At the initial stage of the common cold it is very important to start treatment in time, so that complications such as angina or bronchitis do not arise. Many people know about the amazing properties of milk with honey, but this drink can be supplemented with one more component - a banana., It turns out an excellent remedy milk with banana from cough. He is very tasty, and most importantly, madly like babies. Use of bananas is allowed to treat a cough of any origin.

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The effect of

milk with banana from cough

Milk with honey and banana has amazing healing properties. There are a lot of mineral microelements in honey:

  • potassium;
  • vitamins;
  • amino acids.

Thanks to this, it is possible to improve the functioning of the heart, to balance the nervous system, to evacuate radionuclides from the body as soon as possible.

In addition, the bee product has a bactericidal, wound-healing effect.

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The second ingredient - milk - boasts components such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins. It is they that allow to neutralize the effect of pathogenic microelements, to increase the protective forces of the organism. Milk is a unique product with great biological strength. He normalizes the work of the nervous system, because of the malfunctions of which various pathological processes are formed. Milk allows you to fill the body with energy, eliminate the feeling of excitement and anxiety, improve the work of the brain.

With hot milk, you can neutralize the irritation of the larynx, facilitate the production of sputum and soften the effect on the throat.

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The therapeutic qualities of a banana are known to many for a long time. There are:

  • carbohydrates , which are very easily absorbed by the body;
  • potassium - normalizes the functioning of internal organs, destroys all bacteria and microbes in the body. banana cocoa milk from cough

This tropical fruit charges the body with a lot of positive energy, improves the functioning of the heart and soothes the nervous system. But the banana is still actively involved in the treatment of cough and infection, concentrated in the upper respiratory tract, neutralize the perspiration in the throat.

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Banana can be considered as a product that does not cause an allergic reaction, increases protective functions and has a beneficial effect on the body. Drugs prepared on the basis of it are enjoyed by little children, thanks to which parents do not have to spend much time and persuade their patients to take this or that medicine.

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Milk with a banana is a child

Popular recipes

Before considering the cough suppressants, it is worthwhile to understand what this symptom is.

Cough is an exhalation that occurs through the mouth, as the muscles in the airways contract. In turn, the muscles contract because of an infection or other irritant of the mucous throat.

Cough can occur in a wet and dry form, sometimes with it mucus is secreted. It leads to the fact that the patient develops vomiting, and the mucous throat gets injured.

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The underlying factors in the formation of such a symptom may be a large number. It occurs against the background of a cold, pneumonia or heart disease. Therapy may take a long time, but this can be prevented if, in combination with traditional methods, use a folk remedy like milk with a banana.

The recipe for coughing bananas comes from Brazil, which was eventually improved by folk healers. It was they who achieved the combining properties of such products as milk, honey and banana. Traditional medicine has a large number of such recipes, which allows each person to stick out the right one for themselves:

  1. To get the medicine, you need to put 2 bananas in a blender and bring them to the state of mashed potatoes. Add a glass of hot milk to a banana. All the well stir and allow to cool. After sending a spoonful of honey. For cough control in small patients, the intake is in the amount of 20 ml every 3 hours. Adult dosing is increased to 2 tablespoons at a time. blender and banana
  2. Take one banana and use a blender to obtain a consistency similar to cereal. Pour the banana puree with a glass of milk and set the container on fire, wait until the dessert spoon of the bee is boiled and live. All good stir and use the prepared product during the day in small sips. To improve the "medicine" taste, you can add to it 3 dessert spoons of cocoa. Such a drug is consumed in a hot state before going to sleep at night. Traditional healers prescribe to use a boiled drink, since this only strengthens the therapeutic effect.
  3. Using a fork, rub a banana and add to it 50 g of honey, tincture of mint - 10 ml and milk in a hot form - a glass. Mix everything, wait 30 minutes and use 3 times 20 ml each day. chopped banana
  4. Already overdone banana grate, send him a glass of boiled milk and a spoonful of bee products. All mix and put a small slice of butter. Take the product in a warm form. If you regularly use the medicine, you can not only forget about the cough, but also cure a sore throat.
  5. Rinse the banana with a mixer, pour ½ cup of milk, add 20 g of honey and 15 g of plantain tincture. All stir and take during the day for 20 ml. Thanks to the present plantain it is possible to strengthen the evacuation process of accumulated mucus.
  6. Ripe the over-ripe banana to a mushy consistency with a blender, add a small spoonful of honey. All bring to a boil and leave on the stove on a low heat. When the color of the composition darkens, turn off the fire and pour a mixture of ½ cup of boiled milk. All mix and eat in small portions throughout the day. ripe banana
  7. Send in a glass of milk 2 dessert spoons of the bee product, on the tip of the knife is vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg powder. Place the container on the stove, bring to a boil, and after 30 minutes, steal the grounded banana. Drink a prepared drink of 20 ml. For the day you need to consume the entire mixture. You can use the prescription for cough treatment for older children who are 12 years old.

