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Modern graduates prefer to choose the outfit for such an important and responsible event in advance. Dresses on the graduation should be comfortable, ideally beautiful, emphasizing all the dignity of the figure of the girl. On how to choose graduation dresses in the floor and which models are considered universal, suitable for absolutely any girl, read on.

Dress in Greek style floor

Graduation outfits look more reserved, but solemnly, emphasizing the importance of the event and its status. The most popular style in 2017 is considered a dress in the floor in the Greek style. And this popularity has its own objective reasons: these outfits not only optimally emphasize all the bends of the body, but still look extremely graceful, feminine.

Almost always the graduation dress in Greek style has an overstated waist and a free style of the lower part of the skirt. That's why these outfits are suitable for hoods, and full girls, elegantly emphasizing the beauty of the forms. What should I look for when buying a similar thing for graduation:

  1. The girl should not be afraid of bright colors, because the outfits in the Greek style of blue, red or any other color look extremely interesting.
  2. Combine a similar dress is best with shoes on a small heel - sandals or shoes.
  3. If a girl chooses a Greek dress without straps, then she should understand that the outfit can visually enlarge the breast, paying extra attention to it.
When choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to its length: the ideal outfit outfit has an ankle length or up to the heel.

Since Greek-style models are always popular among graduates, fashion designers try to come up with new and new styles, slightly changing the classic look of the dress:

  • So, for example, you can now see models without straps or with one strap that crosses from oneshoulder to the other.
  • Quite popular are models with parallel cuts along the sides of the dress. This dress has an elevated degree of sexuality, and it should be chosen only by the bravest graduates, who are not shy about their attractiveness.

If the girl wants to hide the flaws of her own figure, she should stop on a model of black or dark blue, because visually such a dress will slim, adding the whole image some mystery.

Lush dresses on the floor at the graduation

Long models of dresses on the prom dress with a lush skirt shape, it seems, will never go out of fashion. Similar dresses adore women of fashion with any type of figure because of their solemnity and emphasized beauty. Choose a gorgeous dress with a mind, guided by the following rules:

  • full of girls is better to avoid such outfits, because they can visually increase the volumes, adding extra pounds;
  • similar dresses must necessarily be combined with shoes on the heel, because, the taller the girl, the better this style will look;
  • is better to choose clothes of monochrome color, avoiding too bright prints and causing colors;
  • dress should not be too lush, because it looks vulgar and ridiculous.

Ideal is a small volume in the hip area, which is created by using a layer of fabrics and several skirts. All girls, regardless of the type of their figure, should avoid models with very fluffy skirts, because looks like this outfit as you like, but just not fashionable.

Now very popular are the lush dresses with asymmetrical cut hem. Here the extra volume of the skirt is achieved due to the fact that pieces of fabrics of different lengths overlap each other, making the image bizarre and cocky at the same time. This dress can be short on one side and long on the other. Such magnificent models should be chosen by those who do not hesitate to demonstrate their originality.

  • As the lush models look very bright, they should not be decorated with various belts and brooches. Simplicity of the decor is perfectly combined with a complex skirt style.
  • As for the color of the dress, it's better to stick to a modest, not too flashy option. White, as well as cream, black and blue dresses with a short hem in front or side will look perfect on the graduate!

Long models at the prom for full

It was mentioned above that the girls with appetizing forms look very successful dresses of Greek style, but this is not the only option on which you can stop. Even if the girl is complex because of her excess weight, she should not worry much about her graduation. Correctly picking out the outfit, you can hide any excess weight, forgetting about the complexes forever. What models of dresses in the floor are suitable for full girls:

  1. Popular now over-the-top models of ankle length also look great on girls with mouth-watering forms.
  2. This graduates fit and attire A-silhouette with a slightly flared skirt.
  3. Greek dresses of all styles of dark colors( purple, blue, green).
  4. Also full of girls can give preference and gentle outfits that have a small train. Similar dresses with a train can help make the look elegant, distracting attention from problem areas.
  5. By the way, if the graduate is complex because of the size of the chest or thighs, she should learn how to correctly place accents in her image. For example, if a girl is confused by the size of her hips, she should choose a strapless model that will emphasize the breasts.

