How to organize a graduation in a kindergarten without any problems and costs

  • Holiday venue
  • Holiday program
  • Gifts
  • What will remain in memory
  • Cocktail, tea table
  • Apparel for the heroes of the celebration
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That's the time when you are seriously preparing for the first truly seriousthe holiday of his son or daughter - the prom. Behind - the first step, a new tooth, a favorite garden. And ahead - the graduation ball, school and best friends. Very exciting and responsible.

While this prom is only evening in the kindergarten, but it is the beginning of the wonderful and memorable holidays that are to be experienced by this, still small, little man.

How to organize a graduation in kindergarten, so that this day will be unforgettable? Read on.

Location of the

It should be chosen in advance. It is most logical to hold a graduation in your kindergarten, in a group or assembly hall, but other areas can also be considered: a club, a concert hall, a children's cafe. This is especially true for private kindergartens, when there is a group, and there is no celebratory hall.

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Regardless of where the party is planned, you need to think about the design. In large halls, perhaps professionals will come to your rescue, and in the kindergarten you can make the decoration of the group yourself:

  • balls inflated with helium( the more they are, the better);
  • flowers and butterflies cut from bright colored paper;
  • ribbons and bows as a three-dimensional decoration;
  • handmade newspaper with photos;
  • letters with wishes in colorful envelopes.

There are a lot of ideas, children can also take part in the preparation.

Advice: this is a farewell to the kindergarten, and most likely, within its walls the children will come together for the last time. Think about the solemnity of the moment and do not abandon the "native walls".

Festive program of

It is very often possible to hear the opinion of parents that no special hosts or animators are needed for such a holiday, they say, children are still small, there are no special complaints, they will not remember anything anyway, so we can do it ourselves somehow. A very erroneous opinion: a holiday should be joyful every minute of it, and it does not matter - it will be remembered for many years or not.

Let the children sing, dance, read poetry, take part in contests and games, meet fantasy heroes, solve riddles, admire the salute or fireworks during the evening. In general, every moment should be filled with what children like most.

Tip: there are ready-made scripts on the Internet, you can use them, adapting the story for your group a little, but it's better not to stint on the services of the holiday agency, animators, professionals - they will help make an excellent graduation party that will be unforgettable for the children and parents!


  • A special budget item for any holiday is gifts. Graduation is not an exception. Forums of caring parents are advised by intellectual games, briefcases for school, sets of first-graders in gift wrapping, colorful albums-guidebooks for the native city, bright alarm clocks, school globes. All offers are good, and it is possible for parents to invent something of their own, unique. Well, if the gift will remind you of this day for many years.
  • Important! Give presents at the end of the party, otherwise someone will study them and not see an interesting script.
  • In order to save money, you can only manage surprises for children, but remember how sometimes it's hard for you with your only one child, and their caregivers have twenty people every day, or even more. Paying tribute to the courage and talent of teachers, do not be stingy: you will not become poorer yourself, but how nice it will be to thank these wonderful people!
  • Tip: do not give adults money for this holiday: of course, the envelope with bills will not hurt anyone, but such a gift is impersonal, it will not remain a memory, and not entirely ethical. Show your imagination, remember the enthusiasm of your teachers: music, dacha, sports or travel - make a gift in the subject. Again, gift certificates to your favorite women's shops cosmetics, perfumes, dishes, clothes will not be superfluous. Do not forget about the flowers: they are never a lot, especially in the yard the end of spring or summer - we all give flower beauty!

What will remain in memory

  • And here's what you can do absolutely unforgettable, so it's a photo album, a video, a selection of photos of preschool years on the disk. All this will be pleasant to see and immediately after the end of the celebration, and in a few years. Especially if done by professionals. Now the popular version of a gift for memory is the order of a photobook specially printed for you in the printing house. But remember that such surprises are prepared for a few months before the delivery of graduates.
  • On the good specialists of photographers, videographers who will work directly on the holiday, you need to take care in advance, in the summer months they have a lot of orders( weddings, graduation parties in schools and institutes), so sign a contract with them a couple of months before the celebration.
  • Tip: Of course, it should not be neglected by occasional good pictures from the walls of the kindergarten, but it's still very good in the albums that look staged photographs, where children specially for the camera draw, walk, eat, play. Such photo sessions are done a few weeks before the holiday, they will not be smeared, nothing superfluous will get into the frame, you can think over entire plot of such photoshooting, prepare various photo zones, and then long to admire your little child.

Cocktail, tea table

  • Children will have enough light dessert, beautifully decorated ice cream, tea, juices, sweets. For those who do not like sweets, you can order a pie or make small canapé sandwiches. With a cake it is better to be careful and especially attentive: graduation, as a rule, are held in summer, when the heat in the street, and cakes with cakes quickly deteriorate. While you bring, cover the tables, time will go away. Be careful! But always fresh and canned fruits are good and useful, they can be beautifully cut and served, originally laid out on the dishes.
  • Advice: try not to turn this evening into a banquet for parents. It is very out of place that drinking parents look at this truly children's holiday. It's not often that you manage to play with your children, run around in bags or pull a rope, right? And you, and especially your sons and daughters, memories will be much brighter if adults and children spend the whole evening together.

Apparel for the heroes of the celebration

  • Let it be not just elegant dresses and suits, but special, fabulously beautiful, because the first in the life of the prom! This evening is also called "ball", so give up dresses suitable for Christmas parties, buy or sew real ball dresses to princesses, baby dress coats or tuxedos to princes.
  • Tip: it would be nice to match the costumes and dance the ballroom in advance with the kids! Ask the musician for the kindergarten or teachers in advance, and they will have time for rehearsals.

Almost the most important

As the song says: "This is all that will remain after me. ..".Think, what for many years will the caretakers remember about you and your children? Which were all clever, kind and beautiful - certainly.

  • If you make repairs in the group, remember even more.
  • Give a music center or a TV set is also good. Leave a good memory of yourself.
  • Tip: it's a great idea to plant a few trees or shrubs with the children in the green promenade, order and attach a special plate with the year of release, then even after a few years your children will come to their native gardenand admire the grown trees. Such a memory will be pleasant for the children, parents, and all the garden workers.

On the note

In conclusion, I want to say that there really is a lot of work to be done, if you have decided that all of the above is necessary for the graduation in the kindergarten.

In order not to spoil this day and a few months before it by countless efforts to one activist parent or even a whole parent committee, distribute tasks among all possible adults, connecting to training and educators, and the administration of the kindergarten and grandparents. The tasks for solving and accomplishing are enough for everyone, this is indisputable.

As for finance, at any time, whether it is a crisis in the country or its expectation, it is always difficult to find a large sum for a children's party, especially considering the upcoming expenses for the preparation of the child for school. But it is not necessary to be a great financial specialist and economist to understand that most of the items from the evening preparation plan can be minimally costly, it's only necessary to allocate time, apply strength, skill and desire:

  • does not rent an outside hall, but celebrate a holiday in a group;
  • to make the decoration by own hands, having bought only balls and having reserved a balloon with a special helium;
  • find mam-zateynits for writing wishes or even a script, and dads ask to do photo, video and music, grandmothers - pies, and grandfathers-gardeners - the preparation of seedlings.

With the skilful management of this process, everyone can be involved that will benefit not only the family budget, but also the cause of rallying the adult team, and therefore, for the benefit of the holiday and your beloved children!

Tip: every adult who takes on the decision of a particular issue must approach it creatively, this is a must! Agree on this with all in advance, as they say, "even on the shore," and then the first-ever graduation party for your children will be non-standard, interesting, memorable.
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