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Luxurious long curls are the pride or envy of most girls. This is not strange: you can hardly find in the classic fairy tales or cartoons princess, sheared under the boy. In addition, hairstyles for girls on long hair turn out to be interesting and diverse. How can you put your hair in a small fidget, so that the hairdo not only had an elegant look, but also was practical? We tell.

What kind of children's hairstyles are for long hair?

Long hair is considered to be the level of the shoulder blades and lower. For girls of any age they are really a matter of pride. But for mom or grandmother, helping to care for the hair, there is a lot of trouble. Because of the restlessness of girls, hair can require frequent washing, neat combing, and no styling( even with a huge amount of special tools) can withstand more than a few hours. And if on a typical day you can close your eyes to such inconveniences, then at the holiday the young fashionista should be on top.

Conditionally, children's hair, like adults, can be divided into two categories - day and evening. With daytime hairstyles everything is usually very simple: a pony tail, one or two braids or a pebble case, when you need to hold out as long as possible with a beautiful hairdo. The reason for this monotony is the same: in the morning, when a girl is sent to school, adults rush to work and there is no time to invent new, interesting hairstyles. Meanwhile, psychologists believe it is the morning, "pre-working" time, the most important for communicating with loved ones.

There are a lot of hair styles for girls for every day. Even with regular pigtails, you can think of at least 31 variations and do not repeat a whole month! And believe me, it does not take you very much time - it would be inspiration and a little crib with step-by-step recommendations.

Simple but interesting hairstyles for every day

  • Divide the hair into four parts. Lateral fix, from two middle begin to weave spikes, starting from the forehead line. When the weaving reaches the back of the head, continue to make the usual pigtails. Now lightly twist them around each other and fasten together with a beautiful rubber band or bow. The bulk of the hair can be left loose or fastened in any convenient way.
  • Tie the hair in the tail, leaving small strands on the sides. Weave thin pigtails and wrap around the tail, hiding the elastic band. If desired, the tail can be turned into a braid, into which will be woven thin pigtails.
  • A little trick for lovers to tie the hair in a normal tail. Collect them from behind at a comfortable height and divide into two parts. Each slightly twist, forming a loose bundle. Now fix the elastic band.
  • Hairstyles for little girls give you the opportunity to experiment with complex patterns and patterns. Comb your hair back and separate the strand on the vertex, grabbing it from the side, over your ear. Begin to weave the spikelets or the usual scythe, periodically adding the strands on the sides. Such a simple hairstyle will take a maximum of 10 minutes, but it looks very interesting.
  • Assemble the tail on the vertex, leaving the hair free in front. Divide them into three triangles and make neat tails with small silicone rubber bands. Each tail is divided into two parts and twisted into a beautiful bundle with a half of the neighboring, joining them in this way. To keep them, carefully stretch the tail under the elastic on the crown. If the density allows and you initially had five braces, you will get a very nice picture, reminiscent of a sheet of chestnut.
  • Divide the hair into two parts with a straight parting and fix the hair on one side so that they do not interfere with you. Armed with a comfortable comb and small elastic bands and separate four thin ponytails on one side. Central divide in half and connect with the adjacent half or the whole tail, to make them turned three. In the same way turn them into two strands. Add the bulk of hair and braid the beautiful braid in any convenient way. Repeat all the actions on the other side, and you will get an incredibly feminine and comfortable hairstyle.
  • Another hairstyle consisting of halves. Separate three thin strands from the front and twist them into bundles or weave spikes, creating a slight bend and turning towards the top of the head. Attach them to the bulk of the hair collected in the high tail. The most effective hair style will look like a shingle, although you can leave it with a tail.
  • This hairstyle is as simple as it is beautiful. Make two not too tall tails and braid the pigtails. Now twist the braids between them and return the tip to the base. Gently tighten with an elastic band and garnish with hairpins or bows.

Some tricky tips for every day

Any spit on long hair made in non-standard techniques - from four or more strands and so on - looks great. Experiment at your leisure, it's a great way to beautifully style your hair in a short time, but you need to practice a little.

