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Traditionally every year thousands of girls alreadyfrom winter begin to prepare for the upcoming summer season. Ladies strenuously put in order the figure, sweat in the gyms, on the treadmills, and everything in order to look perfect in the summer. But the ideal figure is clearly not enough to conquer all the men's hearts on the beach. A luxurious, well-tended body needs luxurious fashionable swimsuits that will finally become irresistible. That's why it is now time for women to think about choosing and buying a swimsuit, and at the same time to find out what will be at the height of popularity in the upcoming summer season?

Fashions of fashionable swimsuits

To really look perfect, it's not enough just to choose beautiful and fashionable swimsuits. It is necessary that they perfectly fit your figure and emphasize all its merits. Designers have come up with a huge number of the most diverse fashion models and swimsuit styles, so you should consider in detail what is in the trend this year.

The main trends of this year are the following models:

  • bikini( well, this is already a tradition);
  • bando;
  • tankini;
  • monokini;
  • loose swimsuits;
  • knitted swimwear;
  • swimwear in retro style.

If suddenly many names seemed unfamiliar to you, then let's take a closer look at each model, which will be especially welcomed on all the beaches of the world in the coming summer.


Time does not dominate this model, and it remains the most popular year after year for many years. Girls who have nothing to hesitate or even have something to brag about will definitely give preference to the most open model of a swimsuit, which will present the body in all its glory. Thin panties and a beautiful bodice will make you a real queen of the beach, from an impeccable figure it will be impossible to tear off the look.

A real hit for this will be mini bikinis, which will allow you to emphasize an elegant figure. Separate bodice and miniature panties will help not only to impress others, but also to achieve the perfect tan. Fashionable mini swimsuit - the best option for sunbathing and walking under the scorching rays.

With regard to color, this year is particularly popular bright tropical and floral prints. Also on the first days of vacation, when your skin has not yet acquired a noble bronze or chocolate shade of sunburn, it is better to put on a swimsuit bright, juicy color. When the skin is a little "browned", the softer tones - mint, tender orange, milky pink, etc., are the best.


Models in the style of the bando also quite successfully replenish the ranks of fashionable swimsuits this summer, despite the fact that this style made a real sensation on American beaches half a century ago. The very word "bando" from the French translates as "strip" or "ribbon" and the bodice of the leotard of this style really represents a wide, elegant strip, surprisingly well holding the breast due to sewed on the sides of the bones.

Designers have tried to come up with many variations of the performance of this very "band", so that it looks as elegant and sexy as possible. Without such a swimsuit, you can not do with lovers of even tan, because the model does not have a strapless and maximally opens the shoulders, the decollete zone.

This option is also especially suitable for girls with a miniature chest, because it slightly raises it and visually increases. Particularly successful is the purchase of a bando sweatshirt with push-up with sewn gel or silicone cups that perfectly adjust the shape of the breasts and are suitable for both small sizes and lush shapes.

For women who dream of increasing their breasts visually, the real thing will be a swimsuit with a ruffle. Lush ornaments will make the bust larger, and perfectly balance the figure, especially if the hips are wider than the chest.

This style looks best in a one-color design, so in the summer of 2017 the fashionable colors of the bando swimsuits will be bright - cherry, orange, blue, turquoise, etc.


Swimsuit, very original combined in a separate and merged styles, but still not lost its uniqueness. The designers did not deprive him of attention in 2017, so he will again shine on numerous women of fashion this summer.

The model is a panties and top, which helps to hide all the shortcomings and looks elegant on the body. You will hardly be able to buy an impeccably even tan, but such a swimsuit is perfect for an evening walk on the beach or if in winter you still have not gathered in the gym and now you have something to hide.

It is this style that gives the imagination of designers a good start, and they actively use bright colors and interesting prints, and in particular will be abstract and floral drawings. A bright top and panties in a tone will definitely help him to stand out from the beach crowd.


This is the most elegant and sexy model among fashionable women's swimsuits. Seductively, the bikini here, again, slightly mingles with the merged type of swimsuits, forming a completely individual style.

Leaving the back completely open, the bodice and panties are connected on the abdomen either with very conditional ribbons( or very beautiful by their weave) or by a wider band covering the stomach. In any case, very delicately opens the waist, which at the expense of the style of the leotard becomes even slimmer, and the whole figure stretches, visually losing a few extra centimeters. With all this, the décolleté zone is also very advantageously emphasized, especially if the swimsuit bowls are with push-up.

This is an incredibly elegant and stylish swimsuit model for beautiful, confident ladies who want to look at the beach as irresistibly as possible. Swimsuit is perfect for a walk or a night party, and in that case it will perfectly match with a light pareo.

