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Mimicry, gestures and gestures are capable of giving out true thoughts. After all, as a rule, we at the level of intuition recognize the unconscious movements of the interlocutor, forming a certain attitude towards him. Sometimes it is completely unclear why a person is unpleasant if he has not done anything to you. A cause of antipathy and can serve as signals received at the level of body language.

Body language and gestures

Know the body language and gestures - this means owning a very useful social skill. Some know how to do it by nature. And some people do not even pay attention to gestures or body movements. Therefore, if you are interested in how to read thoughts( sign language), then first of all you must be attentive. And when you learn to distinguish between features of body movements, this will become your good habit, and you no longer have to focus on the interlocutor to understand its true essence. Everything will happen already spontaneously, at the subconscious level.

Highlights of body language and gestures:

  1. Steps. Always pay attention to the physical distance. After all, the closer the interlocutor is, the better his attitude to you. And if a person moves away at your approach, it means that he is not ready yet( or at all) for further rapprochement. And if it does not move away - not against further rapprochement.
    If, in response to your approach, a person also responds with a counter-move, then he sympathizes with you and is comfortable with your society.
    But also do not forget about the cultural differences of such a thing as personal space. After all, in one country it is considered to be close, in another it can be too far.
  2. Head position:
  • lowered head - stealth. If the interlocutor lowers his head, then during a compliment, this can mean shame, restraint, shyness, thoughtfulness, disbelief, an attempt to hold the distance. And if a person lowered his head after explaining, then perhaps he just is not sure that he said all right;
  • the inclination of the head is an expression of sympathy. If it is accompanied by a smile, then a person flirts or flirts with you. In certain cultures, such a position of the head is a sign of respect;
  • high-raised head - a challenge or confusion. An accurate assessment of this situation can be made by drawing attention to gestures, mouth, eyes and eyebrows.

3. Legs:

  • frequent movement of the center of gravity - a person shows impatience, he is nervous, scared or nervous;
  • constant wiggling of the feet - attention deficit or hyperactivity;
  • tipping - depending on the circumstances may mean different. If this happens during a conversation, then the interlocutor wants to stop the communication and leave. For example, a person can simply hastily rush to a meeting, and not run away, because you are uninteresting and bored;
  • standing man, who keeps his legs very close to each other, tries to seem "right".But sometimes it means passivity or obedience;
  • slow motion of the legs indicate boredom;
  • touching your partner's feet to yours - flirting;
  • , some people point their feet at an object of interest or in the direction they want to go.

The language of facial expressions and gestures

The basis of the language of facial expressions and gestures are certain positions of the parts of the face and movement by hands. Especially eloquent eyes :

  1. People who look around are lying, nervous or distracted.
  2. A person who looks slightly away from the other person, expresses in this way comfort and obedience.
  3. A look at the floor is a sign of shyness and shyness. People also tend to look down when they are upset about something or try to hide their unpleasant emotions somehow.
  4. The questioning view is related to a mistrust or a lack of conviction;
  5. Looking at the eyes without looking away - this characterizes a person only from the best side and means that he is confident in himself and his words, attentive to you and interested in conversation and your personality.
    In some cultures, such a direct view is a manifestation of disrespect, and you can only look into your eyes to close ones and relatives.
    That's why some people often avoid eye contact.
  6. Extended pupils show interest in a person. But the dilatation of the pupils can also occur under the influence of many substances: alcohol, LSD, MDMA, amphetamines, etc. Therefore, very often the reaction to alcohol can be confused with the manifestation of interest in your person.
  7. A sight aimed at the distance means that a person does not listen to you and is deep in thought.
Gestures of hands can tell a lot about a person:
  1. Hands on hips - the interlocutor is waiting, tired or impatient.
  2. Rubbing the hands, touching your body - the person calms himself. We can assume that he does not like the situation in which he fell.
  3. Crossed arms - the interlocutor is shielded from social influence. True, some people are used to making such a move out of habit. And rubbing your hands can mean a conscious insecurity in your own appearance, some secrecy or an attempt to hide something trivially on clothes. For example, a stain. But the crossed arms on the width of the shoulders mean power and strength.
  4. Compressed or closed hands are a sign of anger, irritation, or experience.
  5. Hands, thrown over the neck or head, - the interlocutor perfectly perceives the topic, which is discussed, or just relaxed.
There is also your sign language in love . They are used to express interest and attract potential partners. It should be noted that in women compared with men, a wider range of courtship signals. Some gestures during courtship in the fairer sex are acquired and deliberate, and others - unconscious.

Sign Language of men

Silent body language and gestures of a male can in fact tell a lot. And still, unlike words, gestures never lie.

1. Lips:

  • if the man twisted his lips in a grin - he is annoyed and does not believe you;
  • tightly compressed lips - an expression of anger;
  • a man who during a conversation spends his tongue on teeth and gums, is distracted from the topic of conversation.

2. Hands:

  • fingers that beat the shot, show obvious irritation. A sign of this state can also be locked in the lock fingers;
  • scratching and pulling the collar - cheating, irritation or frustration;
  • rubbing the earlobe or the entire ear suggests that the man is already tired of talking and wants to take the floor himself;
  • scratching the neck behind the ear - a man agrees with his interlocutor or, conversely, not sure of what he heard.

To understand the man it is possible and by means of other facial expressions and gestures:

  • eyes constantly run from side to side - the person lies or is not confident in himself;
  • about dishonesty is also evidenced by the specific behavior of a man: he shakes imaginary dust from his clothes, can not sit in one place, plays objects, touches the hands of hair or face, wipes his hands, smokes constantly, shakes his foot or bites his lips;
  • a man who wants to attract attention, behaves very noisy, actively gesticulating and joking.
The sign language of a man in love is also quite rich. If a representative of the stronger sex in your presence from time to time buttoning or unbuttoning the button on your shirt, then he is nervous, because he likes you. A man who constantly keeps his hands just below the hips or on the belt, thus unconsciously demonstrates a sexual attraction to the companion.

Female Sign Language

Any woman is unique. And everyone has their own manners and specific gestures. Quite often it is the nonverbal signs that help to understand the female essence.

  1. If a woman maintains a correct posture and does not strain herself, she is confident in herself and nothing breaks her peace of mind. She is open to everything new.
  2. A stooped and listless lady means fatigue. And not necessarily physical, but spiritual. Maybe it was the life circumstances that broke it.
  3. The posture of a "strained string" indicates that the woman is constrained and not sure of herself. It can be tense because of something or someone.
  4. Excessive severity in dealing with others - in front of you a passionate nature, which does not want to seem weak.

See how define lies in facial expressions and gestures:

Learn the language of gestures, facial expressions and bodies, and your possibilities will expand significantly!

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