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Every person should have his own house: a place that gives shelter, warmth and comfort, as well as the opportunity to restore strength, lost during the day. Properly arranged house charges a person with positive energy, which is necessary for him to continue life. Where does it come from in the house, and in all the houses is the energy positive?

Unfortunately, such a blessed picture is not observed in every house. Inhabitants of some dwellings often complain of poor health and chronic fatigue, not even suspecting that the cause of this condition is not the disease, but the extremely unfavorable energy situation in the house.

The catastrophic shortage of positive energy, as a rule, is observed in cluttered, insufficiently lit, well-groomed premises.

How to remedy the situation, fill your house with beneficial energy, make it a source of vitality and the foundation of a happy and happy life for all who live in it? To correct the situation will help the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui.

Feng Shui House Location

The location in which the house is located is of great importance, because it can affect the physical and mental health of a person. So, what kind of terrain is considered suitable for the location of an apartment house in terms of feng shui?

  1. Near the site where the house is located, there should not be busy highways, marshes or garbage dumps( quite simply, garbage).
  2. The site should be designed so that the house is sufficiently large open space, and behind it were residential buildings, mountains, a dense beautiful forest or park. This is consistent with the subconscious desire of each person to have a securely protected rear. It is desirable that all listed objects are located on a small natural elevation.
    There should be neither slopes nor precipices on the back of the house.
  3. Feng Shui experts say that any plant( even poisonous) is the source of life-giving chi energy. Therefore, the site, planted with pears, cherries, plums and apples is a very favorable place for the location of the house.
  4. The presence of a reservoir( river, lake, sea or pond) is a very important factor from the point of view of feng shui. No less important is its location on the site, because it must flow before the residential structure itself, and not behind it.
    The best source of life-giving and pure chi energy can be calmly flowing river with a winding beach line and clear water.
  5. The plot of land should be spacious and not cluttered with a large number of outbuildings that block the path of life-giving energy.

Building a house on Feng Shui

Building a house with our own hands, we get the opportunity to build it for ourselves, taking into account its features and preferences.

Beginning construction from scratch, you can create a building that meets all the wishes of the practice of feng shui, so that the lives of people who live in it will be full of harmony and prosperity.

  • If you are just planning to build a house on an already purchased site, carefully look at it: after finding a place with a more succulent and bright grass( which indicates a near occurrence of groundwater), arrange the building so that this place is just before the entrance to the dwelling. Due to this arrangement, the flow of positive energy will go directly into it. The site can be planted with a bush that does not have sharp spikes.
It is necessary to avoid the fashion trend to build a garage in the construction of the house, and even more so through it inside the living quarters, as a result of the negative energy that has accumulated in the garage, penetrates into the rooms.
  • Building a house on Feng Shui also rejects another popular tradition to build a pool in the basement, located under the residential building. Do this in no case, because after a while in the house will appear too high humidity, which will immediately affect the health of people living in it. It is better to build a swimming pool outside the walls of a residential building. Construction of a bath under the house is possible, you should not only place it under the bedroom or living room.

  • The practice of feng shui, numbering over five millennia, recommends the construction of houses from environmentally friendly and natural materials: wood and stone. Ideally, the materials that are produced in the same locality in which the house is built are the most suitable for construction, since this factor is a source of additional natural energy, beneficial both for the construction itself and for the health of the people living in it.

The use of reinforced concrete and a large amount of metal in the construction of a house is highly undesirable, since the inhabitants of such a dwelling will be constantly surrounded by electric fields, which is unsafe for health.

The access road to the house must be twisty, you can not lay it directly to the threshold: on its way you can place a miniature pond, a fountain or several small flower beds.

The house, built with all the requirements of feng shui, will allow a person to harmoniously merge with the environment, which can not but affect his mental comfort and well-being, which in turn inevitably leads to personal well-being and career success.

Planning a house for Feng Shui

  • When planning a future building, you should know that the geometric shape of its foundation in terms of Feng Shui should be a rectangle or a square.
  • The interior of the house should be such that the beneficial energy of chi can flow seamlessly from one room to another, which means that the house should not have tangled and long corridors, small rooms, multiple partitions and winding passages. The house should have a lot of space, but huge rooms occupying the entire floor space are also undesirable.
  • When planning a premise, you can not have window and door openings at the same level, since positive energy penetrating the house will leave it immediately, going out through the windows. The same rule applies to interior passageways and interior doors.
  • The entrance door to the dwelling should be located in the central part of the facade and go straight to the street, as this is the layout of the main entrance that promotes harmony and energy balance. The geometric displacement of the door from the central axis of the facade is undesirable, since this will contribute to the energy imbalance. The practice of feng shui categorically does not advise having an entrance door opposite the toilet or bathroom, since positive energy will immediately leave the house together with sewage.
  • The room intended for the kitchen must not be a through passage. It is desirable that the windows in it go to the north, as cooking in a room flooded with bright sunlight( in case the kitchen windows face south), can cause discomfort to the hostess standing at the hot plate.
  • The size of the sleeping room in which a person spends a significant part of his life should be such that the beneficial qi energy can circulate freely in it and at the same time not dissipate in vain. In other words, this room should not be too large, but not too small, and also deprived of very sharp corners. The presence of a window( facing east or southeast) in the bedroom is mandatory. The bedroom is best located in the most remote part of the house, equipped with a separate bathroom.
  • Children's room( for reasons of psychological comfort and safety of the child) should be located near the parents' bedroom. It should be fairly spacious and safe, so there is no question of any acute traumatic protrusions in this room. In general, the Chinese are convinced that acute angles are traumatizing the human biofield. The premise for the children's room is located in the center of the house.
  • The room for the bathroom should be comfortable, spacious and having at least a little natural light, as penetrating into it rays of sunlight( having a bactericidal effect) will destroy the unfavorable microflora. It is desirable, if a small window will have a southern orientation and go out to the south or south-east.