You can make a girl's hair without knowing how to weave braids. For example, the interlacing of strands, fixed in the tail, look very elegant, and time and experience require quite a bit. This is a great opportunity to experiment: you can make such a "grid" only on one side, build it from several levels and even create interesting patterns. In addition, in the course it is worthwhile to launch multicolored rubber bands, hairpins and invisibility - so the hair will become even brighter.

Should I make a gorgeous children's hairstyle myself?

By implementing several step-by-step instructions above, you will realize that it's quite easy to make an interesting children's hairdo for each day. And what should you do in the event of a future holiday - to entrust all to a professional stylist or take a chance? Of course, take risks!

The reasons for refusing the services of a professional are somewhat:

  • , you know how the hair of a daughter or granddaughter can behave in a hairstyle;
  • you know the preferences of a little princess;
  • you better understand what image it needs to create for the holiday;
  • significant savings in the family budget;
  • has fun spent time with the girl and improving your skills.
The decision is yours, but for "standard" events like the first / last call, birthday, and even more a trip to the cinema or theater, you should not undermine the family budget for the sake of the girl's hairstyle. With this task, mother, grandmother or even the elder sister will be perfectly comfortable.
All that is required from all participants of the process is a little time, patience and perseverance.

Options for children's hairstyles for the holiday

If you think about it, almost all the mentioned hair styles for little girls can be made more elegant and festive.

Try to play with weaves of strands and tails, braids, but not collecting all the hair, and stacking them more freely. Unscrambled strands are screwed with a curling rods or curlers, add beautiful accessories, and voila - a luxurious image for a girl is ready.

By the way, interesting accessories create a huge field for creativity. Just think - slightly twirled hair, adorned with a horizontal weave of two thin braids, will instantly become a festive styling with an interesting decorative element. In recent years, especially popular are the rims and wreaths - both living and artificial. You can create a natural bezel with your own hands, using accessible small flowers, leaves and berries. Very realistic and elegant accessories can be found at the masters of hand-made.

Do not panic and think about the upcoming graduation. Treat the hairstyle as responsibly as to choose a dress: you need to look a lot with the young graduate, be sure to try on, think about how all the elements of the image will look together. Start preparing for the holiday for a month, every weekend trying on a few hairstyles. This will help you not only to train and choose the best option, but also have fun.

Top 5 hairstyles that are easy to make the girl on graduation

  1. Make an asymmetric parting on one side, brush the hair at the roots and slightly twist it. Do not overdo it - you need careless waves, not curls lamb. Weave the two braids "in turmoil", starting not too low. With a special comb, gently pull the thin strands, making the braids wider, and tie a beautiful elastic band or bow. It's okay if the front locks "run away" from the hairstyle, twist them slightly and, if necessary, secure with invisible ones.
  2. Start weaving the spikelets above the ear( choose a more comfortable side for you), laying it smoothly around the head. Weave the hair so that nothing protrudes from below. When you reach the opposite side, fasten the braid with the remaining hair and complete the hair with a bright accessory or a live flower.
  3. Festively, hair can also look like - such a hairstyle is also very practical. Make a high tail and divide the hair into several strands of different thicknesses. Twist several bundles and weave several different braids. Now gently twist everything turned into a shovel, fasten several hairpins and a beautiful rubber band. This hairstyle looks very feminine, and when using hairpins with flowers, butterflies or other decor and a beautiful gum( for example, with lace), the image will turn out to be bright and stylish.
  4. Great idea for skilled moms and grandmothers - a free wreath of hair. If you are allowed a hair length, make a large careless braid and decorate with a bright hair clip with a flower.
  5. Looks spectacular in the celebratory image of the spit-waterfall. It is very easy to perform, but be prepared for what will not turn out perfectly right away. In order to turn it into an exquisite festive hairstyle, first give the hair volume at the roots, and after weaving - wind elegant ringlets. And do not forget about the bright accent.

When creating any hairstyle, always be interested in the girl's opinion. Perhaps, the styling that you learned to do for two weeks, she will not like or seem uncomfortable. Try everything that seems interesting, and do not be afraid of experiments.

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