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I want to believe that we canto foresee the future, to find out whether the right choice was made, how to behave further and how to act? These divination for girls on paper will help you understand your feelings and feelings of other people to you, and find out about the near future.

Divination by Love on Paper

In the divination that will be described further, the main role is played by a part of the LI.But let's start in order! Write on paper the question of what excites you, but formulate it so that you can answer it: "yes" or "no."For example, will I go to the cinema with Zhenya today? Now you need to count the number of letters under each word, continue to add two numbers and continue until you get an unambiguous number from 1 to 9. That is, if you end up with 15, then you need to add 1 + 5.It is the finite number that will prompt the answer to the cherished question! If in the end you have the number 8, then now you need to play a game with a LI particle: n-1, u-2, n-3, u-4, n-5, u-6, n-7, and-8.We cross the "I" and you have the "L" left. Now the most basic, how do these letters get interpreted? L is yes, and E is not. This guessing on a sheet of paper is one of many that gives answers to the most cherished questions.

Guessing on paper with a handle

I fell in love and do not know what this guy feels for you. Guessing on a guy on paper on chamomile will help you to find out about his feelings more. And we do not need a field chamomile, but a painted one. How many letters in the boy's name that you like, so much and draw the petals from the flower. Do not forget to draw a stalk - it will be a kind of reference point. From the petal clockwise, we enter the name of the lover. After that, we write our own under his name. If there are more letters in your name, then write only those that fit. That is, if there are 8 letters in the guy's name, and in your name 10, then you write only the first eight letters of your name. After all is written, it is necessary to count up how many petals on which the pair from a consonant letter and a vowel has turned out. L, L - in this case, too, we refer to consonants.

The Meaning of Divination on Paper

  1. If there is no such petal, then you have nothing in common. In the future, only friendship awaits you, and you can become best friends, despite the fact that you are a girl, and he is a guy and they say that there is no such friendship - do not listen. But there will be no love, except that something will happen that will make you close.
  2. One petal says that your relationship is quite successful. But for the feelings of the guy is a lot to fight, because they have it periodically will go out and you need to do everything to ignite them. Your love with him is a constant struggle and conquest on your part. If you are ready, then dare, but keep in mind that it will not be easy! Nurture your senses with pleasant joint events, activities. But do not forget about this option, that maybe this guy is not for you and the other one could love you sincerely.
  3. Two petals - in the beginning your relationship is a fairy tale, but every day some dark shadows will creep into it, which will cloud your relationship. At first life will be so easy, and love is so strong that you will not be interested in anything that happens around - all attention to yourself and your lover. You will think that your relationship is eternal, but the rose-colored glasses in your case will quickly be removed, and you will see that this is not your hero. Although no, marriage is possible and even, probably, he will be happy. But at times and with each year of happiness will be less. You can not tolerate each other's shortcomings, but remember, if you still stay together, then do not try to change a person, you need to accept his shortcomings or replenish his coin box of virtues.
  4. Three petals - this is love and it can keep you together forever, but it is necessary to constantly feed it, so that you will not be bored one with another. Do not get involved in routine, brighten up your joint pastime surprises! Do much together - it brings together. And do not give up the help of a guy, he loves you, give him the opportunity to feel needed and useful. Your relationship is likely to end in marriage.
  5. Four petals and more is a union for life. You met someone with whom you do not get bored, not because he is a jolly fellow, but because you are perfect for each other. Support and support - that's who you found. Harmony, passion and mutual understanding is something that, apart from love, will nurture your relationship. Together you are one.

Guessing on spoons with paper

Four spoons should be wrapped in paper. Each in a separate piece, it is better to wrap in two or three layers. After, you need to wrap all four spoons with one large piece of paper, but so that each spoon lies separately from each other( without touching).After these simple actions, raise your hands over the spoons and ask the question of interest to you, referring to the brownie. But do not forget that you can get an answer, either "yes" or "no", so correctly formulate it in advance. The question is asked, now unfold the main paper and see if the majority of the spoons are no longer wrapped separately in their own paper, then the answer is positive, if everything is as before, or if fewer spoons are deployed, the answer is no. This divination can also be used as divination by the condemned on paper.

Guessing on desire on paper

Like one of the divination of a lover, there is a fortune-telling on paper on desire. Make a wish, draw an arbitrary number of dashes on a sheet of paper - no matter how much, the main thing is to think only about your goal during this. You'll feel when you need to stop. And start striking out two sticks. If a wand remains without a pair, then the desire will come true, but, and if each line with a pair, then until the desire will remain unrealized.

Guessing on burnt paper

Guessing on burnt paper is different, but the most popular is the interpretation of the shadow from the ashes. As a rule, it must be carried out at night, of course, in the dark. The question is, keep the desire in your head and write it on a sheet of paper, which you will burn.

We place a candle on a chair or a table in front of a wall, we set it on fire. Next, put a saucer in which you will burn paper. From the candle, set the leaf with desire and observe the process, but look directly at the wall: what shadows are formed there and what they remind you. But the main guessing begins when the fire has already died out and on the saucer only the remains of the paper lie. We include imagination, imagination - and judge the future. Signed figures are sometimes quite intricate, so you need a lot of time. A plate with ashes can be rotated slowly until you see a clear symbol on the wall.

