Diet "6 petals"

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The "6 petals" diet was invented by the Swedish nutritionist Anna Juhansson. Duration of the diet is 6 days, each of which is a one-day mono-diet.

The most interesting feature of the diet is the symbol of the diet invented by Anna Johansson, which gave her the name. Every day, the author proposes to represent the flower petal, hang this flower on the refrigerator, and every day mark on the corresponding petal how much you threw off grams that day. And the most emotional at the end of the day to tear off the flower symbolizing the day petal, tear it into small pieces and scatter it in the wind or flush it down the toilet:) .

Perhaps, such psychological relaxation will really help to withstand all the hardships associated with the limitations in nutrition. And as for the essence of the "6 petals" diet, it consists in alternating one-day mono-diets, and not a single day repeats itself.

The diet of the diet

The first petal, the first day - a fish. On this day you can eat any fish in any quantity. Fish broth is also allowed.

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The second petal, the second day - vegetable. We consume any vegetables( even potatoes are allowed, but, of course, the basis of this day should not be it) and vegetable juices. You can eat vegetables both raw and thermally processed, you can prepare salads and vinaigrettes from them, of course, filling them with oil and sour cream, for example, with lemon juice, or without refueling.

The third petal, the third day - chicken. In unlimited quantities, eat chicken breasts, before cooking, clearing them of skin and visible fat. Chicken soup is also allowed.

The fourth petal, the fourth day - cereal. Any grains, sprouted grains and seeds, porridges on water, grain loaves, fiber and bran are allowed. You can drink water and kvass. The fifth petal, the fifth day - curd. We eat low-fat( up to 5%) cottage cheese, we drink milk.

Sixth petal, the sixth day - fruity. We eat any fruit, both fresh and baked, we drink fruit juices without sugar. As a seasoning, cinnamon and vanillin are allowed.

Recommendations for the application of the "6 petals" diet

  • The amount of food taken on any day of the diet is not limited, but, of course, eating out, stuffing yourself into food so that "in the throat was", it is impossible. Always remember one of the main rules of healthy eating: one should eat slowly and get up from the table when it seems that there is still a slight feeling of hunger, and "you could eat another slice."
  • In the first four days, food can be cooked in any "dietary" way: boil, bake in the oven, cook for a couple. But fry, and even on a maslichke - can not. When cooking and ready meals, you can add fresh and dried greens, a little salt and a little bit of flavoring spices.
  • During the diet, it is recommended to drink as much as possible( but, of course, do not pour liquid through the force).Preferred drinks are simple and non-carbonated mineral water, green, herbal, black tea, 1-2 cups of black coffee per day are allowed.

Those who try this diet say that 600-800 grams are dumped on it every day, and it is easily transferred because the amount of food you eat is not limited. And looking at a flower with petals, you are inspired by the expectation of a quick victory over extra pounds:) .

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