Learn more about feng shui bathroom, video:

  • The living room is a dressing room in which not only all family members gather, but also a lot of guests, so it should be fairly spacious and bright. The size of the living room should be able to divide this room into several zones( near the fireplace, in front of the TV, before going out onto the balcony), where your guests and family members will comfortably stay with each other and not interfere with the circulation of the life-giving energy of qi.

Feng Shui at home for money

The wealth zone( according to the Bagua grid) is located in the southeast sector of the house. You can activate it in the following ways:

1. Attract water energy and water symbolism.

  • A very effective way of attracting wealth to the house is an aquarium in which goldfish swim. According to the requirements of feng shui, it is desirable that there are at least nine of them, and one of the fish must necessarily be black( this fish is destined to take on the negative energy that is present in the house).
  • The wealth zone is often activated by means of artificial fountains filling the room with pleasant murmur.
  • To attract the energy of wealth, photos or pictures depicting beautiful reservoirs( lakes, rivers, seas), waterfalls or fountains will fit perfectly.
  • Home owners who want to get rich can use water, charged in a special way, to activate the energy of wealth. For this purpose, during the new moon, a can of pure water is left on the window. Charged water is used by all family members during washing and for spraying a purse.

2. As the element of the wealth sector is a tree, it should be used to activate the relevant energy. It does not matter what trees are used for this: living or artificial.

  • In the wealth zone, you can put a pot of money tree, hanging a few coins to its twigs.
  • Instead of a living plant in the wealth zone, you can place souvenir trees made with salt-dough, beads, beads or golden wire. For more effective attraction of wealth, their branches are covered with coins and paper bills, folded like futurists.

3. In the practice of feng shui, there are a huge number of talismans used to attract wealth to the house.

  • The most popular symbol is the figure of Hotei - a cheerful fat man, portrayed with a bag of gold coins and money in his hands.

  • The second most popular talisman, placed in the wealth zone, is a toad holding a gold coin in his mouth. She can bring prosperity to the house only on condition that she is placed so that she looks inside the room, and not at the window or door. It is believed that in this case, prosperity can "jump away" from home.
  • The wealth zone is unthinkable without yet another traditional talisman: a bundle of Chinese coins fastened with a red ribbon. It is often lowered into a fountain or an aquarium with fish, worn in a purse or put under a pot of money tree.

Feng Shui at home to attract the second half

Engaging the second half is the task, which can be coped with by a zone of love and marriage located in the south-western sector of the house. By tradition, the love zone is made in brown, yellow and beige tones. Despite the fact that the ruling element of this zone is the Earth, the activity of this sector can be activated with the help of the element of Fire that gave birth to the Earth.

  • While engaged in the activation of the zone of love, it is necessary to use bright objects of red, pink and orange colors, having pointed outlines. You can use pictures with a picture of a flame or the sun.
  • To designate a zone of love, you do not need to paint it red: you can just add a few bright objects, change the color of the curtains, curtains or just use traditional Chinese lanterns.
  • In the zone of love, it is necessary to periodically light two red candles: this will contribute to the strengthening of positive energy.
In the love sector, metal objects are unacceptable. Picking talismans, it is better to give preference to crystal or stone figures.
  • The zone of love must necessarily be framed by paired items and traditional Chinese talismans. The most popular of them are paired figures of ducks, mandarins, elephants and swans, who in reality have earned the reputation of reliable partners who create strong married couples.
  • In the zone of love and marriage, there should be no houseplants, nor pictures depicting trees, as the element of Fire is destructive for them.

View video tutorial Love Talismans for Feng Shui:

  • For those family members who are eager to get married, it is necessary to place a postcard with the image of two wedding rings in the love zone, without forgetting to put a joint photo into it.
  • Those who have not yet met their chosen one, it is recommended to place in the love sector objects in the form of the heart.
  • Sometimes, to attract love to your life, it's enough just to get rid of old love letters or memorable souvenirs.

Feng Shui House Number

Feng Shui practice has always attached great importance to the role of numbers in human life. The number of the house can have a great influence on the fate of the people living in it. Since changing the numbering of houses is not in our power, we can only calculate the figure, under the vibration of which are the inhabitants of a house. Know this is necessary in order to neutralize the negative impact of vibration in the event of an unfavorable scenario.