The value of fortune-telling on burnt paper

Fortune-telling - burning paper is quite popular, so there are a lot of variations of characters that can be seen on the wall. Below are the values ​​of the most popular shadows that girls see at night in a dark room when they are reading on paper.

  • seeing silhouette of a person in the shade, the girl expects to meet with the future bridegroom or a new friend will appear who will help in a situation that now seems impossible to solve;
  • horizontal lines on the wall or strips of , which symbolize the road, indicate that you are waiting for a trip somewhere or you will move;
  • if you are lucky and on the wall you saw flower , then wait for the offer of the hand and heart from your lover, if you do not meet with anyone yet, then, probably, in a short time you will be called on a date and you will have an accident,then a piquant surprise;
  • to diseases and problems that are not so easy to handle, foreshadows the shadow of the ;
  • vertical line predicts the appearance of temptation, which is better to refuse, because obeying him, wait for trouble;
  • shade of the castle or building - fast wedding or moving to a new home with a loved one;
  • see cat , means that soon a seducer will appear on the horizon, which will give you a lot of fun, but your relationship will not grow into anything more than just a short intrigue;
  • bird - changes. They will be good or bad - it all depends on where the bird is flying: up or down. Suitably, if the first option, then you are waiting for pleasant changes, in the second version - expect failures, but you will manage;
  • pig to well-being and unexpected wealth in the near future. Although it is possible that the pig is ungrateful from your friends;
  • horse - be vigilant, perhaps, you will want to circle your close people and the moment you are completely disarmed;
  • see haystack - means you will be in the near future to stay at home, and no exciting and interesting events with you will happen.

As you already understood, there are a variety of options, most importantly - to include imagination!

Divination for the future on paper

For this divination, you do not need to be an artist. It is necessary to draw a schematic diagram of a man, a woman, a bird, a tree, a flower, a fence, a cat, a river and a door. Each of the figures symbolizes something. Such guessing on pieces of paper will help you to understand situations that are not understood for you or you can not find the right way out of them.

Drawing everything listed on separate pieces, put them in some bag. You have the opportunity to get an exhaustive answer to the question you are genuinely interested in. Formulated? Do you know what should be first explained in your life? After asking a question and mentally scrolling it in your head, draw the leaf from the bag. Now we will decipher what happened.

The woman - this image symbolizes the fact that you are very demanding both to yourself and to others, and this bar is very highly elevated - this prevents you from living easily, you are constantly burdening yourself with some worries, not wanting to rely on othersof people. Also this card says that people who surround you can interfere with what you are planning, they will think that they are guided by a sensible mind, but in fact, their excessive caution will hurt you.

The man - you can not fulfill your desire, you need to resort to the help of friends and relatives. You just think that you yourself will do much better, in fact, you need to learn to trust yourself. But at the same time, the image of a man says that all of you conceived will come true thanks to a reliable rear.

Bird says that while it is worth to wait with the planning of something important for the near future. Dream, but do not embody yet, because you can be disappointed.

House - the next few days in your life everything will be calm. And what you have in mind is fulfilled only if you patiently wait and work hard to realize what you have planned. And do not forget that you are not yourself and ask for help from your relatives. He is also connected with some troubles that await you. If you have conceived something that can not be realized without a financial side, then it's better to wait with it, because in the near future money issues will be solved at you tightly.

The fence symbolizes that soon all the adversities will end and the white band of your life will begin with pleasant surprises and surprises that friends will arrange for you. Do not give up help, because at this point in your life, she is disinterested.

Cat drawing is the strength of your character. This means that the desire you have expressed will be fulfilled only after you begin to work hard to implement it, do not pile up your worries on others, now only you can help yourself.

Flower - for changes in your personal life. Your desire will be fulfilled not without the intervention of your second half. Also, this picture shows an unexpected success, so keep your nose to the wind - there are big finds and cash rewards.

river - you need to disperse and travel, abandon all plans and rest. Still this picture can symbolize the arrival of relatives who are very dear to you, but whom you have not seen for a long time.

Doors - this is the entrance to a new professional, educational level. You will certainly succeed in your plans. The near future will be productive and rich in events.

Guessing on sticks on paper

Guess three guys: give each number. For example, Petya - №0, Valera - № 1, and Serezha - №2.After - in the column you need to write the following letters: LURDNISTEHB.L - loves, u - respects, p - jealous, d - thinks about you, n - likes, and - is interested, c - suffers, t - draws to you, e - is different, x - wants to be friends, b - will be friends. Against each letter you need to draw sticks. How many? Mentally say "stop" and stop. After that, it is necessary to cross out three sticks in each row until there is not a single combination of three. If there is no wand left in front of a letter, you write "0" next to it. Accordingly, if one stick is "1", if 2 - then "2".

Now you can draw conclusions which one of the guys that feels to you. The letter, near which no wand remains, corresponds to the guy with the number 0. If one stick is a boy numbered 1, if two, then this is paren # 2.Indeed, it is true that this guessing house on paper is very interesting?

For you, the is pretty simple guessing on paper. Fortunate - this will help you understand your personal life, and in your desires.

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