Meeting for the Victory Day on May 9

  • Events on Victory Day, schedule
  • Scenario of the rally held for students of the school

The terrible war, scorching millions of people with its fire, left a sad memory. No one should forget the feat of his people, victory in the Great Patriotic War. Memory must live in the ages, and on this great day, when the joy of victory is mixed with bitterness from loss, many solemn events are held. Every major city and small village honors the memory of the dead and rejoices in the greatness of our people, who managed to stand and win. The meeting on May 9, 2017, held in schools and institutes, cities and villages - is a vivid confirmation of this.

Events on the Victory Day, schedule

Scenario of the rally held at the obelisk of the fallen heroes, in the countryside:

  • 9.00 - on the square near the obelisk dedicated to the fallen heroes, songs of the war years are heard.
  • 10.00 - grand opening of the Victory rally.
  • The meeting opens the words of the presenter:

"Time is a strange thing, passed 72 years since that great victory. For world history there was a tiny moment, and for people - a whole life. The sounds of explosions ceased, the shooting had long ceased, and bloody battles had ended. Time flows like a river, pass the years, pulling, like a veil, the past. But memory remains, the world should not forget about the terrible tragedy that affected millions, crippled life, separated loved ones. To prevent a terrible war tomorrow, we must remember it today. "

  • The song "Victory Day" is included.
  • Veterans of the war are approaching the monument, they are helped by children dressed in the military uniform of the times of the Great Patriotic War.
  • There are participants in modern fighting, young men, waiting for conscription in the army this year.
  • The words of the presenter:

"Sound solemnly, marches!

Earthly bow to veterans of

Hot hearts do not cool down,

There is a generation of older ones,

Whose feat to centuries can not be forgotten.

Your business with a scarlet purple

Come into our lives forever.

Earthly bow to you, veterans,

Heroes of struggle and work! »

  • Children come out to the monument, carrying carnations, approach the participants and give flowers.
  • Words by the presenter:

"In the history of our country there have been such events, which many years will be remembered by grateful descendants, before you, dear veterans, our heads bow, and souls are filled with pride for your valor. The Victory Day is not only a day of joy, but also a day of sorrow, we remember the millions of fallen people who gave their lives to bring this happy day closer. A rally dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory Day is declared open! "

  • The Russian anthem is switched on, everyone is singing along.
  • Solemn congratulations on the holiday from the head of this district.
  • Lyrics by the presenter:

"The cannonades are suffocated, in the world there is silence.

On a large land, once the war ended.

We'll live, meet dawns, believe and love,

Just do not forget it, just not to forget!

This is a memory - believe, people - all the earth is needed.

If we forget the war, it will come again! "

  • The speech dedicated to the Victory Day is pronounced by the military commissar of the district commissariat.
  • Elementary school students come out, festively dressed, with homemade cards on military subjects in their hands. Read poems dedicated to the Victory Day, and perform the song "Katyusha".
  • Present as a gift cards with wishes to veterans, participants of military operations and future defenders of the Fatherland.
  • Leader words:

"Some of their friends are in the graves of fraternal,

They do not forget their names.

In the name of the widows and mothers of soldiers

The frontline soldiers put on orders!

You should have crushed the war!

And there was no prowess higher,

After all, in addition to the desire to survive

, there is still the courage to live! »

  • Giving the word to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War.
  • The words of the presenter:

"This glorious day is not only a day of universal celebration, joy and rejoicing, but also a day of sorrow, sadness. Many of our fellow countrymen folded their heads to bring about the great victory of our people. We remember them, we did not forget. "

  • The leader lists the names of the dead carved on the obelisk.
  • The words of the presenter:

"Glory to you, fallen! Your feat will not be forgotten! "

  • A minute of silence is declared.
  • Wreaths and flowers are brought to the obelisk and they are placed with honors.
  • Words by the presenter:

"Love for the Motherland is a feeling that is absorbed with the mother's milk, it is always in the hearts of true patriots. Under the glorious banners of the victorious Russian army, our young countrymen will also stand up, they will continue the great traditions of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, they will not embarrass the memory of their ancestors. "

  • Enumeration of the names of young people to be drafted this spring.
  • Words by the presenter:

"The service time is right for the guys,

I need a life lesson to get.

