French diet

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The French diet allows you to lose up to eight kilograms in 2 weeks. But this is not even the main thing. According to the developers of this diet for weight loss, during these two weeks in your body there will be a radical metabolism rearrangement, which will help you after the diet to adhere to the correct diet, without sweets and other hazards, and for a long time to keep the result achieved during the diet. However, this is promised by the developers of almost all diets;)

Description of the French diet

First day:
breakfast - black coffee;
dinner - two eggs, a leaf salad, a tomato;
dinner - a piece of low-fat cooked meat, a leaf salad.

Second day:
breakfast - black coffee, cracker;
dinner - a piece of boiled meat;
dinner - ham or boiled sausage without fat, leaf salad.

Third day:
breakfast - black coffee, cracker;
dinner - carrots, fried in vegetable oil, tomato, mandarin orange or orange;
dinner - two eggs, low-fat sausage, a leaf salad.

Fourth day:

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breakfast - black coffee, cracker;
lunch - one egg, fresh carrots, cheese;
dinner - fruit salad, kefir.

Fifth day:
breakfast - grated carrots with lemon juice;
dinner - boiled fish, tomato;
dinner - a piece of cooked meat.

Sixth day:
breakfast - black coffee;
lunch - boiled chicken, lettuce;
dinner - a piece of boiled meat.

The seventh day:
breakfast - tea;
lunch - boiled meat, fruit;
dinner - low-fat ham or sausage.

The second week of the French diet is the exact repetition of the first. To comply with the diet of the diet should be rigorously, any violation, any change of products or changing the sequence of their use will dramatically reduce the effect of the diet, and even completely reduce it to naught.

Rules and restrictions of the French diet

Between meals you can drink water, simple boiled or slightly mineralized mineral, in any quantity, when and how much you want, unless of course it is not contraindicated to you for any other reasons.

The French diet, although not very hungry( which is the size of a "piece of meat", the authors of the diet do not stipulate), but rather rigid, unbalanced, since carbohydrate food is almost completely excluded. Repeat it can be no more than once in six months, and people suffering from any kind of chronic diseases, "sit down" on it can only after the approval of the treating doctor. And in case if during the diet the state of health worsens, the illness worsens, the diet should be stopped immediately.

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