Very sophisticated look models, made in one color - especially if it's black, dark blue or noble wine color. However, models of bright, summer and flowers and with prints of original, abstract and geometric motifs do not look any worse.

Swimsuit swimwear

When bikinis reign on all the beaches of the world, it seems that indoor swimsuits have long been out of fashion, but not this summer! In 2017, solid swimsuits will again be at the peak of popularity, and designers have taken on them with renewed vigor and incredible inspiration, trying to make the chaste style the top of grace and sex appeal.

Find a tightly closed swimsuit now, of course, difficult, but it's for the best. Designers try to make this closeness conditional, and even in the merged swimsuit there were seductively open parts, and the degree of openness depends on how much you are ready to show the figure.

Make even an indoor swimsuit more seductive will help a deep neckline, which sometimes ends much deeper than we used to think - somewhere at the waist level. This insanely beautifully emphasizes the chest and, again, visually draws the whole figure, making it slimmer.

Knitted swimwear

This trend can rightly be considered one of the hottest in the summer of 2017, especially for exclusive handmade models. Best of all in this performance look like models like bikinis and monokini.

Miniature bikini elements, crocheted, look especially original and coquettish. Openwork patterns and knitted lace only emphasize the beauty of the swimsuit, especially if they are made in bright, summer color.

Even more profitable openwork patterns look on the monokini bathing suits. The main parts of the swimsuit can be connected more tightly and, of course, not transparent. But the part that connects the bodice and panties can be connected in a very bizarre way and look much more original than just a fabric, and thanks to the lace pattern, to open much more body. Crocheted ruches and flounces will help to give splendor where it is not enough.

Swimwear in retro style

After everything is new - is well forgotten old, so designers like to refer to what was in vogue long ago, and again to revive outdated trends, allowing them to tune up with new colors.

To buy and put on a beach swimsuit in retro style, you need to be a very brave girl who is not afraid of fashion experiments, but, believe me, it's worth it. So you can absolutely stand out from the crowd of rather monotonous and similar images and demonstrate your refined taste and audacious courage.

Although it is believed that retro - this is the best option for lush girls, thin and slim swimsuits in this style look not in the least worse. Panties with an overstated waist will accentuate it and make the happy owner of the original swimsuit even more elegant.

If you want to pick up something very original well, then you will help a luxurious and incredibly sexy swimsuit in the style of "pin-up" is reduced women crazy in Hollywood in the distant 40-ies of the last year. This is a closed, but very seductive corset-type model, where the bust and waist lines are flawlessly depicted, there are deep and seductive cutouts.

Swimsuits for obese

Girls awarded luxury nature, curvy shape will also be able to find yourself something new in 2017godu. Designers do not forget about the charming luxuries and adapt all the most trendy models to the requests of full girls, so they, too, will be able to try on themselves fashionable swimsuits of large sizes this summer.

Of course, the most profitable styles for full women will be pooled swimsuits and so-called tankins, consisting of top and panties. It is not necessary to choose a tight top, it can be slightly flared, reminiscent of a light, short dress.

As for the panties, then the models in retro style with an overestimated waist or short shorts are ideal.

main trends in the "down»

swimsuit When choosing a swimsuit attention first drawn on top of a bathing suit, but her panties are no less important, because they can just as well to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws. This season, the following panties are especially popular:

  • thong;
  • shorts;
  • panties with high waist;
  • conventional melting.

Of course, the most popular summer 2017goda become thong for owners of the ideal figure, which have absolutely nothing to hide, but on the contrary, I want to show as much as possible. Such panties not only allow you to safely flaunt the beach, showing your elastic and rounded forms, but also get the perfect tan with a minimum of "white" zones on the body.

Panties in the form of shorts and panties with an overstated waist are traditionally more recommended to girls with a magnificent figure, but they are not only suitable for them. Such models will also be original and sexy look and on skinny girls, advantageously emphasizing the waist and hips.

Primary brands swimwear this summer

Every girl wants to know that her swimsuit was created by real professionals and masters of their craft, who knows a lot about fashion and the latest trends, so often allow themselves to these branded items. Which fashionable swimwear brands will be especially popular this year?

  • Ale by Alessandra;
  • Victoria's Secret;
  • Adriana Degreas;
  • Marra Hoffman;
  • Agua Bendit;
  • Beach Bunny;
  • Calzedonia.

Fashionable women's swimwear for these and many other brands will help you become a summer on the beach truly irresistible, not only thanks to an impeccable figure, but also a unique image.

Even if your figure is still far from perfect, you just need to choose a model of a swimsuit that skillfully conceals all the shortcomings, making you the real queen of the beach. The main thing is a taste, a sense of style and one hundred percent self-confidence and its irresistibility. Related Videos:

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