Mom, do not pour tears, you know, you have to

Sons serve the Motherland. »

  • Giving the mother's word of the recruit, speaking with the mother's order about worthy service.
  • Giving a word to one of the future soldiers.
  • Leader's words:

"Our country is trying to revive the spirituality and Russian culture, the traditions of the army, when the servants of the Orthodox Church were on the same level with the soldiers on the battlefield, supported the morale and faith in the victory over the enemy."

  • Giving a word to a clergyman.
  • The words of the presenter:

"On the ninth day of the jubilant of May,

When the silence fell on the ground,

The news rushed from edge to edge:

" The world overcame the war is over! "

Today the holiday enters every house,

And joy to peoplewith him comes next.

We congratulate you on the Great Day!

Happy day of your glory! Happy Victory Day!

A deep bow to everyone who brought us the Great Victory! Peace to our children, happiness to our people, let our land never burn to the fire of war! Glory to you, veterans, on the occasion of the Great Victory! "

  • Children release a bundle of colored inflatable balls into the sky.
  • The rally, dedicated to the 72 anniversary of the Victory Day, is declared closed.
  • The songs of the war years are included.

Scenario of the rally held for the students of the school

Sounds solemn military marches, the children leave the school doors and line up in a semicircle near the improvised stage.

The veteran of the Great Patriotic War solemnly takes to the stage.

The words of the presenter:

"I am a Russian person. And the Russian nature

is kind to me, and I sing it.

I'm a Russian person, the son of my people,

I'm proud to look at my homeland!

In the time of trouble she always happened.

Single, unbending, steel.

To my enemy, my Russia stood

One squad, a menacing wall.

A rally dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory Day is being announced! »

  • Providing a word to the school principal.
  • Sounds quiet, disturbing music, against this background the siren turns on, then the soundtrack of Levitan's reference on the beginning of the war sounds.
  • The song "Get up the country is huge".
  • Words by the presenter:

"The ominous glow of the enveloped,

A long firmament rumbles.

My comrade soldiers

They go ahead, behind the platoon of the platoon. »

  • The readers come out and read the poems about the war.
  • Words from the presenter:

"Thanks to our grandfathers for bringing victory to our country. A low bow to everyone who brought it closer: soldiers, participants in the labor front, wives and mothers who were waiting at the front of their loved ones. "

  • Providing a word to the veteran.
  • Moderator:

The floor is given to the veteran

"Thank you, that we did not have the opportunity

Present and learn such flours.

To your share all this had to -

Anxiety, hunger, cold and separation.

Thank you for the sunshine bright light,

For the joy of life in every moment of ours,

For the trills of the nightingale and for the dawn,

And for the fields of blooming chamomiles! »

  • Handing flowers and souvenirs made by yourself to the veteran.
  • The medley of songs from the war years is included: "Dark Night", "Katyusha", "It's Curving in a Closed Dugout of Fire", etc.
  • Words by the presenter:

"The War Years Frozen,

Lead does not clink hail,

But bitter wounds of birch

All the memory of the past is stored.

Let's keep silent on the memory of friends,

Those we will not see again,

We will not hear those who live the life of the whole

With us to the world the future has come out.

A bright memory to all those who died in this war, we will never forget them. "

A minute of silence is announced, the children take out pre-prepared candles and light them. The words of the presenter:

"The light of memory,

The light of affliction and love. ..

And after forty years,

And through the centuries

Hot drop

Spilled blood

His children bring themselves in themselves!"

  • Readers leave - elementary school children - and read poemsabout Victory.
  • The words of the presenter:

"Let the victory salute.

With this light the world is warmed.

Congratulations to our grandfathers,

Victory Day for many years!

The rally, dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory Day of our people in the Great Patriotic War, is declared closed. "

  • The song "Let there always be sun" sounds.
  • White pigeons and colorful balls are released into the sky.

The Great Victory Day holiday is the most significant in our country. It's a pity that fewer survive those who survived this war, brought us victory, allowed us to live peacefully all these years. But the more meaningful is the holding of rallies of memory on such a day. This is a tribute of respect and eternal gratitude to the great Soviet soldiers and those who forged a victory in the rear. Video on the topic:

Tereng. Meeting dedicated to Victory Day. May 9, 2012.
A rally dedicated to the Victory Day on May 9. Small Karachay. TV "Uchkeken" in 2016.
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