be combined, and a man fighting for the creation of this image only in vain for lost time.

Women's shoes sport style, as well as men, can express a protest, and therefore should not be limited to the color combinations.
However, the excessive decoration of sequins and fur should be abandoned immediately, as this will only ruin the integrity of the entire bow. Now in vogue restraint in decorating clothes and shoes, and this trend should definitely stick.

Fashionable shoes - casual footwear is largely due to the fact that it can be combined with dresses and with jeans, always emphasizing the style of its owner. Choose the right shoes, a person can be combined in different ways it every day balancing between new, original bows.

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