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Hair cuts of medium length have always been popular among the beautiful half of humanity, because they combine the convenience of hairstyles from short hair and the possibilities provided by long hair. However, the same can be said about men's haircuts.

In addition, the hair cuts on medium thin hair can be combined with different types of bangs, which allows you to create a new image, without actually changing the length, but only refreshing your hair after every visit to your stylist.

Types of haircuts for medium length hair

Female haircut for medium hair
Haircut for medium hair. Haircut on medium hair 2016
Step-by-step execution of a hairstyle for medium hair, school SHTERN.
simple hairstyle for long hair( simple haircut for long hair "Rhapsody")
Hairstyles 2015: haircut Rhapsody for medium and short hair
Haircut for medium hair. Haircut on medium hair 2016
Haircut female cap - Haircut cap on medium hair
Haircut female cap Haircut cap on medium hair
Haircut cap for long hair

Haircut cap on medium hair is alsoa variant of a voluminous hairdo that can become a salvation for girls endowed with unruly( albeit soft) hair. For hard hair, this hair style is not suitable.

The haircut of the cap is similar to the traditional carat, but the neck of the owner of this haircut remains open, and the largest volume of hair will be at the roots.

Haircut cap has the following options:

  1. "Cap-cascade ".This variation differs from the classical haircut in that the stylist performs a smooth transition from the bulk head to a rather long string, which creates a feeling of long hair.
  2. "Cap on the foot ".Carrying out this version of the haircut, the master shortens the hair on the back of the head, leaving it almost open.
  3. "Hat with bangs" .The length and shape of the bangs can be completely different. Of course, that such a crucial element of haircut is performed only after agreement with the client and takes into account the characteristic features of his appearance.
  4. Creative hairstyle based on the haircut cap. Such hairstyles, having different lengths of hair on opposite temples, are suitable for very young girls.

Owners of different facial types should be prepared for the fact that the haircut of the cap:

  • Stresses the cheekbones on the square face.
  • Make a more expressive chin line on a triangular face.
  • Visually lengthens the neck and draws attention to the eyes on an oval or round face.

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