How to choose and wear stockings

  • How to wear stockings, respecting the rules of etiquette
  • Variety stocking. Which ones to choose?
  • How to wear stockings on an elastic band
  • Belt stockings - luxurious classic
  • Wool stockings - stylish and warm
  • Therapeutic stockings - beauty and benefits

How to create an image of a luxurious, seductive, but not vulgar and vulgar? Wear stockings - on suspenders, with a wide elastic band, with a seam-arrow, etc. It is this detail of the wardrobe that is considered the most attractive for the opposite sex.

Stockings do not pass fashion positions for many years. In 2017, a refined and feminine image will be very relevant, which is simply unthinkable without this little detail. Girls and grown-up women began to wear dresses and skirts more and more, emphasizing their true nature.

However, many of them are wondering how to choose and properly wear stockings. Still, this part of the wardrobe has ceased to be everyday for several decades, and information is sometimes contradictory. Let's look at the basic nuances and principles.

How to wear stockings, respecting the rules of etiquette

To the stockings, as well as to other details of the wardrobe, certain rules of etiquette apply, observance of which emphasizes the high status and certain position in the society. Some indulgences are permissible only for very young girls and special cases.

Now let's list the main rules:

  1. Stockings are a linen wardrobe. It is considered unacceptable to demonstrate gum or suspenders. They should not flash from under the clothes, nor shine through. In addition, an unacceptably strong fit.
    Putting on a tight skirt, give preference to pantyhose, and under summer pants it is better to wear knee socks.
  2. Choose the right color. They should not be darker than clothes and shoes. Black stockings are worn only in combination with clothes of the same color, in extreme cases a dark gray skirt is permissible. The ideal shade, suitable for all the options - bodily, but not darker than the skin.
  3. Choose the density according to the season and clothes. With a woolen dress to the knee and ankle boots need more dense, and to the evening dress of silk - thin, transparent stockings.
  4. Be cautious when choosing a drawing. A sweeping, geometric or vertical print does not look good on full legs. The same applies to arrows and other ornaments. If you doubt the slender legs, choose a plain stocking without a pattern.
  5. Very carefully, you should approach the products in the mesh, incorrectly selected size of the cells will easily make the image vulgar. Follow the rule: the more formal the meeting, the smaller and unobtrusive the grid should be. Color is preferred bodily. Black stockings in a large net are appropriate only in the thematic masquerade outfit or in the bedroom.

Variety stocking. Which ones to choose?

Modern manufacturers please fashionists with an incredible abundance of goods. Deciding to refill the wardrobe, with unaccustomed, you can get confused in the variety of proposals. Which ones to choose, where to start and how not to be mistaken? Let's look into these issues.

  • To buy stockings should be in specialized stores of linen. Of course, their price will be slightly higher than in a random stall, but the quality is noticeably better.
    An expensive silk pair can serve not one month, while a cheap analogue will break from the first unsuccessful movement.
  • When choosing stockings, first of all decide, to which occasion and season you will need them. For everyday wear, flesh-colored products that are optimal for the season of density are ideal: for summer - thinner, for spring and autumn - denser.
  • Stockings for a solemn event or a romantic date can be with an unusual pattern, embroidery or rhinestones, with a seam, with a belt and garters. Usually they are quite thin and shiny.
  • White stockings are considered acceptable only in the wedding dress. But fantasy is not limited to anything. Ideally, this wardrobe item will be available only to the young spouse. Some brides refuse them in favor of more comfortable pantyhose. But the joy and delight of the groom compensates for minor inconveniences.

How to wear stockings on an elastic band

Among all types of stockings, copies on an elastic band with a silicone insert are very popular. They are easiest to choose under a set of underwear and do not have to suffer with finding the right belt.

Choosing a stocking on an elastic band is very large. They are for almost every leg fullness, they come in a variety of colors, with drawings and arrows. Very popular models with a wide lace insert, which look especially chic.

