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Sometimes it is enough to add to the image of the smallest detail to completely transform. What you need to change? Modify her hair, because hair so just experiment! In recent years, it became fashionable slanting bang. Make it easy and styling options - weight.

Interested in how to pick up

Such fringe is almost all girls. A great option for those who want to add variety to the image. At the same time it is able to revive even the most simple haircut. Tell us a little about the types of persons who are a good fit oblique fringe:

  1. jagged bangsOwners perfectly oval face can easily afford this piece of hair. So the girls are lucky: you can choose any hairstyle or haircut, and look at this carefully.
  2. Oblique fringe - a great choice for women with round or square face. Her ability - "dilute" the facial features. Thus, it makes a round face more elongated and square - smoother.
  3. Owners of a person in the form of a trapeze, too, will be delighted.
  4. With a bang, you can divert attention from coarse facial features, such as a large nose.

There are many types of such bangs. Difficult to decide for themselves, so it is best to seek help from a professional.


  • Elongated oval face will look gently and carefully, if you make a bang at the same time with long and short strands.
  • Option for triangular face starts at the top and closes one eyebrow. In this case, it is not necessary to do cutting out and leave a large amount, or a sharp shape of the face will only be highlighted.hairstyle with bangs oblique
  • If a person has a square, most do not leave long. Will look good multi-layer versions. It is necessary to ask masters do not make sharp lines, as soften the angular face can only smooth transitions.
  • If a person is rectangular, you can safely experiment: do tapering, leaving long ends of different lengths.

Types oblique bangs

This fringe has become so popular that it has found several species. It can make the long, short, ragged, straight. Below are versatile types of such bangs:

  1. Long. Regrown hair creates an impression. If it does not fit, she will stop. But there is a lot of room for imagination. Bangs can tighten up, combed to one side, stick pins. Great owners of the oval face. With her well combined and layered bob haircut.
    jagged bangs girlshort oblique fringelong oblique fringe

  2. Short. Good opens the face, highlighting the advantages, but also disadvantages. Therefore it will be well to look at the girls with regular features. Suitable short haircut. Such option is best to choose the active women. Bangs will not go into the eyes, do not interfere. It is easy to style.
  3. Torn. Uneven ends may be as short and in the long bangs. This image is perfect girls: uneven strands add playfulness and do not create shade rigor. It is very important tapering, or haircut will look messy.

How to make a fashionable bang?

oblique fringe hairstyleAt home, it is difficult to play like this. You must have the skills, have the necessary tools to be able to assess facial features. Therefore it is better not to take risks and seek to master. But to cut a ready-bang can be regrown and independently.

haircut scheme:

  1. First, the head should be washed, because the whole procedure is done only on wet hair.
  2. Master allocates strands, which will work. At the same time it takes into account the length of hair, especially hairstyles, facial features, and even the structure of hair. On this depends the manner of execution of haircuts.
  3. Hairdresser shaping the future of bangs determines its beginning. For example, it can begin immediately on top of or close to the forehead. He can make it triangular or in the form of the letter "P".
  4. Cuts bangs diagonally, forming a long piece.
    Then the formation of the short portion. Scissors barber keeps upright.
  5. It applies tapering, which helps to hide the transition from sharp to smooth parts.
  6. The wizard can not calibrate a bang. In this case, the operation is simplified.
  7. Bang dried hairdryer. Barber then works with the individual strands, if desired.

How to style?

If you get the hand, then blow-torn oblique bangs and does not take 10 minutes. This hairstyle looks good only on well-groomed hair, so do not forget to pay attention to them. laying time depends on the length. For example, it is necessary to work with a long bang:

  1. long oblique fringeFirst, the hair should be moistened with water, then treated with styling products. Do not apply it a lot, because the fringe quickly spoiled.
  2. The hair is then dried with a hair dryer and combs. You can use a round brush. She pulls the strands well.
  3. At the end the result is fixed with hairspray.

With short bangs all the easier. It can be installed immediately after washing. But the head can not be washed, just enough to moisten the desired strand.

Sometimes fringe begins to curl. In this case, the process is well worth it styling products. Heavier all accounts girl with curly hair. You need to make an effort to look decent bang. In wet weather strands can curl. In this case, lay them useless. It is better to stab her hair to the side or back.

Haircuts with bangs oblique

  1. Bean. Excellent structural hairstyle that accentuates facial features. Well hides the flaws. Suitable for women of all ages and with different types of individuals. The choice of the fringe depends technique of bean. For example, it may be a classical, with short strands at the nape. In this case it is necessary to leave on top volume, and bangs make long.
    Active girls can choose an elongated bean. He is a bit like the usual penalty, but his head is raised.
    In this case, you can make a strand of a person slightly more elongated. But too multi-layered bangs should not do.
  2. Four of a Kind. Hairstyle popular among women of all ages. Looks restrained, simple, attractive. Bangs in this hairstyle makes the face softer, smooth out the sharp lines of the square. It is better to leave the hair shoulder-length. This will increase the amount of styling options. This fits neat symmetrical oblique fringe with a slight tapering.
    cascade with bangshaircut with bangsWith a bang

  3. Cascade. If your hair is long, but devoid of volume, it is worth to try cascade. It is well crafted and hair look alive, dynamic. The same effect is achieved due to the oblique bangs. The length can be any as he stage - free and natural hairstyle.

styling options

Optionally, just combed her hair to one side. There are lots of styling options that suit and evening. Here's what you can do with the hair:

  • put locks on the forehead, and secure with a hair lacquer;
  • make a side parting bangs to one side and put the rest of the hair;
    bangs with bobbyfringe plaitbangs to the side

  • divided into two parts and stab pins;
  • if the strands are long, you can braid them into a plait or braid, and then put back;
  • It can be screwed to a small curling iron and let droop;
  • to give the desired shape with a clear wax styling.

To create an everyday option locks can just wet, put on them a little money and their well-combed. You can braid pigtails.

And for the occasion, stands to wind the hair and bangs itself, it will go well with the rest of the waves.

Cut bangs yourself is easy. Thin out the ends do not need. Simply divide the whole mass into pieces and carefully work with each. There is no need to comply with excessive accuracy.

You can paint the individual hairs in a contrasting color. This highlights haircut structure, especially an oblique bangs. It is interesting to look bright saturated colors: red, purple. If such a solution seems to be very brave, you can make the weave, the color of which will be quite a bit different from the basic hair color.

Advantages of oblique bangs

bangs diagonallyWhy still so torn obliquely bangs like women? Here are some of their advantages:

  1. A great chance to disguise facial imperfections: big nose, small eyes, is too high and prominent forehead. With this hairstyle can make almost imperceptible facial wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne.
  2. Suitable for all women. It does not matter the age, social status, profession, lifestyle.
  3. A wonderful way to give a weak shock of hair volume, vitality and dynamism.
  4. There are many variations. Each of them will suit any type of face and hair, color of hair, facial features.
  5. Great choice of styling options. Strands can cheat, combed to the side, backward, even braid cornrows. Therefore, it is easy to find a particular outfit and style of clothing.
  6. Easy to install. It is necessary to pay attention to this every day. Enough to buy a light mousse and a comb with a few teeth.
  7. It looks great both on short and on long hair.

Ragged bangs have become very relevant. To do their best in the barber shop, but to adjust and put quite possible and independently.

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