To determine the house number for Feng Shui, you just need to add all the numbers that are available in its address. If the house number has a letter, it is necessary, after learning its serial number in the alphabet, to add it to the house number. By placing all the figures in the same order, we get a single number that will produce a certain vibration. Information on the meaning of each number can be found on the Internet.

Flowers for the house on feng shui

According to specialists in feng shui, flowers in the house can improve the energy of any house, if properly selected and properly looked after them.

Healthy and well-groomed flowers are a source of positive energy. Especially beneficial is the influence of plants, which abundantly bloom or bear fruit.

Useful plants for home by Feng Shui:
  1. A kind of indicator of the energy atmosphere in the house is the Tradescantia , the leaves of which begin to turn yellow and fall off if too much negative energy has accumulated in the house.
  2. A very useful plant is geranium , which has a strong energy and spreads essential oils around the house, which have a beneficial effect on the metabolism in the human body.
  3. fern is the active absorber of negative energy.
  4. A true plant-peacemaker can be considered ficus , which is able to reconcile family members, neutralizing their anger and aggression.
Favorable flowers for the house:
  1. Myrtle tree will fill the house with the energy of love and well-being, and will strengthen the relationships within the family.
  2. Tolstyanka , planted with their own hands, will bring prosperity to the house and strengthen financial prosperity.
  3. Bamboo - is an excellent absorber and negative energy converter. It is believed that, passing through the hollow trunk of bamboo, negative energy becomes positive. But where to put bamboo on feng shui so that he attracts luck and wealth? Experts in Feng Shui say - to attract good luck, room bamboo should be placed in the south-eastern part of the room, while it should be carefully looked after, watered in time and do not forget to communicate with him and tell him about all your desires. To a useful plant has strengthened its properties and attracted wealth and you need to put a three-finger frog next to it.
  4. Lemon tree : Being planted in the children's room, it fills the air with a mass of useful phytoncides, and also helps kids grow up curious and active.

Feng Shui House Color

Feng Shui experts claim that all colors can emit one of five energy types:

  • Water energy.
  • The energy of the earth.
  • The energy of the tree.
  • Energy of metal.
  • Energy of fire.

As each type of energy is responsible for a very specific area of ​​human activity, with the help of flowers in the interior of the house you can solve many problems that periodically arise in this or that area of ​​life. To operate with this feng shui tool when choosing the color palette of your house, you need to get acquainted with the meaning of each color:

  1. The black activates mystical, unknown powers and symbolizes the inner world, which is in a state of hibernation. A large amount of this color may indicate depression.
  2. Green means abundance, prosperity, development, indicating balance and inner harmony, as well as the availability of unused resources.
  3. Red - the color of passion, excitement, vital dynamics, a strong will. The use of this color contributes to the influx of physical strength and can stimulate appetite.
  4. Yellow stimulates the development of intelligence and the desire to achieve success in scientific work, contributes to the ability to establish contacts with people.
  5. The blue color of is the color of inspiration, inner peace, contentment and self-control.
  6. White is the color of modesty, obedience and purity. The use of this color can promote spiritual growth and balance.

Pictures for the house on feng shui

With the help of paintings, posters and posters, you can significantly improve the energy of your home, as they affect not only the emotional state and well-being of people in the room, but also form a certain atmosphere in it.

  • For the bedroom, dull landscapes, paintings with images of water or predatory animals are not at all suitable. It is better to use paintings made in bright and juicy tones of warm colors.
  • When planning a move, an important trip or dreaming about moving up the career ladder, it is necessary to activate the perspective zone with the help of pictures of road subjects.
  • Dreaming of your own house or apartment, place in the perspective area the image of your dream home or a couple of interior photos.
  • To activate your office you can use a sunny urban landscape with a well-developed perspective and a high clear sky.

Feng Shui home for luck

Attracting good luck as some kind of positive energy, which can bring success, health and prosperity to every member of the family, the practice of feng shui is quite possible.

Remember a few simple rules:

  • Make the entrance to the house inviting, freeing the threshold from the mass of unnecessary items: this will clear the way for the flow of energy of luck.
  • There should not be a single tree or pillar in front of the house that can split the positive energy flow in two and provoke the emergence of negative energy.
  • Doors in the toilet and bathroom, as well as the lid of the toilet should be kept closed, so that the energy of luck does not leave your home.
  • When planning the placement of a dwelling, it should be provided that it does not leave sharp corners of neighboring buildings. When arranging the furniture indoors, try not to aim sharp corners on your workplace or on your bed.
  • Figurines of one elephant or several must be located at the entrance door. With their trunk, they attract good luck to the house, bring happiness and protect the household. They also attract monetary success to the family if they stand on the window. A figurine of an elephant can bring luck not only to adults, but also to children if they stand in the children's room on the table, turning to them with their mighty trunk. Thus, the elephant will improve the performance of your child.

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