Do not choose too gorgeous outfits. We need to stay on those models that only expand slightly to the bottom, making the look more balanced, with a touch of romance.

If the culprit of the celebration dreams to divert attention from both the chest and priests, it should stop on closed dresses with a high collar and with an open back. A beautiful cutout on the back in the form of a drop or V-shaped will make the whole bow on the graduation much more elegant, adding a touch of sexuality to him.

A full girl can come up and retro dresses in the style of Dior collections of the 50's. Such outfits have a length up to the middle of the shank and an expanding skirt.

If you add a similar image to the shoes with medium-sized heels, then no extra pounds can spoil the mood of the girl, because she will turn into a real queen of the prom.

Nuances of color combinations

Modern graduation dresses have different styles and colors. Since excessive decoration with rhinestones and pawns is left in the past, modern designers prefer to experiment with flowers.

For example, blue graduation dresses have been popular for the past five years, and young fashioners in honor are not blue or heavenly colors, but darker versions.

For example,

  • is dark blue, close to black,
  • is saturated and deep blue,
  • and also all shades of purple.

When choosing a long dark blue dress, the girl should consider that it will visually harmonize it, making the image mysterious and extremely sexy.

Do not give up on the white prom dress. Many fashion designers believe that white outfits are not suitable for graduation, as they rather remind of a wedding celebration, however the right shade will help wipe out all such associations. Stop is not on a kippen-white, but on shades that are close to beige or light pink. Such dresses are suitable for those girls who adore romantic images and try to emphasize their own femininity with the help of clothes.

Among modern dresses, you can rarely find a print, but if they are decorated with an outfit, then as the main color, they usually choose white. Dresses of light shades with a variety of floral prints look extremely feminine, so they are optimally suited for graduation.

Very often fashion designers offer graduates an outfit with the original skirt decor. So, for example, the top of the dress can be the most modest, for example, black without additional cutouts and trim. The skirt usually has a contrast, for example, a turquoise color or some original print. Similar dresses look very bright and original, so they are preferred by graduates, who most of all dream of standing out from the crowd.

Accessories and their combination with the final images

Choosing an outfit for a girl who is about to finish school, many parents forget about the fact that the elegant bow is created through a variety of accessories. To complement the graduation dress can be using the following things:

  • an elegant hat with a veil or without, which instantly makes the image mysterious;
  • wide belts of various colors and styles;
  • light gloves, which will add to the image of elegance.

It is not necessary to address all accessories at once, because the image will then look too deliberate, overloaded. The ideal version of the prom dress is often the use of a belt. He can freely hang, not performing any practical function, but adding the appearance of the girl to relaxation.

It is best to choose a belt of contrasting color, so that it immediately attracts attention. If the girl has excess weight in the waist, it is better to refrain from using the belts in the graduation dress, so as not to attract additional attention to the problematic part of his figure.

Elegant high gloves can also complement the beautiful bow at the prom. They can be selected in the color of a dress or play in contrast. For example, with a red dress, black gloves are very interesting. Such an image will turn out to be extremely elegant, with an obvious note of sexuality, and the girl will easily turn into the queen of the school ball.

If a girl wants her final look to look as effective as possible, she should supplement it with a hat with a thin veil that will make the original accent, add notes in retro style. Such an accessory is suitable for outfits with asymmetrical cut or under the dresses of the direct style, making the image as a whole very unusual.

Look at the graduation, like a queen, attracting everyone's attention, almost every young person dreams, but not everyone can realize the wish. Choose a prom dress in the floor you need carefully, thinking about the features of your figure and the nuances of color combinations, prefabricating in your head an approximate bow for a festive event.

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