For the summer, manufacturers offer models from very thin material with an open toe and silicone insert without lace. These stockings can be worn with sandals. They are very tightly seated on the leg, and thanks to an inconspicuous rubber band they do not show through a thin skirt.

However, with obvious advantages, these stockings have drawbacks. Silicone rubber band, which fixes them on the leg, can cause discomfort. In order for products not to slide, the top is made rather tight, it can unpleasantly crash into the skin and disrupt the free circulation of blood and lymph.

Stockings with a silicone insert are important to choose the right foot. Focus on the manufacturer's dimension grid.
If your indicators are on the upper border, then it's better to take the next size, then the rubber band will be high enough and will not squeeze the vessels.

Stockings on the belt - a luxurious classic

Few ladies decide to wear stockings with suspenders every day. They are considered complex and uncomfortable. In addition, it is not easy to choose a harmonious set of belts and lingerie. However, even our mothers put on this wardrobe every day easily and at ease.

First of all, you need to choose the right belt for stockings. They come in several variants:

  • Light, openwork, lace in the form of a thin waistband around the waist;
  • In the form of a wide strip of lace or dense fabric, but without the effect of tightening;
  • Belt-corset - the most erotic version, can only be on the waist or in the form of a full detail of clothing;
  • A pull-out belt is ideal for ladies with appetizing shapes.

If you are just starting your way into the world of refined femininity, then especially pay attention to choosing the first belt with garters.

Feel free to measure all available models and purchase one that is convenient for you.

Put on the dressing girdle with stockings. Check how comfortable it is to sit, walk, bend or crouch. Note whether the garters do not cut into the skin, if the stocking is too tight, whether they hold it tightly.

To wear stockings on garters follows in a certain order:

  1. Fasten the belt. It should sit tight enough to withstand tension, but do not discomfort.
  2. Straighten and gently pull one stocking over your leg.
  3. Secure it with garters in the upper third of the dense part. Distribute them evenly and make sure that there is no twisting.
  4. Adjust the tension, you should be comfortable, but the stocking should not slide on the foot while driving.
  5. Now repeat this with the second leg.

Garters can appear through a thin skirt. Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of clothing for this type of laundry. It should be from a fairly dense material, free style, the length of a minimum to the knee. Dresses and sets in the style of New Look are ideal.

Woolen stockings - stylish and warm

Not long ago, first on the catwalks, and then in the wardrobe of women of fashion again woolen stockings. Beautiful and warm, they allow you to create a light feminine image even in cold weather. In addition, they can be safely worn during pregnancy.

The main rule of wearing a stocking - the edge should not be visible from under the skirt - it does not apply to woolen. Moreover, they are specially worn so that a small strip of leg remains visible. No rules and standards apply to them. You can safely experiment with the wardrobe.

Most often knitted stockings offer to wear with a short tight skirt or woolen tunic. Under them it is necessary to put on dense light one-color tights. Outer clothing can be any, but best look short-sleeved coats and jackets free cut or fitted.

Also great freedom of choice of shoes. Woolen stockings are suitable for rough "men's" shoes, and elegant boots, and high boots. The main thing is that what is worn on your feet, does not contradict the general style.

Medical stockings - beauty and benefits of

For the first time the need to take advantage of compression jersey appears in pregnant women in the third trimester. Many suffer from edema, and doctors recommend wearing special stockings preventive or curative, depending on the severity of the condition.

Compression stockings recommend everyone who is to undergo surgery and subsequent bed rest. They help to avoid blood clots and varicose veins.

When buying medical or prophylactic compression stockings, you should carefully select the size. Usually on packages write, what measurements should be made. Most often this is the volume of the thigh and ankles, the length of the foot and foot.

Very little effort - and your image will be finished. The realization that under the dress is worn luxurious underwear, complemented by a belt and stockings, will give glance to the look, and to movements - a refined femininity.


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How to choose and wear stockings
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