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A banana-based medicine is very popular with small children who find themselves using pharmaceutical products.

How to take

use of cocktail from banana and milk

The resulting mixture based on milk, banana and honey should be consumed by both adults and children throughout the week. The number of such medications is 4 times. With a strong cough, the dosage can be increased. If you follow this scheme of therapy, then you can forget about coughing for several days.

Breastfeeding is not recommended, as it can cause allergies. For such patients, you can prepare a cocktail only from banana and milk. Babies under 3 years at a time give ½ dessert spoon cooked mixture, older children take the medicine for 1 spoonful.

It is necessary to prepare a therapeutic drink every day, otherwise the cooked portion can deteriorate. For children, the daily portion will involve the use of one banana, for adults it is 2 fruits. Use a therapeutic cocktail before eating.

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Although bananas do not have contraindications, they should be used carefully for patients who already had a stroke or heart attack. Also, people with thrombophlebitis and veins need to consult a doctor.

The addition of milk will be justified if the patient is not allergic to it. Otherwise, you need to prepare a remedy only from banana and honey. Very carefully use the drink should people suffering from diseases of the stomach, as a tropical fruit increases the acidity of gastric juice. banana and honey

You need to consume the medicine only in a warm form. Only warm milk has the necessary effect and eliminates cough. Such a medicine does not carry any harm in itself, unlike the use of chemical medications.

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Cocktail therapy is necessary as soon as the first signs of the disease appear to prevent its development. If the treatment was not done in time, then it would be unlikely to cure a cough without antibiotics.


  • Vitaliy, 37 years old: "Once, during the cold, I began to attend severe attacks of cough. My wife made me a delicious drink made of milk, banana and honey. I took it during the day, and also drank before going to bed. Since that moment I slept perfectly at night, because I did not suffer from coughing. I had a course of therapy for 10 days, after which the symptoms of a catarrhal disease simply disappeared. "
  • Antonina, 48 years old: "I treated this way with a granddaughter cough. The doctor prescribed a bunch of different medications, but why poison the child's body when there is such an amazing remedy. I was preparing a medicine from milk, honey, banana and plantain tincture. Since the cough of the granddaughter was dry, the plantain exerted an expectorant effect. I gave her medicine ½ teaspoon 5 times a day. Within 3 days the child's condition improved, and the cough became productive, which indicates the process of recovery. "
  • Sveta, 34 years old: "A milkshake with honey and a banana just saved me when I suffered from a debilitating cough that arose on the background of bronchitis. I took prescribed medications and a medical drink. I managed to achieve a positive effect after 4 days, but I continued the course of therapy for a week. Now I'm absolutely healthy, so I'm happy with this recipe for folk medicine. "

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Banana is an amazing fruit that helps to solve a lot of health problems. If it is combined with milk and honey, you can quickly defeat the cough and all the unpleasant symptoms associated with it. In addition, the drink is still very tasty, unlike many drugstores.